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Some information from the recording industry for the year 1947 was announced on the first day of the month. The top selling recording artist was Guy Lombardo, edging out Bing Crosby. The two big sellers for the Lombardo band on Decca were "The Anniversary Waltz" and "I Wonder I Wonder I Wonder". The two disc twelve inch 78rpm album "Twin Pianos" by Lombardo sold more than two hundred thousand copies. . . . . . . .The new Nielsen ratings for night time radio show Fibber McGee & Molly as the number one program, followed by The Lux Radio Theater and Bob Hope. The daytime top programs are Arthur Godfrey Time, My True Story, and Our Gal Sunday. . . . . . . . .The Dinah Shore-Harry James musical variety show adds Johnny Mercer to the cast . . . . . . . . . ZIV plans to transcribe the Guy Lombardo Show as the medium continues to replace live broadcasts.

Best bets of the first week in February are : "Thoughtless"/"I've Only Got Myself To Blame" by Doris Day (Columbia) . . . ."Cecilia"/ "Annabell Lee" by Rose (Chee Chee) Murphy (Majestic) . . . . ."Serenade of the Bells" / "Some Hearts Sing" by Dick Haymes (Decca) . . . . . ."Country Fair" / "I Cover The Waterfront" by Mel Torme (Musicraft 12") . . . . . ."I'll Always Be In Love With You" / "What'd I Do?" by Art Lund (MGM) . . . . ."Betsy" by Evelyn Knight (Decca) . . . . . ."I Fell In Love With You" / "Saturday Night In Central Park" (from Make Mine Manhattan) by Al Hendrikson with Ray Noble's Orchestra (Columbia) . . . . . . ."But Beautiful"/ "My Cousin Louella" by Eddy Howard (Majestic) . . . . ."I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover" / "Spanish Cavalier" by Alvino Ray (Capitol) . . . . ."The Thousand Islands Song" by Johnny Mercer (Capitol) . . . . ."Ol man Rebop" / "Sweet Lorraine" by Jack Parnell (London) . . . . ."Two Loves Have I" / "P.S. I Love You" by The Soft Winds (Majestic) . . . . . ."Howie Sent Me" / "A Thousand Years From Now" by The Four Shades of Rhythm (Majestic) and "Made For Each Other" by Buddy Clark with Xavier Cugat's Orchestra (Columbia).

"I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover" by the Art Mooney Orchestra goes well over the one million mark in sales. The band which features The Galli Sisters, Buddy Bries, Eddie Collins, Kerwin Somerville, and Billy Dee, used the sound of the Philadelphia Mummers bands on the arrangement and it results in a number one record. . . . . . .Charlie Barnet calls it quits on his big band and will perform with a small combo . . . . . ."Ooh Looka There, Ain't She Pretty" becomes a big seller by Buddy Greco on Musicraft records.

Big Band Radio polls - Bob Elliot on WHDH in Boston (yes the same Bob Elliot soon to hook up with Ray Goulding for the long running comic duo Bob & Ray) lists (1) Vaughn Monroe (2) Stan Kenton (3) Tex Beneke (4) Guy Lombardo (5) Tommy Dorsey (6) Larry Green (7) Spike Jones (8) Harry James (9) Louis Prima (10) Eddy Howard. Martin Block's 22nd annual poll is similar except for omitting Spike Jones and Larry Green and replacing them with Tony Pastor and Freddy Martin.

The best selling songs in sheet music are "Golden Earrings", "Serenade of the Bells", "Ballerina" and "How Soon". . . . . .Vaughn Monroe's recording of "Ballerina" goes over the one and a half million mark in sales for RCA. The top selling records in mid February are : (1)-"Four Leaf Clover" by Art Mooney (MGM) (2)-"Ballerina" by Vaughn Monroe (RCA) (3)-"Golden Earrings" by Peggy Lee (Capitol) (4)-"Now Is The Hour" by Gracie Fields (London) (5)- Manana by Peggy Lee (Capitol) (6)- "Serenade of the Bells" by Jo Stafford (Columbia) (7)- "Now Is The Hour" by Bing Crosby (Decca) (8)- "How Soon?" by Bing Crosby (Decca) (9)- "Too Fat Polka" by Arthur Godfrey (Columbia) (10)- "Serenade of the Bells" by Sammy Kaye (RCA) (11)- "Pass The Peace Pipe" by Margaret Whiting (Capitol) (12)- "I'm My Own Grandpa" by Guy Lombardo (Decca) (13)- "Don't You Love Me Anymore?" by Buddy Clark (Columbia) (14)- "Sabre Dance" by Macklin Marrow (MGM) (15)- "The Gentleman Is A Dope" by Peggy Lee (Capitol) (16)- "Gospel Boogie" by Ray Abernathy (White Church) (17)- "Shine" by Frankie Laine (Mercury) (18)- "Civilization" by Danny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters (Decca) (19)- "I'll Dance At Your Wedding" by Peggy Lee (Capitol) (20)- "Two Loves Have I" by Frankie Laine (Mercury) and "At The Candlelight Cafe" by The Three Suns (RCA). The best selling recordings in the relatively new format of albums during the last days of 78rpm records are : (1) "Good News" by the original cast (MGM) (2) "Allegro" by the original cast (RCA) (3) "Latin Rhythms" by Guy Lombardo (Decca) (4) "The Park Avenue Hillbilly" by Dorothy Shay (Columbia) (5) "Dorothy Shay Goes To Town" (Columbia) and "A Date With Como" by Perry Como (RCA).

