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June 30, 1999
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Selena Vissage Lyles
1853 to 1900
Sarah E. Lyles
1841 to 1918
Tenetta Davis Lyles
1890 to 1918
James Turner Lyles
1846 to 1925
James Robert Lyles
1879 to 1940
William Clifton Lyles
1886 to 1948

Amy Evelyn Lyles
1881 to 1953

Selena Ellen Vissage Lyles

May 25, 1853, to July 6, 1900

Mrs. Turner Lyles died at her home near Double Springs, on last Friday morning, July 6th, after a long protracted illness. She was buried on Saturday at Double Springs burying ground.

Keowee Courier , July 11, 1900, #119 vol 21 #28, page 3 col B


Sarah E. Lyles

July 24, 1841, to Dec.12,1918

Miss Sarah Lyles, of the Double Springs section, died December 12th, at the home of her brother J. T. Lyles. Miss Lyles had spent her entire life in the Double Springs community, and was highly regarded by a wide circle of friends on account of her splendid Christian character. She was a life-long member of the Double Springs Methodist church, and as long as her health permitted was a regular attendant upon its services. The interment took place at Double Springs on December 14, the funeral services being conducted by the pastor, Rev. Foster Speer. We join with many other friends of the bereaved ones in extending sympathy in their sorrow.

Keowee Courier Dec 25, 1918, #718 vol LXIX #52, page 8 col B


Tenetta Davis Lyles

married Oby C. Lyles June 4, 1913

September 25, 1890, to December 21, 1918

Our community was saddened Sunday morning when it was known that Mrs. O. C. Lyles, of West Union, had died Saturday night. While it was known that Mrs. Lyles was in declining health, it was not realized that her end was so near. She had been unwell for about a year and had only recently returned from a hospital at Ashville, N. C., where she had been for treatment. Those of her friends who had been permitted to see her were hopeful that she had been benefited, especially when they came in contact with her sunny smile and cheerful disposition, even in her severe illness. On Saturday night she became worse, apparently, and her physician was summoned. He saw her for some little time and pronounced her better, and went home. She went to sleep, and in a little while her husband went to her bed to see how she was resting, and found that her spirit had taken its flight. Before her marriage to Mr. Lyles she was a Miss Davis, of Liberty, Pickens County. She was 28 years of age the 25th of last September. For several years after their marriage, five years ago, she and Mr. Lyles were in charge of the West Union school, but she had to give up her part of it about a year ago. She leaves surviving her husband, O. C. Lyles, of West Union; her father, mother and one sister, of Liberty, and one brother at Camp Meade, Md. This brother was unable to reach here in time for the funeral. About two months ago, another brother, who was at Camp Sevier, S. C., died of influenza and was buried at Liberty. Her remains were laid to rest in West View cemetery Monday afternoon, the funeral being conducted by her pastor, Rev. Foster Speer of the Methodist Church. Her life had been one filled with good deeds and the noble Christian influence she exercised over the children she taught will continue to grow in the lives of those children. But her reward was not to be of this world, and the Master called her home. There are many who join with The Courier in extending to the bereaved ones sincere sympathy in their sorrow.

Keowee Courier Dec 25, 1918, #718 vol LXIX #52, page 8 col B


James Turner Lyles

1846 to 1925

from The Keowee Courier, May 1925

There are many in Oconee who will learn with regret of the death of J. T. Lyles, a well-known citizen of the Mountain Rest section of Oconee, who passed away last Friday afternoon at the home of his son, O. C. Lyles, of High Hill, Darlington County.

The deceased had been in declining health for quite a while, and last year it was decided that it would be best for him to go to the home of his son, where he could have advantage of constant attention and be nearer to physicians. Mr. Lyles was a native of Oconee and spent practically all of his life in this section, living the greater part of his 79 years in the Mountain Rest section. He would have rounded out his 79th year had he lived until the 30th of May. His wife died some 25 years ago. Four children survive him -- J. Robert Lyles and O. C. Lyles, of Darlington county, and Miss Amy Lyles and W. C. Lyles who reside in the Mountain Rest section.

The body of Mr. Lyles was brought to Walhalla last Saturday, and it was taken on to the old home community for interment Sunday morning in the Double Springs cemetery. Rev. R. L. Doggett, pastor of the Double Springs church, conducted the services.

There are many who will join with The Courier in extending sympathy to the bereaved ones in their sorrow. Mr. Lyles was a splendid citizen, honest and honorable in all his dealings with his fellow men, and he will be greatly missed in his community and wherever he was known.


