Inkle Weaving

horizontal stripes

Horizontal Stripes

You can weave alternating horizontal stripes by simply alternating colors in the warp. This is a really good one to warp up when you are demonstrating. It is very easy to see the process since one color or value is always on top and one color or value is always on the bottom.

Horizontal Stripes Draft
B=Blue, G=Green, L=Light Blue, N=Navy Blue

horizontal stripes draft


The Jazzzcat votes for this one as her favorite. Spots can be woven by alternating two strands of one color with one strand of another.

Spots Draft
B=Brown, N=Navy Blue, W=White

Spots Draft


This is the same warp threading known as log cabin. The balance in this one could have been improved by adding a white line between the bottom two bands of checks. Two strands of the same color will always produce a line.

Checks Draft (modified)
B=Blue, N=Navy Blue, W=White

Checks Draft


This band is a example of the chain motif. Basically, it is a two lines with a short horizontal stripe sandwiched in between.

Chain Draft
N=Navy Blue, W=White

Chain Draft
sash with stripes and center chain

Striped Sash with Chain

Stripes are the easiest to warp up, but not necessarily the easiest to design. I always like to combine them with another motif. Here I put a chain in the middle.

Sash with Stripes and Center Chain Draft
D=Dark Brown, B=Brown, Y=Yellow

Sash with Stripes and Center Chain Draft
Fringe is fun! You can twist, braid, add beads, feathers...

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