The Dootone Discography

The Dootone label was begun by Walter "Dootsie" Williams formerly with MGM Records and his own company Blue Records. He was a one time musician as leader of the Harlem Dukes during the 1930s, and an accomplished song writer with tunes such as "Rocky Mountain Blues" recorded by Count Basie, and Amos Milburn's "Real Pretty Mama" to his credit. The label began with violinist Johnny Creach who would find fame with another generation twenty years later as part of the Hot Tuna / Jefferson Starship combine. The greatest success for the label came with the odd combination of risque "party" records by Redd Foxx and the Fremont High based vocal groups The Penguins, Medallions, Calvanes, and Dootones.


Dootone 301 Johnny Creach Trio - Danny Boy/It's You In My Heart

Dootone 302 Pete Johnson - Anticipating Blues/Hard Luck, Women and Strife

Dootone 303 Johnny Creach - Indian Love Call/Free For The Asking


Dootone 304 Velma Middleton w/ Jeep Smith Ork - Sposin'/Let Me Hear It Again

Dootone 305 Big Joe Turner w/ Pete Johnson - I Love Ya, I Love Ya, I Love Ya

Dootone 306 Dusty Brooks & Four Tones - You Never Told Me A Lie/Chili Dog

Dootone 307 Spiritual Wayfarers - Help Some Weary Soul/Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name

Dootone 310 Johnny Creach - Neither You Nor I Are to Blame/Please Be Sure

Dootone 311 Johnny Creach - My Little Susie/Wedding Of Andy & Raggedy Ann

Dootone 312 Buell Thomas - I Wanna Make You Cry/The Shadows

Dootone 313 Sims Brothers - Ocean Of Prayer/God Can Set The World On Fire

Dootone 315 Buell Thomas - You've Got Everything, Baby/Ouch Katarina

Dootone 316 Buell Thomas - You're My Christmas (A-side)

Dootone 316 Gerri Goodley - Santa Claus Walks Just Like Daddy (B-side)

Dootone 317 Ressie Jones - Automatic Daddy/Roll It Boogie

Dootone 318 Buell Thomas - For My Bride At Christmas Time/Green Christmas

Dootone 319 Ted Hunter Trio - Mary, Marry Me

Dootone 320 Ted Hunter Trio - Sunshine/Race Track Blues

Dootone 321 Gerri Goodley - Tips On The Table/Milk Shake Boogie

Dootone 325 Bonairs Its - Christmas (A-side) / Ernie Tavares Trio Iím Alone Tonight (B-side)

Dootone 326 Sims Brothers - Leaning On His Might/I'm So Glad Thereís A God In Heaven


Dootone 334 George Perry - Burning Old Love Letters/Donít Worry

Dootone 335 Whippoorwills - Back In California/Magic Of A Kiss

Dootone 336 Whippoorwills - Baby, That Suits Me/I Donít Wanna Go Home

Dootone 337 Whippoorwills - God Is My Partner/Tight On And On

Dootone 338 Whippoorwills - Help Wanted/If I Were A Thousand Years Old

Dootone 339 Bilbrew Quartet - It's Motherís Day/Regular Fellows Prayer

Dootone 340 Whippoorwills - Dreaming/Pictures Stained With Teardrops

Dootone 341 Whippoorwills - Athelete's Feet/Cynthia

Dootone 342 Whippoorwills - Why/Darling Be Waiting For Me

Dootone 343 Whippoorwills - Find Some Heat Somewhere/Little Sleepyhead


Dootone 345 Dootsie Williams Ork - No, There Ain't No News Today (voc The Penguins)/When I Am Gone

Dootone 346 Sweet Georgia Brown & Whippoorills - I Want to Go Back to Mexico/I Still Love You

Dootone 347 Medallions - Buick 59/The Letter

Dootone 348 Penguins - Earth Angel/Hey, Senorita

Dootone 349 Whippoorwills - I Can't Be Happy Until/Under The Moon

Dootone 350 Rev. J. Taylor - Ocean Of Prayer/It Is No Secret

Dootone 351 Earl Burton Trio - You Said Youíd Be My Baby/Oopee Doo

Dootone 352 Whippoorwills - Mallorca/Moon Madness

Dootone 353 Penguins - Love Will Make Your Love Go Wild/Ooky Ook

Dootone 354 Whippoorwills - Charmful Armful


Dootone 357 Medallions - The Telegram/Coupe De Ville Baby

Dootone 358 Stormy Herman's Midnight Ramblers - The Jitterbug/Bad Luck

Dootone 359 Don Julian &Meadowlarks - Heaven and Paradise/Embarrassing Moments

Dootone 360 Lico Estrada - Pink Mink/Outero Volvero Mexico

Dootone 361 Chuck Higgins - Here I'm Is/Tonky Honk

Dootone 362 Penguins - Kiss A Fool Goodbye/Baby, Letís Make Some Love

Dootone 363 Roy Milton - Fools Are GettingScarcer/I Can't Go On

Dootone 364 Medallions - Edna/Speedin'

