The Way We Were : January 1948 compiled and written by JCMarion

In this first month of the year 1948, the most performed song on radio was "The Anniversary Song".

The top selling records are as follows : (1) - Ballerina by Vaughn Monroe (RCA) (2) - Golden Earrings by Peggy Lee (Capitol)(3) - Too Fat Polka by Arthur Godfrey (Columbia) (4) - Serenade Of The Bells by Jo Stafford (Capitol) (5) - Near You by Frances Craig (Bullet) (7) - I Can't Give You Anything But Love by Rose "Chee Chee" Murphy (8) - How Soon by Bing Crosby (Decca) (9) - I'll Dance At Your Wedding by Peggy Lee (Capitol) and White Christmas by Bing Crosby (Decca) (10) - Pass The Peace Pipe by Margaret Whiting (Capitol) (11) - The Whiffenpoof Song by Bing Crosby (Decca) (12) - Papa Won't You Dance With Me by Doris Day (Columbia) and Civilization by Louis Prima (RCA) (13) - I'll Dance At Your Wedding by Buddy Clarke with the Ray Noble Orch. (Columbia) (14) - How Soon by Jack Owens (Tower) (15) - Pass The Peace Pipe by Bing Crosby (Decca) and I'm My Own Grandpa by Guy Lombardo (Decca).

The top selling albums during the month are : (1) Dorothy Goes To Town by Dorothy Shay (the Park Avenue Hillbilly) Columbia) (2) - The Jolson Album - vol.1 (Decca) (3) - Christmas Carols by Bing Crosby (Decca) (4) - Allegro by the Original Cast (RCA) (5) - High Button Shoes by the Original Cast (RCA).

The Cash Box poll of the top orchestras for the year 1947 was released, and the results are : (1)- Eddy Howard (2) - Vaughn Monroe (3) Guy Lombardo (4) - Sammy Kaye.

New recordings of the tune "There'll Be Some Changes Made" are released by Dinah Shore (Columbia), Peggy Lee (Capitol), Fats Waller (RCA), Ted Weems (Decca), Ambrose (Mercury), and Vaughn Monroe (RCA).

On Sunday evenings on the NBC network at 9:30, the new Texaco Star Theater show features Gordon MacRae, Evelyn Knight, and the orchestra of Victor Young.

The best bets of the week on record during mid-January are : "Thoughtless" / "You Were Meant For Me" - Gordon MacRae with the Carlyle Hall Orch. (Capitol); "I'll Always Be In Love With You" / "In A Little Bookshop" by Dinah Shore with Nathan Van Cleaves Orch. (Columbia); "But Beautiful" / "You Don't Have To Know The Language" by Gary Stevens with Tex Beneke Orch. (RCA); "But Beautiful" and "Love Is So Terrible" by Art Lund with Johnny Thompson's Orch. (MGM); "Pianissimo" and "You're Much Too Dangerous Cherie" by Buddy Clarke with Dick Jones Orch. (Columbia); "But Beautiful" and "If I Only Had A Match"by Frank Sinatra (Columbia); "Haunted Heart" and "I'm My Own Grandma" by Jo Stafford (Capitol); "But Beautiful" and "Now Is The Hour" by Margaret Whiting with Frank DeVol Orch. (Capitol); and "Mary Lou" and "Let's Be Sweethearts Again" b y Clyde Burke with Blue Barron Orch. (MGM).

Arthur Godfrey's first recording effort "The Too Fat Polka" goes over the one million mark in sales for Columbia Records. The same label also has a million seller in "Feudin' And Fightin" by another radio personality, Dorothy Shay known as The Park Avenue Hillbilly.

New entries to the best seller lists in mid month are - "Now Is The Hour" by Gracie Fields (London), "I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover"by Art Mooney (MGM), "Serenade Of The Bells" by Sammy Kaye (RCA), "These Things Money Can't Buy" by Buddy Clarke (Columbia), "How Soon"by Dinah Shore (Columbia),"Serenade Of The Bells" by Vic Damone (Mercury), and "When A Fellow Needs A Girl" by Frank Sinatra (Columbia). Two new albums also made the best seller list this week - The Three Suns (RCA) and The Benny Goodman Sextet (Columbia).

