The Way We Were : March, 1948 compiled by JCMarion

Beginning the month comes the news that singer Jane Froman plans to wed the pilot who saved her life (John Burns) in the aftermath of a plane crash off the coast of Portugal in 1943. . . . . . A "sleeper" recording is uncovered for Columbia Records in "Just Because" by polka king Frankie Yankovic which has sold more than one hundred thousand copies . . . . . .The best bets of the first week of the month are : "Serenade" / "My Extraordinary Gal" by Jan Garber orch with vocalist Ernie Matthews (Capitol); "But None Like You" / "We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye" by Sinatra for Capitol; "It's Monday Everyday" / "It's Written In The Stars" by Jo Stafford (Capitol); "None Like You" / "You've Changed" by ex-WAC Adele Clark (Decca); "Tutti Tutti Pizzicato" / "The Bee Song" by Louis Prima (RCA Victor); "Cherokee Canyon" / "St. Louis Blues March" by Tex Beneke & his Orchestra featuring drummer Jack Sperling (RCA Victor); "Honey Honey" by Martha Davis (Decca); "Serenade" / "Just About This Time Tonight" by Jack Lawrence (Mercury); "I'll Hold You In My Heart" / "Mama Won't You Dance With Me?" by Alan Dale for Signature Records; "I'm Out To Forget Tonight" / "Intrigue" by Billy Eckstine (MGM) and "Lover" / "Brazil" by the Les Paul Trio (Capitol) . . . . . . . . The hottest selling new records are "Matinee" by Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor); "Little White Lies" by Dick Haymes (Decca); "But Beautiful" by Frank Sinatra (Capitol); and "Lover" by the Stan Kenton band. The top selling new album is the soundtrack of the film "Captain From Castille" by Alfred Newman for Majestic Records . . . . .Louis Prima's recording of "The Thousand Islands Song" is having the song title changed to "Oh Florence" . . . . . . Spike Jones and his orchestra are doing SRO business in Pittsburgh . . . . . . . Jimmy Joy has pulled the plug on his band . . . . . . .Mercury Records has bought out the Keynote label which is mostly jazz recordings . . . . . . . . .There are a lot of new recordings of songs from the film "Are You With It?". They include "What Do I Have To Do?" by Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor), Ray Noble (Columbia), Dick Haymes (Decca), Andy Russell (Capitol), Shep Fields (Musicraft), and Snooky Lanson (Mercury). The song "A Little Imagination" is recorded by Ray Noble (Columbia), Dick Haymes (Decca), Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor), The Sunset Trio (Capitol), and Phil Brito (Musicraft). The tune "Daddy Surprise Me" by Dinah Shore (Columbia) and The Four Musettes (Musicraft)

The newest big sellers of the second week of the month are "Sabre Dance" by Macklin Marrow (MGM); "I Cried For You" by Ben Light (Tempo); "But Beautiful" by Art Lund (MGM); and "Deck Of Cards" by T. Texas Tyler on Four Star Records . . . . . . . . .The fastest selling albums are "Masterpieces" by Glen Miller (RCA) and "Album #2" by Al Jolson (Decca) . . . . . . . .In England London Records is giving support to recent releases - "Red Sails In The Sunset" / "Au Revoir" by Gracie Fields with Phil Green's Orchestra; "Swing Low Sweet Clarinet" featuring Reginald Kell / "Dance Of The Potted Puppet" by Ambrose & his Orchestra; "A Tree In The Meadow" / "An Old Sombrero" by Sam Browne; and "The Coconut Song" / "Marianne" by Edmundo Ros . . . . . . . . Some best bets of the week are "Beyond The Sea" / "All The Way" - Harry James (Columbia); "Just About This Time last Night" / "Robbin's Nest" - Claude Thornhill Orchestra with Fran Warren on vocals; "It Began In Havana" / It's Easy When You Know How" - Xavier Cugat Orchestra with Bob Graham vocasl (Columbia); "Blue Hawaiian Rose" / "That Feathery Feeling" by Freddy Martin Orchestra with Clyde Rogers, Ben Hughes, and The Martin Men vocal (RCA Victor); "I'll Always Be In Love With You" voc Dee Parker / "The Same Little Chapel" voc Bob Caroll - Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra (Decca); "Trouble Is A Man" / "I Want A Butter And Egg Man" - Ralph Burns Orchestra with Mary Ann McCall vocal (Capitol); "Sentimental Journey" voc Audrey Young / "You Can't Make Money Dreaming" - vocal Harry Prime & The Clark Sisters (RCA Victor); "Do You Need Money?" / "There's Only One Matilda" by Dick Rogers (Apollo); and "Yuk-A-Puk" / "No Money" by Morey Amsterdam (Apollo).

