1860 Census--
Lyles families in the Pickens District
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[see the notes about abbreviations at the end]
#924/923 (p. 119) Snow Creek P.O., Walhalla
JAMES LYLES, 22--farm labourer [sic], married within the year
Elizabeth, 19--illit.
[note: this seems to be the James M. Lyles who served in Orr's Rifles, Company F, with Robert M. Lyles and Obadiah Lyles. He was a son of Hugh Isham and Jenny Lyles.]
#1079/1079 Walhalla P.O.
JAMES VISAGE, 48, blacksmith, $1200/175
Martha, 48 [Martha Fowler Visage was the sister of Mary Fowler Lyles]
Lucy A., 24
Martha M., 21
John J., 18
Manda, 16
Elizabeth, 14
S[u]san, 12
Salina, 10 [the future wife of James Turner Lyles]
William, 6
#1223/1223 (p. 159) White Hill P.O.
D.A. LYLES, 27--farmer, $---/$175 [David Ashbury Lyles was a son of Westley and Elizabeth Lyles]
Jane, 21
Thos. J., 8 mos.
#1253/1253 (p. 163) White Hill P.O.
WESTLY LILES, 58--miller
Elizabeth, 59
James, 21--farm labourer
Emaline, 17
#1255/1255 (p. 163) White Hill P.O.
JOSEPH LYLES, 4--farmer, $500/$240, illit.[?] [son of Hugh Isham Lyles or Joseph Lyles?]
Letty A., 33--illit.
Jonah, 14--attended school within the year
[V]ermelia A., 12--attended school within the year
Rebecca, 10
Nancy J., 6
Debby A., 3
Martha--2 mos.
#1258/1258 (p. 164) White Hill P.O.
WILLIAM LYLES, 30--farmer, $259/$200
Martha, 40
Nancy, 20
John, 22
Joshua, 18
[All are children of Hugh Isham Lyles.]
#1274/1274 (p. 166) Walton's Ford P.O.
LEWIS LYLES, 30--farm labourer, $500/$300 [David Lewis Lyles was a son of Hugh Isham Lyles.]
Martha A., 24--illit
Joel W., 4
Charles O., 2
John D., 3 mos.
Wm. Smith, 30
#1279/1279 (p. 169) Bachelor's Retreat P.O.
JOSEPH LYLES, 69--farmer, $1300/$550
Zillah 46
[S?]elina Ward 33 "serving" born Ga. illit.
#1281/1281 (p. 169) Bachelor's Retreat P.O.
SAMUEL LYLES, 32--farmer, $---/$150 [a son of Hugh Isham Lyles]
Mary, 28--illit.
Amanda E., 6
William H. 4
Francis M., 2 (F)
#1286/1286 Horse Shoe P.O.
C. C. FOWLER, 35, farmer, $400/$140 [Coleman Carlisle Fowler]
Sarah Fowler, 45 [Sarah was probably the sister of C.C. and of Mary F. Lyles and Martha F. Vissage.]
Leonard D., 22, farming
#1336/1336 (p. 174) Warsaw P.O.
WM. A. LYLES, 46--farmer, $---/$180
Mary, 50--illit. [??]
Rebecca [!?], 19 [obviously a mistake for Sarah E., 19]
Robt, 18--farming
Obadiah, 16
James T. 14--attended school within the year
#1398/1398 Bachelor's Retreat P.O
[ALLEN] HARBERT, 45, farmer $700/$231["Albert" should be "Allen," son of Peninah L. Harbert.]
Nancy, 42,
Elizabeth, 16
Joberry, 13
Mary E., 12
Ceneth C., 10 (F)
William F., 3
Margarett, 6 mos.
#1423/1423 Bachelor's Retreat P.O.
J.D. HARBERT, 32, farmer, $__/$150 [James D. was a son of Peninah Lyles Harbert.]
Pheriba, 35
Martha, 16
James, 12
Edmond, 10 [His name was Edward.]
William, 8
John, 6
Thadius, 8 mos.
E.P. VERNER, 44, who lived at Bachelor's Retreat P.O., was a merchant with land worth $20,000 and a personal estate of $47,300.
[#1255/1255, for instance, indicates the 1225th dwelling visited and the 1225th family visited; the page number is the page number of the original census book; $500/$240 indicates that the householder is a landowner of $500 of real estate and $240 of personal estate; "illit." means that the person is over 20 years old and cannot read; persons born outside of South Carolina are noted, e.g., "Ga.", for born in Georgia] .