The Golden Age of the R & B Vocal Groups 1953-1955 part five

January 1955

Nu-Tones - Annie Kicked The Bucket / I Believe (Hollywood Star)

5 Royales - School Girl / One Mistake (King)

Five Jets - Please Love Me Baby / Down Slow (DeLuxe)

Twigs - Lover Boy / Wonderful World (Hollywood)

Crystals - God Only Knows / My Girl (DeLuxe)

Checkers - Try Holding My hand / Can't Find My Sadie (King)

Medallions - The Telegram / Coup DeVille Baby (Dootone)

Roamers - Deep Freeze / I'll Never Get Over You (Savoy)

Flamingos - Dream Of A Lifetime / On My Merry Way (Parrot)

Mellows - Smoke From Your Cigarette / Pretty Baby What's Your Name (Jay-Dee)

Platters - Maggie Doesn't Live Here Anymore / Take Me Back (Federal)

Angels - Lovely Way To Spend An Evening / You're Still My Baby (Grand)

Rubies - Someday / Just You And I (Verne)

Lamplighters - Believe In Me / I Wanna Know (Federal)

Midnights - She Left Me / Cheating On Me (Music City)

Hollywood Flames - I Know / Let's Talk It Over (Decca)

February 1955

Five Keys - Doggone It You Did It / Close Your Eyes (Capitol)

Charms - Ko Ko Mo / Whadya Want (DeLuxe)

Orioles - I Love You Mostly / Fair Exchange (Jubilee)

Cadillacs - No Chance / Sympathy (Josie)

Five Royales - You Didn't Learn It At Home / Every Dog Has Its day (King)

Vice-Roys - I'm Yours As Long As I Live / Please Baby Please (Aladdin)

Gems - Kitty From New York City / I Thought You'd Care (Drexel)

Hawks - It's Too Late Now / Can't See For Looking (Imperial)

Robins - Whadya Want / If Teardrops Were Kisses (Spark)

Feathers - Standin Right There / I Need A Girl (Aladdin)

Street Singers - Caldonia's Boogie / Tonight Was Like A Dream (Tuxedo)

Hearts - Lonely Nights / Ooh Wee (Baton)

Midnighters - Ring-A-Ling / I'm Ashamed Of Myself (Federal)

Wrens - Come Back My Love / Eleven Roses (Rama)

Admirals - Left With A Broken Heart / Oh Yes (King)

Starlings - Hokey Smokey Mama / I'm Just A Crying Fool (Dawn)

March 1955

Cardinals - Door Is Still Open / Misirlou (Atlantic)

Drifters - Gone / What'Cha Gonna Do (Atlantic)

Lamplighters - Love Rock and Thrill / Roll On (Federal)

Harptones - I Almost Lost My Mind / Ooh Wee Baby (Bruce)

Four Bars - When Did You Leave Heaven / Memories Of You (Republic)

Dodgers - Drip Drop / Cat Hop (Aladdin)

Moonlighters - Hug And A Kiss / New gal (Checker)

Five Royales - Mohawk Squaw / How I Wonder (King)

Dukes - Oh Kay / Ooh Bop She Bop (Specialty)

Gentlemen - Baby Dont Go / Don't Leave Me (Apollo)

Five Crowns - You Came To Me / Ooh Wee baby (Riviera)

Dabolos - Hold Me Until Eternity / Route 16 (Fortune)

Honeytones - Too Bad / Somewhere, Sometime, Someday (Mercury)

Turbans - Tick Tock A Woo / No No Cherry (Money)

Falcons - I Need You Darling / Tell Me Why (Cash)

Ravens - Happy Go Lucky Baby / Bye Bye Baby Blues (Jubilee)

Admirals - Close Your Eyes / Give Me Your Love (King)

Flairs - She Loves To Dance / My darling, My Sweet (Flair)

Barons - Eternally Yours / Boom Boom (Imperial)

Spotlighters - It's Cold / Bam Jingle Jingle (Imperial)

April 1955

Orioles - I Need You Baby / That's When The Good Lord Will Smile (Jubilee)

Robins - I Love Paris / One Kiss (Spark)

Casanovas - That's All / Are You For Real (Apollo)

El Dorados - One More Chance / One More Chance (Vee-Jay)

Tenderfoots - Kissing Bug / Watussi Wussi Wo (Federal)

Nutmegs - Story Untold / Make Me Lose My Mind (Herald)

Sheiks - Walk That Walk / The Kissing Song (Cat)

Twilighters - It's True / Wah Bop Sh Wah (Specialty)

Mellows - I Still care / I Was A Fool To Let You Go (Jay-Dee)

Rivileers - Little Girl / Don't Ever Leave Me (Baton)

Spiders - Am I The One / Suki Sukey Sukey (Imperial)

Five Echoes - I Really Do / Tell Me Baby (Vee-Jay)

Concords - Candlelight / Monticello (Harlem)

DuDroppers - Talk That Talk / Give Me Some Consideration (Groove)

Charms - Let The Happenings Happen / When We Get Together (DeLuxe)

Quails - Things She Used To Do / Pretty Huggin Baby (DeLuxe)

Penguins - Be Mine Or Be A Fool / Don't Do It (Mercury)

Aladdins - Cry Cry Baby / Remember (Alladin)

Inspirators - If Loving You Is Wrong / Three Sixty (Treat)

Marigolds - Rollin Stone / Why Don't You (Excello)

Dominos - Love Me Now / Cave Man (Federal)

Val-Tones - Tender Darling / Siam Sam (DeLuxe)

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