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J.T. Lyles at a 1922 Confederate reunion
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from An Informal History of Mountain Rest, South Carolina
Turner Lyles and his wife, the former Selena Vissage, lived between Double Springs Church and Mountain Rest Post Office. They had four children who were born in the 1870s and 1880s: James Robert, Amy E., William Clifton, and Oby [C.] Lyles. Realizing the importance of an education even back in those days, the Lyles sent all four of their children to college, and they all became school teachers.

When one thinks back on the many tasks required of teachers in the early days, it is doubtful if the teachers of today would like their job. In the winter the teacher built fires in a wood stove and had to keep it going all through the day. In the summer they had to find someone in the community who would cut and haul wood for winter use. At the end of the school day with the help of the older girls the floors had to be swept. Hot lunches were not always served, but if they were, the teacher sometimes had to help prepare the meals and was always charged with seeing that it was done. When the black boards needed it, they had to be washed at the end of the school day.



from The Keowee Courier, May 1925

There are many in Oconee who will learn with regret of the death of J. T. Lyles, a well-known citizen of the Mountain Rest section of Oconee, who passed away last Friday afternoon at the home of his son, O. C. Lyles, of High Hill, Darlington County.

The deceased had been in declining health for quite a while, and last year it was decided that it would be best for him to go to the home of his son, where he could have advantage of constant attention and be nearer to physicians. Mr. Lyles was a native of Oconee and spent practically all of his life in this section, living the greater part of his 79 years in the Mountain Rest section. He would have rounded out his 79th year had he lived until the 30th of May. His wife died some 25 years ago. Four children survive him -- J. Robert Lyles and O. C. Lyles, of Darlington county, and Miss Amy Lyles and W. C. Lyles who reside in the Mountain Rest section.

The body of Mr. Lyles was brought to Walhalla last Saturday, and it was taken on to the old home community for interment Sunday morning in the Double Springs cemetery. Rev. R. L. Doggett, pastor of the Double Springs church, conducted the services.

There are many who will join with The Courier in extending sympathy to the bereaved ones in their sorrow. Mr. Lyles was a splendid citizen, honest and honorable in all his dealings with his fellow men, and he will be greatly missed in his community and wherever he was known.

