The Way We Were : June 1948 compiled by JCMarion

In the first week of June the Hooper ratings were out for American radio. jack Benny was number one followed by Walter Winchell, Lux radio Theater, My Friend Irma, Fibber McGee & Molly, Amos & Andy, and Charlie McCarthy. . . . CBS network premiers "Sing It Again" a copy of "Stop The Music" starring Alan Dale. . . . Jerry Wayne who recorded the hits "You Can't Be True Dear" and "The Dickie Bird Song" gets a Mon-Fri at 7:30 for CBS. . . . Columbia records begins to offer premiums to hype record sales . . . . trade ads claim "My Happiness" by Jon & Sondra Steel go over a half million in sales . . . Freddy Martin has cut the payroll by losing 10 men from the band and replacing Stuart Wade with Merv Griffin . . . .best bets of the week - "At The Flying W" / "Donna Bella" by Lawrence Elliot (Columbia), "Walk A Little Faster" / "Taking Miss May To The Ball" by Helen Carroll & The Satisfiers with Russ Case (RCA), "Sweetie Pie" / "First Baseball Game" by Johnny Mercer (Capitol). . . .The newest records on the best sellers list for the week - "Woody Woodpecker" by Kay Kyser (Columbia), "All Of Me" by Frank Sinatra (Columbia), "My Happiness" by Ella Fitzgerald (Decca), "Baby Face" by Sammy Kaye (RCA). The new best selling album is "Lombardoland" by Guy Lombardo (RCA). . . . . The first telecast of "Texaco Star Theater" starring Milton Berle will feature Senor Wences and Pearl Baily . . . RCA plans to market a new phonograph that plays two speeds - 78 and 33 1/3 rpm . . . The new best bets in the second week of the month are : "When Apple Blossoms Fall" / "I'm A Slave To You" by Buddy Clark (Columbia), "On A Little Village Green" / "Somebody Else's Pictures" by Frankie Carle (Columbia), "Walk It Off" / "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" by Tommy Dorsey w/ voc by Stuart Foster (RCA), "Pennies From Heaven" by The Modernaires (Columbia), "My Happiness" / "Tea Leaves" by Alan Dale (Signature) . . . The juke box survey lists "You Can't Be True Dear" by Wayne/Griffin (Rondo) and "Nature Boy" by Nat Cole (Capitol). . . . . The new best sellers of the week are "William Tell Overture" by Spike Jones (RCA), "Because" by Perry Como (RCA), "Tea Leaves" by Jack Smith & The Clark Sisters (Capitol), and "Heartbreaker" by Ferko String Band (Palda). The best selling albums are "Music For Romancing" by Paul Weston (Capitol), and "Inside USA" by the original cast (RCA).

Eve Arden has been cast in the lead of "Our Miss Brooks". "Stop The Music" is the hit of the radio season which has overwhelmed Fred Allen in the ratings . . . On the Chesterfield Supper Club, the new performers are the Sammy Kaye Orchestra with Don Cornell on vocals . . . A dispute arises because Britain has continued to record during the U.S. recording ban . . . The best bets of the third week in June, 1948 are - "Moon Of Mona Koosa" / "Bewitched" by David Rose (MGM), "Just For Now" / "July And I" by Helen Forrest with Harold Mooney Orch (MGM), "Music From Beyond The Moon" (strange title for '48) / "If I Had You" by Tony Martin (RCA), "You've Come A Long Way From St. Louis" by Ray McKinley (RCA), "Cottage For Sale" / "If I Had A Girl Like You" by Mel Torme (Musicraft), "You Took Advantage Of Me" by Mindy Carson (Musicraft) . . . . .Strange doings with the recording of "You Can't Be True Dear". Ken Griffin recorded the original, an organ solo which has sold over 800,000 copies for the small independent Rondo label. The label then released a version with an overdubbed vocal by Jerry Wayne that has taken off big and is over the 300,000 mark in sales in less than two weeks ! . . . . New to the best seller charts this week - "12th Street Rag" by PeeWee Hunt (Capitol), "Haunted Heart" by Perry Como (RCA), "You Were Meant For Me" by Claude Thornhill Columbia), and "My Happiness" by The Pied Pipers (Capitol). New albums on the charts - "Song Hits of Our Time - 1923" by Fingerle-Schutt (Decca) and "Song Hits of Our Time-1935" by Nat Brandwynne (Decca) . . . . Billie Holiday makes her Broadway debut at the New York Strand Theater . . . .The Modernaires return to Bob Crosby's "Club 15" radio program.

