Company Rosters
Co. F, 1st S.C. (Orr's) Rifles & Co. C, 2nd S.C. Rifles

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Of 9 Westminster, S.C., Lyleses in these two rifle companies,
6 died.

Company F, 1st South Carolina (Orr's) Rifles

[Published in the Keowee Courier, August 10, 1861]

Captain R.A. Hawthorne

1st Lt. Geo. W. Fullerton

2nd Lt. James A. Johns

3rd Lt. Samuel K. Dendy

1st Sgt. Alex. Armstrong

2nd Sgt. James Johns

3rd Sgt. Thomas D. Long

4th Sgt. J.C.P.J. Miller

1st Cpl. John H. Harris

2nd Cpl. Wm. J. Gaston

3rd Cpl. Wm. J. Hughes

4th Cpl. C.S. Milford


Ayers, Samuel

Abbot, J.B.

Abbot, W.T.

Allen, L.W.

Anderson, E.P.

Ballinger, E.L.

Ballinger, J.R.

Barnes, J.N.

Bearden, W.T.

Bolt, Isham

Brooks, James

Bradberry, J.P.

Brown, G.F.M.

Carpenter, J.T.

Carver, Allison

Clinkscales, S.W.

Clinkscales, A.E.

Crosby, R.H.

Cox, A.T.

Cole, H.A.

Culley, J.B.

Dalton, Jessie

Doyle, J.J.

Doyle, W.H.

Davis, J.G.

Dickson, William

Dickson, J.K.

Dunlap, E.C.

Fitzgerald, W.F.

Fowler, L.D.1

Fountain, James

Fuller, S.P.

Gassaway, W.W.

Henderson, J.J.

Hughes, H.R.

Hull, D.S.

Hull, J.W.

Holley, Daniel

Harris, J.N.

Honea, P.W.

Honea, R.S.

Honea, B.T.

Hunnicutt, L.M.

Harbin, W.J.

Janes, Moses

Janes, T.A.Y.

Janes, Johns

Jenkins, W.H.H.

Johns, J.B.

Kanaday, T.F.

Kelly, L.W.

Kelly, R.D.

Leathers, John A.

Lyles, John2

Lyles, Robert3

Lyles, J.M.2

[Lyles, Obadiah]4

Martin, W.T.

Martin, F.M.

Manley, Robert

Moore, W.H.

McCall, J.M.

McDonald, H.F.

McGuffin, B.F.

McDuffie, Isaac

Mason, C.W.

Milford, A.S.

Miller, T.A.

O'Kelly, Andrew

Padgett, Terrell

Perkins, Josiah

Perkins, Moses

Pitts, H.M.5

Petty, W.S.F.

Reeder, L.T.

Rich, John

Rodgers, J.A.

Sanders, W.H.

Tannery, S.P.

Terrell, W.G.

Terrell, Allen

Visage, John6

Ward, T.J.

Ward, James

Ward, A.L.

Wyley, Thomas

1L.D. Fowler was likely an uncle of our Obadiah and Robert Lyles.
2John W. Lyles and James M. Lyles, sons of Hugh Isham and Jenny Lyles, both enlisted on the same day as our Robert Lyles did. They are almost certainly kin, though we don't yet know exactly how.
3This is our Robert Martin Lyles.
4Our Obediah Coleman Lyles enlisted in this company on March 15, 1862.
5Henry Martin Pitts is reputed to have married widow Caroline Matilda Lyles after the war
6This John Jackson Vissage is the brother of Selena Ellen Vissage and the first cousin of our Lyles boys.


Company C, 2nd South Carolina Rifles

Micah Jenkins' Brigade, Hood's Division

Doyle, O.M., Captain

Dendy, S.P., Captain

Jenkins, N.H., Captain

Stribling, W.W., 1st Lieutenant

Johns, James, 1st Lieutenant

Ramsey, T.S., 1st Lieutenant

Powell, Robert, 2nd Lieutenant

Grubbs, Richard L, 2nd Lieutenant

Smithson, M.T., 1st Sergeant

Doyle, W.H., 1st Sergeant

Spencer, Robert, 2nd Sergeant

Stribling, Robert B., 2nd Sergeant

Smithson, S.N., 2nd Sergeant

Patterson, Thos. A., 2nd Sergeant

Cobb, Robert, 3rd Sergeant

Bruckey, Charles, 3rd Sergeant

Childress, John, 4th Sergeant

Kelley, George W., 4th Sergeant

Sanders, David, 1st Corporal

Fowler, L.D.,1 2nd Corporal

Williams, Jonas T., 3rd Corporal

Burkett, Thomas P., 4th Corporal


Allman, Abel

Adams, Richard L.

