The Golden Era Of The R & B Vocal Groups - 1953 - 1955 - part six

May - 1955

Regals - Got The Water Boiling / I'm So Lonely (Atlantic)

Dreamers - I'll Be Faithful / My Little Honeybun (Savoy)

Spaniels - Dont'cha Go / Do-Wah (Vee-Jay)

Cookies - Precious Love / Later, Later

Diablos - Daddy Rockin' Strong / Do You Remember What You Did (Fortune)

Roamers - Chop Chop Ching-A-Ling / Never Let Me Go (Savoy)

Dells - Tell The World / Blues At Three (Count Morris)-(Vee-Jay)

Dan Grissom & The Ebbtones - Recess In Heaven / Just Fall In Love

Four Buddies - You Mean Everything To Me / Highway #1 (Rudy Greene)-(Club 51)

Five Keys - The Verdict / Me Make Um Pow Wow (Capitol)

Jacks - Why Don't You Write Me / Smack Dab In The Middle (RPM)

Penguins - Baby Let's Make Some Love / Kiss A Fool Goodby

Cashmeres - Don't Let It happen Again / Boom Vip Vay

Tenderfoots - My Confession / Save Me Some Kisses (Federal)

Benny Woods & The Five Dukes - Wheel Baby, Wheel / I Cross My Fingers

Nutones - Goddess Of Love / Niki Niki Mambo (Hollywood Star)

Midnighters - Henry's Got Flat Feet / Whatsoever You Do (Federal)

Dappers - Come Back To Me / Mambo Oongh (Peacock)

Bel-Aires - This Paradise / Let's Party Awhile (Flip)

Five Owls - I Like Moonshine / Pleading To You (Vulcan)

Solitaires - My Dear / What Did She Say (Old Town)

Encores - Time Is Moving On / Ha-Chi-Bi-Ri-Bi (Hollywood)

Starlings - I Gotta Go Now / A-Loo, A-Loo (Dawn)

Four Fellows - Soldier Boy / Take Me Back Baby (Glory)

Five Keys - My Love / Why, Oh Why (Capitol)

Cues - Only You / I Fell For Your Loving (Jubilee)

June - 1955

Cadets - Rolling Stone / Fine Looking Baby (Modern)

Voices - Two Things I Love / Why (Cash)

Otis Williams & His Charms - Gum Drop / Save Me (DeLuxe)

Hearts - All My Love Belongs To You / Talk About Him Girlie (Baton)

Robins - Hatchet Man / I Must Be Dreaming (Spark)

TwinTones - Hey Pretty Girl / How Can I Win Your Love (Atlantic)

Miracles - A Lover's Chant / Come Home With Me (Baton)

Spiders - For A Thrill / Bells In My Heart (Imperial)

Medallions - Speedin' / Edna (Dootone)

Casanovas - Hush A Meca / It's Been A Long Long Time (Apollo)

Flippers - My Aching Heart / You Yackety Yack Too Much (Flip)

Five Royales - When I Get Like This / I Need Your Lovin' Baby (King)

Dootones - Teller Of Fortune / Ay Si Si (Dootone)

Fortunes - My Baby Is Fine / Believe In Me (Checker)

Cameos - Only For You / Craving (Dootone)

Jaguars - I Wanted You / Rock It Davy, Rock It (Aardell)

Tenderfoots - Those Golden Bells / I'm Yours Anyhow (Federal)

Laurels - Truly Truly / Tis Night (X)

Four Students - So Near And Yet So Far / Hot Rotten Soda Pop (Groove)

July 1955

Cardinals - Two Things I Love / Come Back My Love (Atlantic)

Tenderfoots - Sindy / Sugar Ways (Federal)

Jacks - I'm Confessin' / Since My Baby's Been Gone (RPM)

Don Julian & The Meadowlarks - Always And Always / I Got Tore Up (Dootone)

Chromatics - Don't Know Why I Cry / Tell A Lie (Million)

Larks - Honey From The Bee / No Mama No (Apollo)

Smoothtones - No Doubt About It / Bring Back Your Love (Jem)

Harptones - Life Is But A Dream / You Know You're Doing Me Wrong (Paradise)

Platters - Only You / Bark Battle And Ball (Mercury)

Sqires - Sindy / Do-Be-Do-Be (Mambo)

Sonics - Bumble Bee / As I Live On (Groove)

Tritones - Sweet And Lovely / Blues In The Closet (Grand)

Danderliers - My Loving Partner / Shu-Wop (States)

Five Keys - Don't You KNow I Love You / Wish I Had Never Learned To Read (Capitol)

Dominos - Learning The Blues / May I Never Love Again (King)

Twilighters - Little Did I Dream / Gotta Get On The Train (MGM)

Goldentones - The Meaning Of Love / Run Pretty Baby (Jay-Dee)

Barons - I Know I Was Wrong / My Dream My Love (Imperial)

Californians - Heavenly Ruby / My Angel (Federal)

Coronets - I Love You More / Crime Does Not Pay (Groove)

Orchids - Newly Wed / You're Everything To Me (Parrot)

Flamingos - I Want To Love You / Please Come Back Home (Checker)

Midnighters - Give It Up / That Woman (Federal)

Penguins - Walking Down Broadway / It Only Happens With You (Mercury)

Honeytones - False Alarm / Honeybun Cha Cha (Swing)

Hurricanes - Poor Little Dancing Girl / Pistol Packin' Mama (King)

Ray-O-Vacs - Daddy / I Still Love You (Josie)

August 1955

Clicks - Peace And Contentment / Come Back To Me (Josie)

Nutmegs - Ship Of Love / Rock Me (Herald)

Marigolds - Two Strangers / Love You-Love You-Love You (Excello)

Five Royales - Woman About To Make You Crazy / Do Unto You (King)

Gaylarks - Tell Me Darling / Whole Lot Of Love (Music City)

Four Deuces - WPLJ (Music City)

Turbans - When You Dance / Let Me Show You (Herald)

Coronets - The Bible Tells Me So / Hush (Groove)

Casanovas - I Don't Want You To Go / Please Be My Love (Apollo)

Strangers - Without A Friend / Think Again (King)

Solotones - Front Page Blues / Pork And Beans (Excello)

Clovers - Nip Sip / If I Could Be Loved By You (Atlantic)

Dominos - Sweethearts On Parade / Take Me Back To Heaven (Jubilee)

Gypsies - I'm Good To You, Baby / One-Two-Three-Go (Groove)

Delltones - Baby Say You Love Me / Don't Be Long (Baton)

Pyramids - Deep In My Heart For You / And I Need You (Federal)

Sheppards - Love / Cool mambo (Theron)

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