On June 23, the newest Hooper radio ratings are out and show Lux Radio Theater number one in listeners, followed by Walter Winchell, Fibber McGee & Molly, Bob Hope, My Friend Irma, Jack Benny, and Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts. . . . . After good reviews for the new Texaco Star Theater with Milton Berle on NBC-TV, CBS readies its new show called Toast of The Town with Ed Sullivan as mc. Guests for the first show are comedy team Martin & Lewis, songwriters Rogers & Hammerstein, and singer Monica Lewis. . . . . .Johnny Desmond is readying his summer replacement show on CBS Friday nights at 9:30 pm . . . .Johnny also has one of the best bets of the week in "P.S. I Love You" / "I Wonder Where My baby Is Tonight" (MGM), "Cool Water" by Vaughn Monroe & The Sons of the Pioneers (RCA), "I Don't Care If It Rains All Night" by Johnny Johnston (MGM), "Interlude" / "How High The Moon" by June Christy w The Stan Kenton Orch (Capitol), "Finishing School Was The Finish Of Me" by Dorothy Shay (Columbia), "I Belong To You" by Art Lund (MGM), "Windshield Wiper" by Tony Pastor (Columbia) and "Airmail Special" / "Fish And Chips" by The Page Cavanaugh Trio (Capitol). . . . . new on the charts this week were - "Laroo Lilly Balero" by Frankie Carle (Columbia) and "Put 'Em In A Box" by Eddy Howard (Majestic) and Nat Cole (Capitol). New albums on the best seller lists were "High Button Shoes" by the original cast (RCA) and "The Emperor Waltz" by Bing Crosby (Decca)

The ABC radio show "Stop The Music" with Bert Parks and Harry Salter's Orchestra has experienced the fastest ratings climb in radio history. The show airs opposite Fred Allen. . . .Connie Haines has joined the Vaughn Monroe radio show on Monday evenings for NBC. . . .The best bets of the final week in June, 1948 were "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" by Spike Jones (RCA), "Rambling Rose" by Perry Como (RCA), "Darktown Strutters Ball" / "Little Boy Blue" by Connie Haines w Sy Oliver's Orch (Signature), "When Apple Blossoms Fall" / If I Live To Be One Hundred" by Monica Lewis & The Ames Brothers (Decca), "A Tree In The Meadow" by Margaret Whiting w Frank DeVol Orch (Capitol), "Careless Love" / "Sing Me A Song Of Texas" by Lee Morse (Capitol), and "A Lonely Rainy Afternoon" by The 3 Suns (RCA). . . . .Top plays on juke boxes were "Woody Woodpecker" by Kay Kyser (Columbia) and two small label releases - "You Can't Be True Dear" by Ken Griffin & Jerry Wayne (Rondo) and "My Happiness" Jon & Sondra Steel (Damon) . . . . On "Bluebird Of Happiness" by Art Mooney (MGM) the vocal is by Bud Brees and The Galli Sisters, and poem recitation is by Art Mooney. . . . .new best sellers of the week include - "Confess" by Patti Page (Mercury), "Woody Woodpecker" by Mel Blanc (Capitol), "Bluebird Of Happiness by Felix Knight (Decca), "Wedding Bells" by Steve Gibson & The Red Caps (Mercury), "Tea Leaves" by Emile Cote (Algene), "It's Magic" (from the film "Romance On The High Seas") by Dick Haymes (Decca) and "You Call Everyone Darlin'" by Al Trace (Regent). The albums new to the charts are "The Pirate" by Gene Kelly and Judy Garland (from the film of the same name) and "Songs Of Our Times" - all seven in the series on Decca. . . . Sheet music top sellers are - "You Can't Be True Dear", "My happiness" "Toolie Oolie Doolie" and "Nature Boy".

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