The hit songs "But Beautiful" and "You Don't Have To Know The Language" come from the soundtrack of the motion picture "The Road To Rio" starring Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Also from the same picture are the songs "Experience" recorded by Bing with Nan Wynne (Decca) and "Apalachicola, Fla." by Bing and the Andrews Sisters (Decca).

A new record from the Damon Record label in Kansas City is starting to sell big in the Midwest. It is "My Happiness" and is by Jon and Sondra Steel.

In late January the radio industry released poll results. The editors quality ratings gave their top five technical awards to : (1) - Bing Crosby (2) - Amos & Andy (3) - Fibber McGee & Molly (4) - Lux Radio Theater (5) - Fred Allen

The Nielsen Ratings for radio listenership for the month show the top twenty as follows -

20 - Mr. And Mrs.North

19 - Blondie

18 - Your Hit Parade

17 - The FBI In Peace and War

16 - Talent Scouts

15 - Mister District Attorney

14 - A Date With Judy

13 - Sam Spade

12 - Big Town

11 - The Fitch Band Wagon

10 - The Life Of Riley

9 - Truth Or Consequences

8 - Fred Allen

7 - Jack Benny

6 - Bob Hope

5 - Red Skelton

4 - Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy

3 - Amos & Andy

2 - Fibber McGee & Molly

1 - Lux radio Theater

The Nielsens for the all important daytime programming also are released in late January and are: (15) - Ma Perkins (14) - Jack Armstrong (the All American Boy) (13) - Wendy Warren (12) - Big Sister (11) - True Story (10) - Portia Faces Life (9) - Lorenzo Jones (8) - Arthur Godfrey (7) - Our Gal Sunday (6) - Young Widder Brown (5) - Pepper Young's Family (4) - Stella Dallas (3) - When A Girl Marries (2) - Mary Noble Backstage Wife (1) - The Right To Happiness. (As you can see all but (14) and (8) are in the category of "soap operas")

The records that are making noise and starting to make a move toward the best sellers list are : "I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover" by Art Mooney (MGM) and The Uptown Strings (Mercury); "How Lucky You Are" by The Andrews Sisters (Decca); "Shine" by Frankie Laine (Mercury); and some best bets for future success are : "My Baby Loves To Be Bop" / "You Can't Make Money Dreaming" by Johnny Mercer & The King Cole Trio (Capitol); "Fools Rush In" / ""My Last Romance" - Tony Martin (Decca); "You Don't Have To Know The Language" / "An Old Sombrero" - Buddy Clark & Xavier Cugat Orch. (Columbia); "You Don't Have To Know The Language" / "Appalachicola, Fla." - Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters (Decca); "But None Like You" by Andy Roberts with Skitch Henderson Orch. (Capitol); "Early In The Morning"/ "On The Sunny Side Of The Street" by Ella Mae Morse with Dave Cavanaugh (Capitol); "Slap 'Er Down Again Pa"/ "I'd Give A Million Tomorrows" by Arthur Godfrey & The Mariners (Columbia); "I Remember" / "Tell Me Again Mama" by Fran Warren with Claude Thornhill Orch. (Columbia); "The Secretary's Song" / "I'm My Own Grandpa" by Tony Pastor with The Clooney Sisters (Columbia); "Beg Your Pardon" / "Melancholy" by The Dinning Sisters (Capitol); "I'm Gonna Get A Girl" / "That Feathery Feeling" by Hoagy Carmichael & The Chickadees (Capitol); "Don't Call It Love" / "Let's Be Sweethearts Again" by Monica Lewis with Guy Lombardo Orch (Decca).

The new records that are on the best seller charts for the first time this month are :

"Pass The Peace Pipe" by Kay Kyser (Columbia); "Ooh Looka There Ain't She Pretty" by Buddy Greco (Musicraft); "Sabre Dance" by Freddy Martin (RCA); "Ballerina" by Buddy Clark (Columbia) and Bing Crosby (Decca); "I'm My Own Grandpa" by Guy Lombardo (Decca); "I'll Dance At Your Wedding" by Peggy Lee (Capitol); "Pass The Peace Pipe" by Margaret Whiting (Capitol); and "Shine" by Frank Laine (Mercury).