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Confederate Veterans Present at a 1922 Reunion
at Walhalla, South Carolina
W.A. Duncan, 6th Cavalry, DeSassasure
J.O. Riley, Company B, 2nd Regiment of Rifles
J.T. Lyles, Company F, Barneys [Barnett's] Battalion [2nd Cavalry Battalion Reserves]
W.H. Mongold, Company C, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
T.W. Carroll, Company K, Captain Alley
J.M. Hall, Company C, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
Staten Cantrell, Company G, 12th South Carolina Regiment
Samuel Neal, Company A, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
D.J. Kay, Company G, Martin's Command
P.A. Jones, Company L, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
M.W. Jones, honorary member of Orr's Regiment
C.B. Finley, Company C, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
J.B. Reid, Company C, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
John L. Reeder, Company H, Barney's [Barnett's] Command
James Massey, Company E, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
W.T. McAlister, Company I, 1st South Carolina Regiment
J.S. Hyde, Company F, 1st South Carolina Cavalry, Hampton's Brigade
J.H. Knight, Company K, 31st Regiment, Hokes Division N.C.
C.W. Smith, Company G, 2nd Battalion, South Carolina Rifles
John Earle Lewis, Company A, White's Battalion, Elliot's Brigade
R.P. Chastain, Company K, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
J.W. Cannon, Company C, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
A. Holder, Company C, 1st Missouri Regiment
J.C. Caldwell, Company H, 2nd Battalion, Blanchard's Regiment
M.E. Deal, 2nd South Carolina Reserves
T.C. Orr, Company F, 2nd South Carolina Rifles
A.R. Ellis, Company G, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
J.M. Ellis, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
P. A. Mattison, Company G, 2nd South Carolina Battalion
J.C. Stribling, Company E, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
J.A. Eskew, Company I, 1st South Carolina Regiment
C.P. Rogers, Company D, 4th Virginia Cavalry
W.T. McGill, Company I, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
L.E. Campbell, Company F, 2nd Rifles
J.C. Alexander, 16th South Carolina
J.C. Hubbard, Company H, 22nd South Carolina
T.J. Boneau, Coleman's Company, Williams' Brigade
E.B. Stevens, Company K, 4th South Carolina Regiment
B.J. Johnston, 62nd North Carolina
R.M. Martin, Company A, Orr's Regiment
P.I. Rawl, Company K, 20th South Carolina Volunteers
Vincent F. Martin, Company C, 1st South Carolina Regular Infantry
S.K. Dendy, Company F, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
J.W. Todd, Company E, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
W.A. Strother, Company K, 2nd Heavy Artillery
Benjamin Rutledge, Jones Company, Home Guards
D.T. Hayes, Company A, 20th South Carolina Regiment
N.B. Shedd, Company B, 2nd South Carolina Rifles
J.M. Kelly, Jones Company, Home Guards
John V. Stribling, Kays Company, (eeland?) Battalion, Mounted Infantry
J.P. McCall, Russell's Company, Home Guards
Josiah Lee, Company C, 2nd South Carolina Rifles
James Landreth, Company G, 16th South Carolina Regiment
J.F. Stewart, Company K, 1st South Carolina Cavalry
Newton Crenshaw, Company M, Palmetto Sharp Shooters
John R. Zachary, Russell's Company, Home Guards
James T. King, Company I, 1st Militia
S.H. Medlin, Company H, 4th South Carolina Regiment
A. Ramey, Beauregard's Battery, Martin's Battalion
Henry Long, Hollingsworth's Company
A.C. Keys, Company F, 2nd South Carolina Battalion
Ed Nix, Thompson's Company, Moore's Battalion
J.P. Gambrell, Company K, 3rd South Carolina Cavalry
J.P. Carroll, Company G, 2nd South Carolina Regiment
W.S. Neely, Georgia Sharp Shooters, Folk's Battalion
B.F. Dillard, Company A, Orr's Regiment
J.B. Stevens, Company I, Palmetto Sharp Shooters
A.W. Elrod, Company C, Palmetto Sharp Shooters
J.F. Davis, Hollingsworth's Company, 1st South Carolina Militia
L.T. Jones, Company I, Griffin's Regiment
J.L. Bryant, Company F, 35th Georgia Regiment
W.J. Meredith, Company G, 2nd South Carolina Rifles
J.S. Lawless, Company L, 2nd South Carolina Rifles
J.P. Surratt, Company N, 1st South Carolina Regiment
W.H. Mulliken, Hampton's Legion
A.H. Ellison, Company F, 2nd South Carolina Cavalry
E.M. Mauldin, Company F, 1st South Carolina Artillery
B.D. Campbell, Company K, 5th Cavalry
F.T. Jenkins, Company E, Barnett's Battalion
W. Abbott, Company H, Barnett's Battalion
H.C. Owens, Company G, Butler's Guard
G.C. Green, Company C, 1st North Carolina Battalion
M.B. Gaines, Company E, 20th South Carolina
J.A. Wood, South Carolina Militia
B.J. Moody
R.N. Vaughn, Moody's Company, Home Guards
C.L. Foster, Company B, 1st South Carolina Militia
T.R. Blackwell, 6th South Carolina Cavalry
J.H. Harper, Company K, Orr's Regiment of Rifles
R.H. Cowan, Company E, 7th Alabama Infantry
D. F. Carter, Hall's Company, South Carolina Militia
W.D. Stribling, Company G, 7th South Carolina Regiment
I.D. Fincannon, Company G, 25th North Carolina Regiment
J.O. Armstrong, Russell's Company of Home Guards

[I've omitted 3 or 4 names here at the end.]

[from Recollections and Reminiscences, 1861-1865 through World War I, vol. 2 (United Daughters of the Confederacy, South Carolina Division, 1991). Contributed by Mrs. J.P. (Bessie C.) Stribling].

[The names here are in the order that they appear in the original. I have omitted a very few names, and I have added line breaks between every group of ten names. Otherwise, I have tried to keep the list as it appears in the original, including its sometimes missing apostrophes. --J.R. Lyles III, Nov. 1998]

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