Jim's EV Project
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The Build

And the fun begins.


Transmission back in the car, all of the clutch components removed - 6/16/07


Spline piece from center of the clutch - 6/19/07


Coupling made from the two spline pieces above. - 6/22/07
This was welded and was not well balanced and led to a great deal of vibration. Debating what to do. - 7/20/07


Here is the revised coupling.  The welds were machined off and holes drilled for the original bolts that were used in the forklift.  It has much less vibration. - 8/26/07


Here is a custom made bracket to mount the AC Compressor.  The intent is to drive it with a Treadmill motor to be added later. - 9/3/07


This is the EV-1B controller as it had come out of the forklift.  I don't have room for it on this form nor do I need all those contactors. 9/15/07


Motor cleaned up and painted - 6/17/07


Spline adapter from motor, portion of the u-joint on the forklift drive - 6/19/07


Electric motor in the car with custom mounting brackets - 6/25/07


I also decided to remove the power steering and replace it with a manual steering rack from a 1995 Escort - 8/24/07
Also you can see a Ford Vacuum Pump I found to run the brakes and controls - 9/3/07


A custom made battery bracket in the trunk will hold 5 of those batteries - 9/3/07


This is with the EV-1B installed in the car with 3 of the 8 batteries for the drive system, the 12V Battery for the normal stuff and it's nearly all wired up for a test drive - 9/21/07