Confederate records, deeds, plats, wills & probate, and miscellaneous

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Confederate documents

Joseph Lyles, Jr.: His medical discharge papers from the Confederate Army.

Obadiah C. Lyles: South Carolina court documents (29 Nov. 1862 and 23 Dec. 1862) recognizing William A. Lyles as the legal heir of his son Obadiah Lyles.

Obadiah C. Lyles: A letter from the Confederate Treasury authorizing payment of Obadiah Lyles' service pay to William A. Lyles (8 Sept. 1863).

Robert M. Lyles: A Confederate certificate recording Robert [M.] Liles' death and the register of a claim of settlement by Wm Liles, father.

William A. Lyles: His medical discharge papers from the Confederate Army, 1863.

Report about action during the Battle of the Seven Days by Colonel J. Foster Marshall, 1st S.C. Rifle Regiment, to General Maxey Gregg, 2nd Brigade of A.P. Hill's Light Division.


Abner Mays to David Liles, 1787: 90 acres in Edgefield County
Olley Man Dodgen to David Liles, 1798: 262 acres in Edgefield County
William Moon, Joshua Deen, Tabatha Deen to David Liles, 1799-1801. 280 acres in Edgefield
David Liles to Thomas Turk, 1801: 188 acres in Edgefield County
David Liles to Joseph Reatherford, 1807: 74 acres in Edgefield County

John Calhoun to James Visage, 1833: 115 acres adjoining Thomas Visage.

Reuben Gilbert to James H. Dendy, 1840: 100 Acres in Pickens District including a small part owned by David Liles, deceased. Witnessed by Joseph Liles and William A. Liles.
Joseph Liles to James H. Dendy, 1840: 100 acres in Pickens District owned by David Liles, deceased. Witnessed by William A. Liles.

Willis Carver to Coleman Fowler, 1840: 82 acres on Choestoe Creek.

Obadiah Fowler to Absalom Hyde, 1846: 286 acres on Choestoe Creek.

Coleman Fowler to Obadiah Fowler, 1844: Land for Salem Methodist Episcopal Church on Choestoea Creek. Joseph Lyles and William Lyles are among the trustees. (See also the Land Locations page for the location of the old church site.)

Zillah Lyles to A.H. Land, 1880: Land sold for a pittance but reserved to Zillah Liles for her lifetime.

Land Plats

Fowler 1859: The plat shows a resurvey for Coleman Carlile Fowler for a new grant and indicates Joseph Liles' land just west of the Fowler land.

Gassaway 1842: John Gassaway's land lies just east of Coleman Fowler. (Also see the land locations map showing Gassaway's land.)

Hughes 1854: Thomas J. Hughes' land lies immediately north of Vissage land.

Vissage 1851: The plat shows a resurvey of Thomas and James Visage's land. It also indicates Coleman Fowler's land just south. (Also see a map showing the location of the Vissage land.)

Wills and Probate

Joshua Fowler, probate document 1833

Estate sale of Gilson Oliver 1835: where William Liles buys a large bell

Deborah Liles, probate documents. From the Abbeville District, Box 56, pack 1323

Thomas Visage, will 1850

Joseph Liles, will and codicil, 1869 & 1879, and Probate

Miscellaneous Documents

Joseph Lyles, 1851: Application for a land bounty for service in the War of 1812

Zillah Ward Lyles, 1878: Application for pension as a widow of the War of 1812

E.P. Verner vs William A. Lyles, 1879: Complaint and judgement for an unpaid debt of $186