Hugh Isham Lyles Family
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Hugh Isham Lyles, his wife Jenny, and their growing gaggle of children moved to the western Pickens District near Westminster, South Carolina, sometime between 1830 and 1840. Perhaps they arrived before Hugh Isham's father, David Lyles, died in 1839. At all events, in 1840 they were living near Hugh Isham's brothers, Joseph Lyles and Wesley Lyles and their families, and his sister Peninah Lyles Harbert and her family.

Near Westminster in what is now southern Oconee County, Hugh Isham's family multiplied and even prospered. The names of their children and grandchildren appear many times in the military and church records and other documents of the district. But Hugh Isham and Jenny left almost no tracks behind.

After 1829, when Deborah Lyles' probate ended, the names of Hugh Isham or Jenny Lyles do not appear on any of the known land transactions, church records, military lists, tax lists, or will and probate records. (Hugh Isham's name shows up in the long, long probate record of Joseph Lyles but only to identify Hugh Isham's children as heirs to their father's portion of Joseph's estate.) We do not know when and where Hugh Isham and Jenny met and married. We cannot say where they lived in the two decades before they moved to Westminster. And we do not know where they vanished to after 1850.

For an alternate view of the Hugh Isham Lyles family, 
see Wynell Simpson's version.

Hugh Isham Lyles

Born about 1795 to David and Deborah Lyles in Edgefield District, SC, and died sometime after 1850.


about 1820

Jenny --??--

Born about 1800 to unknown parents and died sometime after 1850.

They had these children*--

Hugh Isham Lyles 

Born about 1822, he joined Hopewell Methodist Church xxx. Serving in the 2nd SC Rifles, Company C, he was wounded in the right foot and captured at the Battle of Lookout Mountain, October 25, 1883. He died in the prison hospital at Nashville on November 18, 1863. He was not married.

Martha Lyles

Born about 1825

Samuel Olden Lyles

Samuel O., born about 1826, enlisted in June 1861 and served in the 1st S.C. Cavalry, Company F. 


David Lewis Lyles

Born about 1828, he joined the 2nd SC Rifles, Company C. In April 1862, he was given a discharge from the army for a disability of his left elbow and side. He married Martha Ann Mason.

William B. Lyles

William B., born about 1831, enlisted in November 1861 in the 2nd SC Rifles, Company C. On May, 17, 1864, he was killed at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia, leaving his widow Caroline Matilda Broome Lyles and two young children.

Deborah Lyles

Born about 1833

John W. Lyles

Born about 1836, John joined Company F of the 1st SC (Orr's) Rifles, along with his brother James and our great-great uncles Robert M. Lyles and Obadiah Coleman Lyles. He died at Sullivan's Island, SC, March 25, 1862.

James M. Lyles

Born about 1839, he married Elizabeth Dancy shortly before the 1860 census. He too signed up with Company F of the 1st SC (Orr's) Rifles. On July 27, 1862, he was killed at the Battle of Gaines' Mill, leaving behind his widow.

Joshua Y. Lyles

Born about 1841, he enlisted at Walhalla in the 1st (Butler's) SC Infantry, Company G and was discharged in September 1861.

Nancy Jane Lyles

Born about 1842

* Some people list Joseph Lyles, Jr., (born Oct. 3, 1819) as the first child of Hugh Isham and Jenny Lyles. See Wynell's version, for instance. But we are not sure. See "Who was Joseph Lyles, Jr's father?"