The Golden Age of Vocal groups 1953-55 (part seven)

September 1955

Charmers - One Fine Day / It's You You You (DeLuxe)

Moonglows - Starlite / In Love (Chess)

Empires - I Want To Know / Shirley (Wing)

Chimes - Zindy Lou / Tears On My Pillow (Specialty)

Feathers - Love Only You / Crashing The Party (Show Time)

Sheiks - So Fine / Sentimental Heart (Federal)

Gay Notes - Pu Pu Pa Do / For Only A Moment (Drexel)

Royal Jokers - You Tickle Me Baby / Stay Here (Atco)

Jewels - Natural Natural Ditty / Pleae Return (Imperial)

Du Droppers - I Wanna Love You / You're Mine Already (Groove)

Tangiers - Tabarin / I Won't Be Around (Decca)

Five Dollars - Harmony Of Love / Doctor Baby (Fortune)

Fi-Tones - Foolish Dreams / Let's Fall In Love (Atlas)

Cashmeres - There's A Rumor / Second Hand Heart (Mercury)

Colts - Adorable / Lips Red As Wine (Vita)

Keynotes - Suddenly / Zenda (Apollo)

Calvanes - Crazy Over You / Don't Take Your Love From Me (Dootone)

Belvederes - Dear Angels Above / Come To Me (Baton)

Carnations - The Angels Sent You To Me / Night Time Is The Right Time (Savoy)

Sparks Of Rhythm - Woman Woman / I Don't Love You Anymore (Apollo)

Penguins - Devil That I See / Promises Promises Promises (Mercury)

Dominos - Give Me You / Over The Rainbow (King)

Striders - Hesitating Fool / I Wonder (Apollo)

Counts - Sally Walker / I Need You Tonight (Dot)

October 1955

Scarlets - Indian Fever / Kiss Me (Robin)

Robins - Smokey Joe's cafe / Just Like A Fool (Atco)[originally on Spark label]

Moroccos - Somewhere Over The Rainbow / Red Hots And Chili Mac (United)

Aladdins - I Had A Dream Last Night / Get Off My Feet (Aladdin)

Chanteclares - Believe Me My Beloved / I've Been There (Dot)

Hawks - Why Oh Why / These Blues (Post)

Kidds - You Broke My Heart / I Won't Be Back (Post)

Spiders - Is It True / Witchcraft (Imperial)

Midnighters - We'll Meet Again / Don't Change Your Pretty Ways (Federal)

Four Fellows - Angels Say / In The Rain (Glory)

Cats - After I Gave You My Heart / I Don't Care No More (Federal)

Sycamores - I'll Be Waiting / Darling Is It True (Groove)

Gay Notes - Hear My Plea / Crossroads (Post)

Ravens - On Chapel Hill / We'll Raise A Ruckus Tonight (Jubilee)

Evergreens - Very Truly Yours / Guitar Player (Chart)

Chromatics - Believe Me / Who's Fooling Who (Blend)

Five Notes - You Are So Beautiful / Broken Hearted baby (Josie)

Lamplighters - Big Joke / After All (Decca)

Ebony Moods - I've Got News For You / Grand Nice Swell (Theron)

Heartbeats - Crazy For You / Rockin' n' Rollin' n' Rhythm n' Bluesnm' (Hull)

Five Royals - Someone Made You For Me / I Ain't Gettin' Caught (King)

Cadillacs - Speedoo / Let Me Explain (Josie)

Medallions - My Pretty Baby / I'll Never Love Again (Dootone)

Sh-Booms - Could It Be / Pretty Wild (Cat)

Meadowlarks - This Must Be paradise / Mine All Mine (Dootone)

Turks - Emily / Turbans - When I Return (Money)

Orioles - Moody Over You / Please Sing My Blues Tonight (Jubilee)

Diablos - The Way You Dog Me Around / Jump Shake And Move (Fortune)

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