Irresistable Records : part two ©JCMarion

Here is another list of R & B records from the late 40s into the mid 50s that have that "must have" feel just by the name of the tune and/or the recording artist.

"My Thing" / "My Other Thing" - Willie Jones (Vee-Jay)

"Sleep Walkin' Woman" - Smilin' Joe (Imperial)

"Big Ends" - Rufus Gore(King)

"The Boogie Disease" - Dr. Ross(Sun)

"Somethings Going On In My Room" - Daddy Cleanhead(Specialty)

"Prize Fightin' Papa" - Beulah Bryant(Excello)

"Stay Out Of Automobiles" - Boogie McCain(Trumpet)

"Siam Sam" - Valtones(DeLuxe)

"Boom-Mag-A-Zeno-Vip-Vay" - Cashmeres(Mercury)

"Mr. Black Man" - Enyatta Holta(Jay-Dee)

"Loose Caboose" - Joe Weaver(Fortune)

"Geechie Goomie" - Marga Benitez(Apollo)

"There Better Not Be No Feet In Them Shoes" - Junior Parker(Duke)

"Ruff House Rose" - Rose Johnson w/Fats Gaines(Big Town)

"Tarzan And The Dignified Monkey" - Willie Mae Thornton(Peacock)

"You're No Barking Dog" - Nutones(Hollywood Star)

"She Cooks Me Cabbage" - Jack DuPree(King)

"My Heart Goes Diddly Bum" - Lee Christy(Tuxedo)

"Hen Party" - Prince Partridge(Crest)

"You Can't Beat The Horses" - Big Boy Groves(Vita)

"Boo Wacka Boo" - Velveteens(Spitfire)

"Peg Leg Woman" - Willie King(Vita)

"Champagne Mind With A Soda Water Income" - Effie Smith(Vita)

"Brown Skin Butter Ball" - Mel Walker w/Johnny Otis(Mercury)

"Loud Woman" - Stump & Stumpy(MGM)

"Blue Fairy Boogie" - Boots Brown(RCA)

"Ground Hog Snooper" - Fred Clark(Federal)

"Raid On The After Hours Joint" - Jimmy Coe(States)

"Double Faced Deacon" - Tommy Brown(Savoy)

"Chief Turn The Hose On Me" - Captans(Dot)

"I Want A Lavender Cadillac" - Lloyd Thompson w/Brother Moncer's Strollers(RCA)

"Gotta Feed The Old Horse A Lotta Hay" - Volumes(Jaguar)

"Strollie Bun" - The Blonde Bomber(Hull)

"Caught My Sister Doin It" / "Ain't Nothing Left Of A Pig But The Grunt" - Eddie Bennett's Three Loose Nuts & A Bolt(Avalon)

"Clothes Line (Wrap It Up)" - Boogaloo & Crew(Crest)

"You Eat Too Much" - Harold Burrage(Cobra)

"Chocolate Pork Chop Man" - Pete 'Guitar' Lewis(Federal)

"Somethings Wrong With My Lovin' Machine" - Robert Henry(King)

"Vanity Dresser Boogie" - Willie Love(Trumpet)

"Spoiled Hambone" - John Bullard(DeLuxe)

"Gimmee Your Bankroll" / "Pepper Head Woman" - Square Walton(RCA)

"Don't Touch My Bowl" - Gladys Hill(Peacock)

"Miss Lollipop's Confession" - Alma Mondy(Mercury)

"Take Out Your False Teeth Daddy" - Margie Day(Decca)

. . . . . . . . and my all time favorite, the one the only -

"Calling All Cows" - The Bluesrockers(Excello)

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