Some new releases for the week are : "Now Is The Hour" by Buddy Clark and The Charioteers sung a capella (Columbia) . . . . . "The Pig Latin Song" by Nellie Lutcher (Capitol) . . . . . . "What's Good About Goodbye" / "Written On The Stars" by Dick Haymes (Decca) . . . . . . ."The Thousand Islands Song" / "I'm Living A Lie" by Louis Prima (RCA) . . . . ."While We Danced At The Mardi Gras" / "When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver" by Monica Lewis and Bob Eberle with Russ Morgan's Orchestra (Decca) . . . . ."Shauncey O'Shea" / "Sugar Beat" by Elliot Lawrence (Columbia) . . . . ."Soothe Me"/ "Lover" by June Christy with Stan Kenton's Orchestra (Capitol) . . . . . ."Dreamy Lullaby" / "Lost April" by Frankie Carle voc by Gregg Lawrence (Columbia) . . . . ."I'll Make Up For Everything" by Frank Sinatra (Columbia) . . . . . "Tacos, Enchiladas, and Beans" by Sam Donohue voc-Shirley Lloyd (Capitol) and "Will You Still Be Mine" by Connie Haines (Signature).

The radio premiere of "Call For Music" is set for Friday nights at 10 pm as Phillip Morris replaces "It Pays To Be Ignorant" in that time slot. The program features Dinah Shore, Harry James and his orchestra, and singer-songwriter Johnny Mercer. . . . . . ."The Teentimers Club" radio show returns with Johnny Desmond and mc Fred Robbins on the Mutual network . . . . . .Majestic Records is in deep financial trouble and is reported to be selling off its assets . . . . . .Stan Kenton quickly sells out Carnegie Hall . . . . . . .With the Mummers band sound big via Art Mooney's number one hit of "I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover" Philadelphia's Ferko String Band has a hit record of "Heartbreaker" on local Palda label. A combo from within the Ferko band The Uptown String Quartet had the original version of "Four Leaf Clover" on the King label.

New on the best sellers list the third week of the month are : "Beg Your Pardon" by Frankie Carle voc-Marjorie Hughes (Columbia), "How Soon" by Jack Owens (Tower); "Beg Your Pardon" by Francis Craig voc-Bob Lamm (Bullet); "You Don't Have To Know The Language" by Buddy Clark with Ray Noble (Columbia); and "My Old Flame" by Spike Jones (RCA). New best selling albums are the seasonal "Valentine's Day" by Bing Crosby (Decca); "King Cole Trio - Vol. 3" Nat Cole (Capitol) and "Glen Miller - vol 1" (RCA). . . . . . . .Decca Records is pushing two new recordings by songwriter-singer Hoagy Carmichael - "Who Killed 'Er (Who Killed The Black Widder)" from the picture "Night Song" / "I'm Coming A-courting Corabelle", and the album "Stardust Road".

Some new releases for the rest of the month are : "Haunted Heart" / "Carolina Moon" (from the picture "Inside The USA") by Perry Como (RCA); "Big Brass Band from Brazil" by Danny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters (Decca); "She's Got The Blues For Sale" / "All Of Me" by Billy Eckstine (MGM); "I Love You Yes I Do" / "A Sad Sad Story" by Raymond Scott voc-Dorothy Collins (MGM); "The Geek" by Nat Cole (Capitol); "Thoughtless" by Larry Green (RCA); "You Were Meant For Me" / "That Feathery Feeling" by Helen Forrest with The Woodsmen, The Crew Chiefs and Harold Mooney's Orch ((MGM); "Easter Parade" by Andy Russell with Paul Weston's Orch (Capitol); "There Ought To Be A Society" by Betty Rhodes (MGM); "Tell Me A Story" by Bob Houston & The Fontaine Sisters (MGM); "Blue Prelude" / "When Veronica Plays The Harmonica" by The Mulcays voc-Patricia Koren (MGM); "The Treasure of Sierra Madre" by Johnny Johnston (MGM); "Moonlight Whispers" by Tex Beneke (RCA); "The Dickey Bird Song" by Jerry Wayne & The Dell Trio (Columbia); "Let's Pick Up Where We Left Off" by Artie Wayne with Andy Phillips (Huckster); and "Sabre Dance" by Freddy Martin's Orch. with Barclay Allen on piano (RCA).

New to the best seller lists at the end of the month are : "I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover" by The Harmonicats on the independent Universal label; "Treasure of Sierra Madre" by Buddy Clark with Ray Noble (Columbia); "Because" by Perry Como (RCA Victor); and "The Best Things In Life Are Free" by Jo Stafford (Capitol). . . . . . .The top selling sheet music sales in the U.K. are "Tree In The Meadow", "Near You", and "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" . . . . . the big show at Ciro's in Hollywood features Peggy Lee with Dave Barbour's combo, and the orchestra of Xavier Cugat.

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