The E-zine that remembers the history and the performers that were part of the story of the musical movement that led to the rock and roll age. This art form has dominated the popular music and culture throughout the world for more than four decades and shows no signs of slowing down. Every cultural phenomenom has a starting point, the place where history says "this started here." This online publication will recall the starting point for all the revolutionary sounds and styles that followed. Many names of performers and songs may be unfamiliar to the vast majority of readers, but their importance cannot be diminished and their names will not be forgotten. That is the primary function of this publication - that they will be remembered now and forever for the part they played in the foundation of the music that rules the world ! ! !

Issue # 1 - The Story of Supersonic the Forgotten Stepchild of R & B ; Nappy Brown ; Fats Domino - the Early Years ; R & B Top Ten.

Issue # 2 - Small Combos (Do-Ray-Me Trio, Bits Of Rhythm, Three Peppers, Griffin Brothers); Willie Mabon; Radio Pioneers; The Summer of '54.

Issue #3 - Varetta Dillard; Edna McGriff; Laurie Tate; Christine Kittrell; Chuck Higgins Combo.

Issue #4 - The Chicago Neighborhood Independents : United and States; Jimmy Reed; Some Irresistable Records.

Issue #5 - Forgotten Sessions (Parts 1-5) : Small independent Rhythm & Blues labels of the early 50s.

Issue #6 - Cecil Gant; Al Savage; Danny Overbea; Terry Timmons; Lil' Miss Cornshucks / Sharecropper.

Issue #7 - The Boogie Woogie Girls (Hadda Brooks; Camille Howard; Nellie Lutcher; Helen Humes); Stranger Than Fiction : The Story of Valaida Snow.

Issue #8 - The Magnificent Failures - The Would-Be R & B Major Labels That Never Made The Big Time (Swing Time; Recorded In Hollywood/Hollywood; Sittin' In With; and Gotham)

Issue #9 - The Pioneers - (Roy Milton; Lowell Fulson; Amos Milburn; Charles Brown; Joe Liggins; Jimmy Liggins)

Issue #10 - Paul Gayten; Todd Rhodes; Larry Darnell; Floyd Dixon; More Irresistable Records.

Issue #11 - Sing Out Sisters - (Rosetta Tharpe; Marie Knight; Wynona Carr); Two For The Show - (Annisteen Allen & Wini Brown); Furthermore - (Debbie Andrews; Erline Harris; Fluffy Hunter; Lurlean Hunter; Mari Jones; Jewel King; Gladys "Glad Rags" Patrick; Pauline Rogers; and Florence Wright).

Issue #12 - The Soundalikes - Regent and Regal Records; Betty Mclaurin and Sarah McLawler; J.O.B. and JVB Records; Ursala and Lula Reed.

Issue #13 - Big Maybelle; Little Esther; Steve Gibson & The Red Caps; Damita Jo; More Forgotten Sessions.

Issue #14 - Billy Valentine; Joan Shaw; Charlie & Ray; Linda Hayes; Herb Fisher; Big Duke Henderson; Rene Hall.

Issue #15 - The major labels in 1950 - Decca (and its subsidiary Coral), Columbia, RCA Victor, Capitol, and Mercury Records.

Issue #16 - The Dance Masters : Earl Bostic; Tab Smith; Tiny Bradshaw; Lucky Millinder.

issue #17 - Miss Rhythm : Ruth Brown (parts one & two); Faye Adams; Little Willie Littlefield; Top Notes.

issue #18 - Johnny Ace; Oscar McLollie; Historic Radio Broadcasts; Modern Records; RPM Records.

issue #19 - Johnny Otis (parts one, two, and three); Vintage R & B on Film.

issue #20 - Jimmy Witherspoon; The Solo Clyde McPhatter; Ray Charles Before Atlantic; Remembering Calvin Boze.

issue #21 - Guitar Slim (Eddie Jones); Granville "Sticks" McGhee; The Story of Meteor Records; Imperial Records listing 1949 - 1956 parts one & two.

issue #22 - Smiley Lewis; Willa Mae "Big Mama" Thornton; PeeWee Crayton; Eddie Williams; Joe "Papoose" Fritz.

issue #23 - Let Me Dream : Ivory Joe Hunter (parts one and two); Stranger In A Strange Land : Bill Haley & The R & B Years; Johnny "Guitar" Watson; Forgotten Sessions (part three)

issue #24 - Arthur Prysock; Red Prysock; Big John Greer; Memphis Minnie

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