Out of the Ordinary-Hawaiian Style

The Live Music From The Moonlight Sail (Hula) - All of the sounds of a night out on the waters off Waikiki are captured in this recording aboard the Aikane II Moonlight sail, and the Ale Ale Kai V Sunset Sail. The music by The Catamaran Boys lends itself to the festive atmosphere of hulas and Mai Tais (or Blue Hawaiians) that has been a must-do for malihinis on their first visit, for years and years. A memory in sound that is well done.

The Islands : Hawaii The 50th State (Hula) - On the spot recordings from a variety of locations giving a wide spectrum of the sounds of Hawaii. Among the features of this recording are the Don Ho show, Danny Kaleikini and his in person show, a broadcast of Hawaii Calls, music of the neighbor islands, a ride aboard an outrigger canoe on Waikiki, the Arizona memorial, and Kahauanu Lake at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Hawaiian Railroads (J-San) - Rodney Arias & His Trio perform a musical tribute to the railroads of the island state. Included are the songs "Waiakea Sugar Train", "The Story of the Hamakua Express", "Lahaina & Kaanapali Railroad", and "Makua to Kahuku". An interesting collection of tunes kicked off by "My Father Was A Railroad Man".

This Is Saigon (49th State) "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" by Thuy Nhien is a grabber from this mid sixties set before the true story of the American experience in Viet-Nam was known. Other familiar songs are "Kansas City" by Tram Kim Ami, and "Hello Heartache Goodbye Love" by Ngoc My. Vietnamese songs such as "Toi Dua Em Sang Song" by Phuong Dung complete the collectionof this cold war/hot war curio.

Captain Cook : A Bicentennial Tribute - 1778-1978 (Pumehana) - Keli'i Tau'a. The chants of Hawai'i that tell the story of the visit of Captain Cook. The chant of the captain - "Lono I Ka Makahiki", the Northwest Passage - ""Ala Noweke", the first arrival - "Ho'ea Ana Mua", and the day of the canoe fleet - "Ka La O Na 'Au Wa'a", are some of the featured presentations of this historic collection of Hawaiian history.

The Pele Legends (Pumehana) - Keli'i Tau'a. Included here are more than fifteen chants praising the legend of Pele in an expression of the heart of Hawaiian culture. "Aia La O Pele I Hawai'i", "Ka Makani Uahipele", and "Ka Huaka'i A Pele" are just three examples of these ancient Hawaiian chants.

The Adventures of Coconut Willie & Pukahead The Magic Menehune - (M.O.P. - Music of Polynesia) - Jack deMello. One of a great number of albums produced by Jack DeMello over the years. This one is for children of all ages. Some of the 'adventures' are "The Huffing Puffing Story of Mr.Blahlah Blowfish", "Penny Centipede's Missing Shoe", and "The Spooky Kooky Hawaiian Raindrops".

Sunday In Hawaii - (MCA) - The Rev. Abraham Ahikina Akaka & The Kawaiahao Church Choir. A unique bit of Hawaiian life is captured in this sound recording of a complete Sunday service conducted in the oldest church in Hawaii, the Kawaiahao Church. The sermon, readings, and choir music are in both Hawaiian and English.

Aloha Week in Hawaii - (Hula) All the color and excitement of the celebration of Aloha Week is captured in this recording. Parades and bands, music and proclamations, luaus and life along the beach at Waikiki, all add up to give real meaning of what it is to be in Hawaii this day or any other.

No Talk Stink (Hula) - Kent Bowman. Announced as a collection of "da kine" luau jokes by Hawaii's number one story teller. This is geared toward adults and the recording was not cleared for airplay originally, but the changes in society and its tolerances over the past thirty years may make these routines, well routine in today's world. Bowman gives his take on everything from Moki's Cadillac to milk and cookies to chain saws.

Hawaii's Greatest Politician - Kaumuana (Hula) - Kent Bowman. - Another album of "talk story" in pidgin English by Hawaii's master story teller, Kent Bowman. This time it's politics as we hear of Kaumuana, the Living Legend; the patriot; the people's choice; the story of Moki's mule, smart pills, and Kaumuana on co-eds ! Vote early and vote often.

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