James Robert Lyles

Jan. 3, 1879 to Dec. 14, 1940
James R. Lyles Dies at Columbia Hospital

James Robert Lyles, 62, Darlington county official, died late Saturday morning in the Columbia hospital. His death came while he was undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Mr. Lyles was born January 8, 1879, in Oconee county, near Wallhalla, a son of James Turner Lyles and Mrs Celina Vissage Lyles. He received his early education in the schools of Oconee county and graduated from Wofford College in the class of 1906. He received his masters degree from the same institution in 1907. Following his graduation Mr. Lyles taught in the Wofford College Fitting school and later taught in Lancaster county. He took up the study of law during this period of time and entered the University of South Carolina Law school, graduating in the class of 1918. He came to Darlington in 1918 and began the practice of law. He worked in this capacity for some time. Several years later he was elected magistrate at Darlington and served in this office for eight years.

Mr. Lyles is survived by his widow who was formerly Miss Mary Hammond of Heath Springs, to whom he was married in 1911, and two daughters and two sons: Miss Ellen Lyles, a member of the faculty of the school in Farmville, N. C.; Mrs. Wilson O. Weldon of China Grove, N. C.; James R. Lyles, Jr., principal of the McBee high school, and Joseph Henry Lyles, a member of the junior class at Wofford College.

Surviving are also two brothers and a sister, O. C. Lyles of Darlington, W. C. Lyles and Miss Amy E. Lyles, both of Wallhalla.

Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Trinity Methodist Church in Darlington. Rites were conducted by his pastor, the Rev. Joseph Teeler, assisted by Dr. T. E. Simpson, pastor of the First Presbyterian church.

Keowee Courier?, Dec 19, 1940 #51, page 10 col D

A Memorial to James Robert Lyles, 1879-1940

an anonymous typescript perhaps from the Darlington Press, found among Ellen Lyles' photos

James Robert Lyles, late of the Darlington County Bar, was born in Oconee County, January 3, 1879. His parents were James Turner Lyles and Selena Lyles. He attended the public schools of Oconee County and in 1902 entered Wofford College, graduating in the class of 1906.

Before entering Wofford, at the age of eighteen, Mr. Lyles had already begun a teaching career, and upon his graduation from Wofford he spent two years teaching at the Wofford Fitting School. During the same period he prepared himself for his Master's Degree, which he received in 1908.

Continuing his career in the field of education he served as superintendent of schools at at [sic] Central, South Carolina, and in various schools in Lancaster County.

In 1916 Mr. Lyles entered the Law School of the University of South Carolina, graduating therefrom with the degree of LLB in 1918.

Going to Darlington in the fall of 1918 he entered upon the practice of law. For a time he was associated with George E. Dargan, Esq., and also with the late E. O. Woods, later entering the practice alone, and continuing in the same with occasional interruptions in service in public office, until the time of his death.

During his professional career in Darlington Mr. Lyles served as Attendance Officer for the Schools, as Magistrate for several successive terms, and for nearly ten years as Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners.

Joining the Methodist Church in his early youth, Mr. Lyles was active in church affairs. He had served as superintendent of the Sunday School of his church, and beginning when he was only eighteen years of age, he continuously taught a Bible Class. In his community wherever he lived and at the University and in Darlington he served his church in this and other capacities up to the time of his death.

Mr. Lyles was very much interested in the field of education and religion and offered aid and encouragement through the years to boys and girls preparing for college. He gave unstintingly of his time and talent to those who needed assistance in preparing for their life's work.

As a lawyer, Mr. Lyles measured up to the highest ideals of the profession; as a citizen he unf[l]inchingly stood for good goverment and worked for it; in his church work and in his community activities he was [a] leader of rare character.

William Clifton Lyles

October 29, 1886 to June 13, 1948

Prof William Clifton Lyles, 61, prominent resident of the Mountain Rest community, veteran of World War I and for 35 years a teacher in Oconee, Lancaster and Darlington county schools, died at his home Sunday night at 10:30 o'clock.

He is survived by one sister, Miss Amy E. Lyles of the home, and one brother, Oby C. Lyles of Darlington.

Funeral services were held at Double Springs Union Church Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. J. Claude Evans, his pastor, and the Rev. Milton [sic] O. Weldon. Graveside services were in charge of the Lewis E. Blanchett Post, American Legion.

Pallbearers were Emory Alexander, Jr., Dalton Vissage, Bob Ramey, Bob Robbins, James, Joe and Oby Lyles, Jr., and Conley Henry.

Flower girls were Misses Sue and Alberta Ramey, Linda Robins, and Ruth Vissage.

Keowee Courier, June 17, 1948


Amy Evelyn Lyles

April 19, 1881 to January 30, 1953

Final rites for Miss Amey Lyles, who died Friday in Darlington, were held from Double Springs Methodist Church Sunday with the Rev. J. H. Montgomery officiating.

Burial was in the church cemetery. Nephews served as pall-bearers. She is survived by one brother, O. C. Lyles of Darlington, and several nieces and nephews.

Tugalo Tribune, February 4, 1953, #5 page 5 col B