In the middle of March the new Nielsen radio ratings are issued. The top ten daytime programs are : (1) Backstage Wife (2) The Right To Happiness (3) Arhur Godfrey. The top evening programs were : (1) Lux Radio Theater (2) Fibber McGee & Molly (3) Amos & Andy (4) Bob Hope (5) Edgar Bergeb & Charlie McCarthy (6) Truth Or Consequences (7) My Friend Irma (8) The Fitch Bandwagon (9) Talent Scouts (10) Jack Benny . . . . . . . . . . The best bets of the week among new recordings : "Long After Tonight" / "I Remember Mama" by Betty Rhodes (RCA Victor); "Give Me The Good Old Days" / "You Turned The Tables On Me" by Benny Goodman Orchestra with Emma Lou Welch voc.; "My Brooklyn Love Song" / "Little White Mice" by Marion Hutton (MGM); "Baby Face" by Art Mooney (MGM); "My Guitar" voc Bill Lawrence / You Turned The Tables On Me" voc Carol Scott (MGM); "At A Sidewalk Penny Arcade" by Tony Pastor Orch voc The Clooney Sisters; "Together" / "There's No You" by The Ravens (National); "That 'Ol Black Magic" / "Love's A Lovely Thing" by Billy Daniels (Apollo); "Cigareets Whuskey, & Wild Wild Women" by Red Ingels & The Natural Seven (Capitol); "Poinciana" / "Next Time I Fall In Love" by Paul Weston Orch voc by The Starlighters (Capitol); "Scratch My back" / "Keep Me In Mind" by Buddy Greco (Musicraft); and "Pacific Coast Blues" by Dinah Washington with Lucky Thompson (Apollo) . . . . . . . .The Andrews Sisters version of "Sabre Dance" is hailed by Decca Records as the "supersonic lyric version" of the song . . . . . . . . new records on the best sellers list for the week are : "Night And Day" by Mel Torme (Musicraft); "Baby Face" / "Big Brass Band From Brazil" by Art Mooney (MGM); "Ebony Rhapsody" by Rosetta Howard (Columbia); and "But Beautiful" by Margaret Whiting (Capitol) . . . . . . . .the top selling albums of the week are : "Nellie Lutcher" (Capitol); "Frankie Laine Sings" (Mercury); and "Artistry In Rhythm" by Stan Kenton (Capitol) . . . . . . . . .Capitol Records claims sales of Peggy Lee's "Manana" have topped one million eight hundred thousand copies in sixty days.

The pioneering original cast album from the stage show "Oklahoma" has gone over 800,000 in the five years since its release . . . . . . .the summer substitutes for the radio program "Chesterfield Supper Club" are the orchestras of Tex Beneke and Sammy Kaye . . . . . ."Easter Parade" by Guy Lombardo (Decca) is moving up on the hit list . . . . . . .the newest best bets are : "Now Is The Hour" / "Saphire Of The South Seas" by Dick McIntyre Orch with voc by Bob Carroll (Decca); "The Gentleman Won't Say Goodnight" by Monica Lewis (Signature); "Isle Of Capri" / "My Guitar" by Alan Dale (Signature); "You Were Meant For Me" / "Under A Blanket Of Blue" by Leslie Scott (Decca); "Pin Stripe Pants" by The Soft Winds (Mercury); and "Blue Moon" / "Body And Soul" by The Page Cavenaugh Trio (Signature) . . . . . The Horace Heidt Orchestra is doing great business on the road, and Billie Holiday is SRO at Carnegie Hall in New York.

The top selling records during the last week of March are : (1) "Manana" - Peggy Lee (Capitol) (2) "Four Leaf Clover" - Art Mooney (MGM) (3) "Now Is The Hour" - Gracie Fields (London) (4) "Now Is The Hour" - Bing Crosby (Decca) (5) "Shine" - Frankie Laine (Mercury) (6) "Sabre Dance" - Freddy Martin (RCA Victor) (7) "Beg Your Pardon" - Francis Craig (Bullet) (8) "Beg Your Pardon" - Frankie Carle (Columbia) (9) "Sabre Dance" - Macklin Marrow (MGM) (10) "Ballerina" - Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor) (11) "The Dickey Bird Song" - Freddy Martin (RCA Victor) (12) "You Can't Be True Dear" - Ken Griffin with Jerry Wayne voc (Rondo) and "Lover" - Stan Kenton (Capitol) and "Matinee" - Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor) (13) "But Beautiful" - Bing Crosby (Decca) (14) "Ebony Rhapsody" - Rosetta Howard (Columbia) and "Sabre Dance" - Woody Herman (Columbia) and "Lover" - Les Paul Trio (Capitol) (15) "Because" - Perry Como (RCA Victor) and :"St. Louis Blues March" - Tex Beneke (RCA Victor) . . . . . . . .the top selling albums are : (1) "Good News" - original cast (MGM) (2) "Miller masterpieces" - Glen Miller Orch (RCA Victor) (3) "Artistry In Rhythm - Stan Kenton (Capitol) (4) "Goes To Town" - Dorothy Shay (Columbia) (5) "Nellie Lutcher (Capitol)

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