The E-zine for fans and fanatics of the R & B vocal groups of the 40s and the 50s.

issue no. 1 - 100 greatest records, The Great Lost Soundtrack, Memories of WNJR, Pop Quizzz.
issue no. 2 - R & B Duos, Moondogs Top 25 of May 1955, Rarest Records, Pop Quizzz Answers.
issue no. 3 - Outrageous Falsettos, Transition Records, Essentials of Doo Wop, Defining the Era.
issue no. 4 - 10 Records That Shook The World, The Cardinals, Memories of Moondog, Dr. Jive, and Jocko, Opinions & Asides.
issue no. 5 - Clovers, Fabulous Flips, Records of 1953, All Star Lineups.
issue no. 6 - Ten Best Groups Ever, Street Scenes, "Magic" Labels, Records of 1953-55 (part 2).
issue no. 7 - The Crows & The Chords, The Original Larks, Alan Freed in 1954, Records of 1953-55 (part 3), The Evolution of Formats in Recordings.
issue no. 8 - In Transition : (Deep River Boys; Delta Rhythm Boys; Ray-O-Vacs; Dozier Boys); The Colts; records of 1953-55 (part 4).
issue no. 9 - 1950 : The Ravens and The Orioles; The Channels Big Four; The Lamplighters; The Shadows.
issue no. 10 - The Du Droppers; The Four Fellows; The Crickets (Dean Barlowe); The Spiders; Records of 1953-55 (part five).
issue no. 11 - The Fi-Tones (parts one & two); The Atlas / Angle Tone Story; Shirley Gunter & The Queens / Flairs; The Jewels.
issue no. 12 - The Third Birds : The Robins; The Dootone Records Story; The Jacks / Cadets / Flares; Records of 1953-55 (part six).
issue no. 13 - Birds Of A Feather : The Larks and The Swallows; The Counts; Short Histories; Records of 1953-55 (part seven).
issue no.14 - The Stage Setters : The Dominoes (parts one & two), The 5 Royales, and The Blenders; The Cues.
issue no. 15 - Otis Williams & The Charms; Harmon Bethea & The Cap-Tans; The (Singing) Wanderers: The Gems and Tony Allen & The Champs; Two Strikes Against on TV
issue no.16 - Dootsie Williams, Dootone Records, and Fremont High School - (The Penguins; The Medallions; Don Julian & The Meadowlarks; The Calvanes; and The Dootones)
issue no. 17 - The Mello-Moods; The Solitaires; Mystery Groups of the Fifties; TV Gets It Right (Almost) - The PBS Special : 50 Years of Doowop.
issue no. 18 - The White Lions of Doowop : Dion and The Belmonts (parts one and two); Mello-Kings; Neons; Danny and The Juniors.
issue no. 19 - Zoom: The Story of The Cadillacs (parts one & two); Heart & Soul : The Story of The Cleftones (parts one & two); Nolan Strong & The Diablos
issue no. 20 - First Thoughts; The Vee-Jay Records Groups (The Spaniels, The Dells, The Eldorados, The Magnificents, and The Kool Gents / Delegates)
issue no. 21 - Little Darlin'-Gladiolas / Diamonds; Turbans; Five Crowns; Rivieras
issue no. 22 - Doo Wop's Swan Song; Ending the Confusion (Danderliers and Danleers); Billy Williams; Fred Parris;
issue no. 23 - The Drifters after Clyde McPhatter; The Ravens and National Records; Tommy "Dr. Jive" Smalls; The G-Clefs; The Buccaneers;
issue no.24 - Life Is But A Dream : The Story of The Harptones; Versus : Battle of the Songs; Norman Fox & The Rob-Roys.
issue no. 25 - The Five Keys : Part One-The Aladdin Years; The Five Keys : Part Two-Capitol and Beyond; Little Bits : Up Tempo Intros, Ballad Intros, and Sax Breaks.
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