Adams, Jasper

Anderson, G.T.

Anderson, Wm H.

Armstrong, Crosby

Boatwright, Abner

Bynum, Silas

Baldwin, Stephen

Billingsby, Wm H.

Burkett, E.H.

Burkett, G.W.

Butt, Jacob

Brown, Travis

Corn, Silas

Cobb, Andrew

Cobb, Roland

Cox, Asbury

Certain, Annanias

Crooks, Whitner

Cape, William

Chapman, James H.

Davis, Henry

Davis, John J.

Davis, Thomas J.

Davis, W.R.

Davis, W.R., Jr.

Doyle, James J.

Doyle, John N.

Duck, Louis

Duck, William M.

Dendy, M.B.

Dendy, Thomas H.

Deaton, Nathan

Evans, John M.

Evans, W.M.

Fowler, C.C.2

Fletcher, Abram

Fitzgerald, Thomas

Fisher, Chesley

Fredericks, Baylis E.

Gassaway, Henry

Holmes, David H.

Hastie, James H.

Hix, John

Hix, Elisha C.

Hix, Robert M.

Harris, Handy

Harris, James M.

Harris, John

Harris, Joseph H.

Hopkins, Wm M.

Holden, James

Hardin, Samuel

Hembree, W.E.

Janes, James

Janes, Lemuel

Janes, Silas

Jones, S.O.

King, Elisha

Kennedy, James

Keaton, William

Lee, Thomas

Lee, Thomas, Jr.

Liles, [David] L[ewis]3

Liles, Isham4

Liles, Jonas [Jonah]5

Liles, Joseph [Jr.]6

Liles, William A.7

Liles, William B.8

Miller, Louis

Myers, Frank

McDonald, Arch

Mason, Elias

Moss, Wilson

Masters, Jerry

Martin, N.

Moore, James

Moore, N.W.

Moore, Pickens, J.

Moore, John B.

Moore, Samuel

Moore, Samuel O.

Price, Warren R.

Pierce, Isam

Pierce, James

Pierce, Martin

Page, John Henry

Page, William R.

Patton, Samuel W.

Pitts, Allen

Pitts, Lemuel K.

Pitts, Seaborne

Pitts, Thomas J.

Phillips, James B.

Phillips, Jonas

Phillips, Nathaniel

Phillips, W.H.

Powell, Thomas

Powell, R.U.

Rothell, B.C.

Rochester, H.D.

Richards, James

Sanders, Jos. Berry

Smith, Benson

Smith, Lawrence C.

Smith, Perry

Simmons, Charles J.

Shedd, N.B.

Stubblefield, W.H.

Tolleson, T.W.

Wilson, Joseph

Walker, Bud

Walker, George W.

Walker, Jacob C.

Walker, Thomas

1 L.D. Fowler, born about 1838, was likely a younger brother of C.C. Fowler and our Mary Fowler Lyles.
2 Coleman Carlisle Fowler, born about 1825, was likely a brother of our Mary Fowler Lyles and a son of Coleman Fowler.
3 Listed as "Louis Liles," David Lewis Liles, born about 1829, was a son of Hugh Isham Liles and Jenny Lyles.
4 This is the younger Hugh Isham Liles, born about 1822, another son of Hugh Isham and Jenny Liles. He died in 1863 from wounds suffered at Lookout Mountain, Tennessee.
5 Jonah Liles, born in 1846 as the eldest son of Joseph Liles, Jr., enlisted in 1864 and was parolled at Appomattox on April 9, 1865.
6 Joseph Liles, Jr., born in 1819 or 1820, enlisted in Nov. 1861 and was discharged in Jan. 1862 because of his asthma.
7 This William A. Liles has not been confirmed from other company records. He is not our William Albert Lyles, who enlisted in the 1st SC State Troops. If this listing is accurate, this man was a son of Levi Liles, born about 1846.
8 William B. Liles, born about 1842, was another son of Hugh Isham and Jenny Liles. He was killed in May 1864 at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia.


This list is based on one by Bessie Stribling, United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1923, and modified in light of our recent research.