Tommy Dorsey's radio disc jockey show is to be transcribed and sent to four continents - the United States, Western Europe, Australia, and South Africa. . . . .The Columbia record label has its top month in its history during the month of January. . . . . . .The top retail selling song is "Ballerina", sheet music seller is "Serenade Of The Bells", most requested and top tune on coin machines is "Ballerina", and top sheet music seller in Great Britain is "An Apple Blossom Wedding".

The Hooper Ratings for radio are older and more established than the newer Nielsens (which claim to be scientifically more accurate) and the battle is on. Here are the Hooper ratings for the month of January- (15) - Al Jolson (14) - Mister District Attorney (13) - Duffy's tavern (12) - Truth Or Consequences (11) - RedSkelton (10) - My Friend Irma (9) - Phil Harris and Alice Faye (8) - Amos And Andy (7) - Walter Winchell (6) - Charlie McCarthy (5) - Fred Allen (4) Fibber McGee & Molly (3) - Jack Benny (2) - Lux Radio Theater (1) - Bob Hope.

Best bets of the week on the recording front - "Because" by Perry Como (RCA); "Experience" / "Stranger In The Dark" by Beryl Davis (RCA); " Trouble Is A man" / "I Feel So Smoochie" by Sarah Vaughn (Musicraft); "Winter Song" / "Moonlight And Roses" by Lanny Ross (Majestic); "Theresa" / "My Sin" by Dick Haymes & The Andrews Sisters (Decca); "My Silent Love" / "You've Changed" by Ann Shelton (London); "Put Yourself In My Place" / "Just Around The Corner" by Betty Rhodes (RCA); "Big Brass Band From Brazil" by Jack Smith (Capitol) and Kay Kyser (Columbia); "There's No Sweeter Word Than Sweetheart" by Dick Farney (Majestic); "Get A Pinup Girl" / "My Sweetheart Went Away" by The Honeydreamers (Vitacoustics); "Deep Purple" by Charlie Barnet (Apollo); "Bed Of Roses" voc by Don Cornell / "Fool That I Am" by Sammy Kaye (RCA); "Love Is Terrific" / "Lulu" by Helen Carroll & The Satisfiers (RCA); "Bed Of Roses" / "But Beautiful" by Denny Dennis (London).

"How Lucky You Are" by The Andrews Sisters on Decca, "Gonna Get A Girl" by Tony Pastor (Columbia) and "In A Little Book Shop" by Vaughn Monroe (RCA) are all moving up in the best sellers lists. . . . . .Buddy Kaye wrote and recorded the song "Thoughtless" for MGM Records. The tune has also been recorded by Vic Damone for Mercury, Doris Day & The Modernaires for Columbia, Larry Green for RCA, Guy Lombardo for Decca, Gordon MacRae for Capitol, Curt Massey for Coast, and George Olsen for Majestic. . . . . ."The Secretary's Song" has been issued by Tony Pastor for Columbia, The Satisfiers for RCA, Ted Weems for Mercury, and Yvette for Vitacoustics. . . . . ."Miracle Of The Bells" has versions out by Tommy Dorsey on RCA, Frank Sinatra on Columbia, Kate Smith on MGM, and Bob Manning on Click. . . . . . .Eddy Howard is a huge draw at the Hotel Commodore's Century Room. . . . . The Damon recording of "My Happiness" by Jon and Sondra Steele is becoming a huge national seller. . . . . Helen Humes is new as a solo performer at cafe Society Uptown in New York.

The newest entries to the best seller lists during the last week of January are - "Manana" by Peggy Lee (Capitol), "Now Is The Hour" by Bing Crosby (Decca), "Frank And Johnny" by Guy Lombardo (Decca), "I'm My Own Grandpa" by Lonzo & Oscar (RCA).

Out on Decca and hyped by the label are "The Dickey Bird Song" by Larry Clinton (from the motion picture Three Darling Daughters"), and "Pianissimo" and "One Raindrop Doesn't Make A Shower" by Bob Carroll.

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