Dootone 365 Cameos - Craving/Only For You

Dootone 366 Dootones - Teller Of Fortune/Ay Si Si

Dootone 367 Don Julian &Meadowlarks - Always and Always/I Got Tore Up

Dootone 368 Lorenzo Holden - Back Stage/Earth Angel

Dootone 369 Roy Milton - You Got Me Reeling and Rocking/Nothing Left

Dootone 370 Chuck Higgins - Wetback Hop/Donít You Know I Love You?

Dootone 371 Calvanes - Crazy Over You/Donít Take Your Love From Me

Dootone 372 Don Julian &Meadowlarks - This Must Be Paradise/Mine, All Mine

Dootone 373 Johnny Twovoice & Medallions - My Pretty Baby/Iíll Never Love Again

Dootone 374 Helen Humes - Woojamacooja/All I Ask

Dootone 375 Saigons - You're Heavenly/Honey Gee

Dootone 376 Chuck Higgins - Looking For My Baby/Eye Ballin'

Dootone 377 Roy Milton - I Want To Go Home/I Never Would Hav e Made It

Dootone 378 Mickey Championw/ Roy Milton - I'm A Woman/Bama-Lam

Dootone 379 Medallions - Dear Darling/Don't Shoot Baby

Dootone 380 Calvanes - One More Kiss/Florabelle

Dootone 381 Romancers - I Still Remember/House Cat

Dootone 382 Ramparts - The Death Of Emmett Till, Parts 1 & 2


Dootone 383 K. C. Soul Revivers - Salesman For My Lord/It's All Right

Dootone 384 Dexter Gordon - Cry Me A River/Silver Plated

Dootone 385 Redd Foxx - The New Soap/Song Plugging

Dootone 386 Gospel Lights - Time Moves On/I Need You Oh Lord

Dootone 387 Chuck Higgins - Gambling Woman/The Itch

Dootone 388 Pipes - Be Fair/Let Me Give You Money

Dootone 389 Zion Travelers - Two Little Fishes/The Death Of Jesus

Dootone 390 Redd Foxx - The Jackasses/The Race Track

Dootone 391 Carl Perkins - It Could Happen To You/Carl's Blues

Dootone 392 Lillian Randolph - Were You There/Rock A My Baby

Dootone 393 Medallions - I Want A Love/Dance and Swing

Dootone 394 Don Julian &Meadowlarks - Please Love A Fool/Oop Boopy Oop

Dootone 395 K. C. Soul Revivers - Jesus Came At Midnight/In The Garden

Dootone 396 Chuck Higgins - Oh Yeah?/I Need Your Love

Dootone 397 Redd Foxx - The Honeymooners/The Sneezes

Dootone 398 Roy Milton - Cry Some Baby/Baby I'm Gone

Dootone 399 Zion Travelers - Close to Thee/A Soldier Of The Cross

Dootone 400 Vernon Green & Medallions - Pushbutton Automobile/ Shedding Tears For You

Dootone 401 Pipes- I Love The Life I Live/You Are an Angel

Dootone 402 Redd Foxx - Beans And Pineapple Sauce/The Army

Dootone 403 R. Williams/Fats Gaines - It's Tragic/My Man Is Gone

Dootone 404 Romancers - This Is Goodbye/Jump and Hop

Dootone 405 Don Julian &Meadowlarks - I Am A Believer/Boogie Woogie Teenager

Dootone 406 K.C. Soul Revivers - I Don't Need No One Else/I Shall Not Be Moved

Dootone 407 Vernon Green& Medallions - Did You Have Fun?/My Mary Lou

Dooton 408 Redd Foxx - The Two Oars/The Preacherís Bicycle

Dootone 409 Cuff Links - Guided Missiles/My Heart

From this point on the label is called Dooto to avoid a lawsuit by Duotone.


