Oconee County Lyleses in South Carolina Confederate Units

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Lyleses in S.C. Confederate units

Orr's Rifles--a brief history of 4 Lyleses in the 1st SC Rifles

Company Rosters --
Co. F, 1st SC Rifles & Co. C, 2nd SC Rifles

W.A. Lyles'

army discharge

Robert M. Lyles

Oby Lyles

James Turner. Lyles & Barney's Battalion

James Turner Lyles' medal



All 4 menfolk in the family of William A. and Mary Fowler Lyles saw service in South Carolina Confederate units. Two of them lived. Two of them died.

At least 9 other Lyleses from the western Pickens District, now Oconee County, also joined the army. Four of them, sons of Hugh Isham and Jenny Lyles, also died.

William A. Lyles, who served in the 1st South Carolina State Troops, Company E, left this fact recorded on his tombstone. The 1st SC State Troops was 6-month unit active from 1863-1864. He was given a medical discharge, though, in October 1863 because of what was diagnosed as tuberculosis.

James Turner Lyles belonged to Company F of the S.C. Cavalry 2nd (Barnett's) Battalion Reserves, which formed in spring 1864 at Sandy Springs in the Anderson District. The unit was formed as infantry, but the men decided to turn themselves into a cavalry unit. According to Abner Clickscales of Company F, they engaged General Sherman through South Carolina and into North Carolina. On April 11, 1865, they got word that Lee had surrendered, so they turned around and rode home.

Our James Turner Lyles also may have been the J.T. Lyles who enlisted at Pendleton, S.C., and appeared on the muster rolls of the 1st South Carolina (Butler's) Infantry, Co.G, in February 1861 and May 1861 but was gone from the rolls in June 1861. Our James Turner Lyles was just short of 15 years old at the time.

Robert Martin Lyles and younger brother Obadiah Coleman Lyles belonged to Company F of the 1st South Carolina Regiment of Rifles, better known as Orr's Rifles. Orr's Rifles was part of A.P. Hill's division in the summer of 1862. In June of that summer, Oby died shortly after the Battle of the Seven Days. And a month and a half later, Robert died at the Second Battle of Manassas.

Also in Company F of Orr's Regiment were two sons of Hugh Isham and Jenny Liles--James M. Lyles and John W. Lyles, both of whom enlisted with our Robert Lyles. John W. Lyles died at Sullivan's Island, S.C., March 25, 1862. James M. Lyles was killed at the Battle of Gaines' Mill on July 27, 1862, leaving behind his widow, Elizabeth Dancy Lyles.

John J. Vissage, the first cousin of Robert and Oby Lyles, was also in Company F. And family friend H.W. Mongold belonged to Company C and lived long enough to meet James R. Lyles, Jr., and Joseph H. Lyles in the 1920s.

Joseph Liles, Jr. (1819-1900), who may have been the oldest son, enlisted in the 2nd SC Rifles, Company C, in November 1861, despite his 42 years and chronic asthma. In January 1862, he was discharged from service because of his asthma, which the company surgeon pronounced "incurable." He lived for almost 4 more decades.

Jonah (Jonas) Liles (1846- ?) joined the 2nd SC Rifles, Company C late in the war--in May 1864. He was the eldest son of Joseph, Jr., and Letty Ann Liles. Jonah Lyles was parolled at Appomattox on April 12, 1865.

Several sons of H. Isham Liles and Jenny Lyles served in Company C of the South Carolina 2nd (Moore's) Rifles.

Hugh I. Liles (c.1822-1863), a son of H. Isham and Jenny Liles, also served in the 2nd SC Rifles, Company C. Wounded in the right foot, he was captured at the Battle of Lookout Mountain, October 25, 1883. He died in the prison hospital at Nashville on November 18, 1863.

David Lewis Liles, another son of H. Isham and Jenny Liles, (c.1829-before 1879) joined the 2nd SC Rifles, Company. In April 1862, he was given a discharge from the army for a disability of his left elbow and side. He married Martha Ann Mason.

William B. Liles (1842-1864) enlisted in November 1861 in the 2nd SC Rifles, Company C. He too was a son of H. Isham and Jenny Liles of Oconee County. On May, 17, 1864, he was killed at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia, leaving his widow Caroline Matilda Broome Lyles and two young children.

Two other sons of H. Isham and Jenny Liles served in other South Carolina units. Joshua Y. Liles (1841- ) enlisted at Walhalla in the 1st (Butler's) SC Infantry, Company G and was discharged in September 1861. Samuel O. Liles enlisted in June 1861 and served in the 1st S.C. Cavalry, Company F.

David Ashbury Lyles (born about 1830) and James W. Lyles (born about 1839), sons of Wesley and Elizabeth Jane Lyles, probably served together in the 1st (SC) Palmetto Sharpshooters, Company B. Their brother George W. Lyles was likely in Company A of the 18th SC Infantry.