Dooto 410 Willie Headen - Let Me Cry/The Skinny Woman Story

Dooto 411 Redd Foxx - The Dead Jackass/Women Over Forty

Dooto 412 Souvenirs - So Long Daddy/Alene, Sweet Little Texas Queen

Dooto 413 Cuff Links - How You Lied/The Winner

Dooto 414 Bob Davis Quartet - Twinkle/Off-Day Blues

Dooto 415 Sloppy Daniels - The Bad Dream/The Telephone

Dooto 416 Redd Foxx - Real Pretty Baby/It's Fun To Be Living In The Crazy House

Dooto 417 Willie Headen - Everybody Has A Fool/Fun On Saturday Night

Dooto 418 Redd Foxx - Best Of Redd Foxx, Parts 1 & 2

Dooto 419 Vernon Green & Medallions - For Better or For Worse/I Wonder Wonder Wonder

Dooto 420 Dave Turner - The Virgin/The Hotel

Dooto 421 Redd Foxx - The House/Sex And Orange Juice

Dooto 422 Cuff Links - It's Too Late Now (A-side)

Dooto 422 Kirk Kirland Ork - Saxophone Rag (B-side)

Dooto 423 Phil Goodman Trio - Phil's Boogie/Mix Up

Dooto 424 Don Julian &Meadowlarks - Blue Moon/Big Mama Wants to Rock

Dooto 425 Medallions - Lover's Prayer/Unseen

Dooto 426 Redd Foxx - Hollywood Playboy/The Dogs Meeting

Dooto 427 Willie Headen - Blame It On The Blues/Cool Cat

Dooto 428 Penguins - That's How Much I Need You/Be My Loving Baby

Dooto 429 Filmore Slim - You Got The Nerve Of A Monkey/I Want to Hold Your Hand

Dooto 430 Peppy Prince- Dance Party/It Must Have Been A Dream

Dooto 431 Don Bexley &Dave Turner - The Golf Game/The Horse Lover


Dooto 432 Penguins - Sweet Love/Let Me Make Up Your Mind

Dooto 433 CuffLinx - So Tough/My Love Is With You

Dooto 434 CuffLinx - Trick Knees/A Fool's Fortune

Dooto 435 Penguins - Do Not Pretend/If Youíre Mine

Dooto 436 Redd Foxx - South Of The Border/The Plastic Surgeon

Dooto 437 Willie Headen - I Woke Up Screaming/I'm A Real Fine Daddy

Dooto 438 Henry Houston& Cuff Links - Lawful Wedding/Zoom

Dooto 439 Mighty Joe Houston - Shindig/The Cucaracha Rock

Dooto 440 Eddie Smith - Any Ice Today, Lady/The Farmer In The Dell

Dooto 441 Fascinators - Teardrop Eyes/Shivers and Shakes

Dooto 442 Ronnie Knox - Baby Play Ball/It's Fascination


Dooto 443 Vernon & Cliff - You Came Along/Teenty Weenty

Dooto 444 Paul Monday - My Mistake/Are You Ready to Go Steady?

Dooto 445 Eli Price& Manhattans - That'll Make It Nice/My Big Dream

Dooto 446 Medallions - 59 Volvo/Magic Mountain

Dooto 447 Sloppy Daniels - Three And Four Times/Walking Too Fast

Dooto 448 Fabulous Pearls - My Heart's Desire/Jungle Bunny

Dooto 449 Sloppy Daniels - The Baby Maker/Texas Hospitality

Dooto 450 Sloppy Daniels - The Tent Pole/The Stutterer

Dooto 451 Cleve Duncan & Radiants - I'm Betting My Heart On You/To Keep Our Love

Dooto 452 Clifford Chambers - Turn The Hi Fi Down/Peace Of Mind

Dooto 453 Redd Foxx - The Dear John Letter/Honesty Is The Best Policy

Dooto 454 Vernon Green& Medallions - Behind The Door/Rocket Ship

Dooto 455 Redd Foxx - The Shoe Shine Boy/The Royal Thighs And Others

Dooto 456 Cleve Duncan& Penguins - You're An Angel/Mr. Junkman


Dooto 457 Willie Headen - Blame It On The Blues/I Love You Bobby Sox

Dooto 458 Redd Foxx - 118 Ways To Make Love/Pregnancy Co-Operation

Dooto 459 Zion Travelers - Packing Up/God Iíll Live

Dooto 460 Redd Foxx - No Teeth/With My Teeth/The Best Years/Deep Sea Diver

Dooto 461 Hattie Noel - My Passionate Man/Johnny's Hot Rod


Dooto 462 Charles McCullough& Silks - My Girl/Zorro

Dootone 463 Creators - I've Had You/Drafted, Volunteered, Enlisted

Dootone 464 Redd Foxx - Christmas Hard Ties/Jaw Resting

Dootone 465 Charles McCullough& Silks - You're Not Too Young/That's Alright

Dootone 466 Zion Travelers - Lord Hold My Hand/Bless Me


Dootone 467 Charles McCullough& Silks - I Cried All Night/Mary's Party

Dootone 468 Eddie Silvers - Party Rocker/Katanga

Dootone 469 Centuries - I Won't Stop Loving You/Geraldine

Dootone 470 Dootones - Strange Love Affair/The Day You Said Goodbye

Dootone 471 Dootones - Down The Road/Sailor Boy

Dootone 472 Crusaders - I Found Someone/Swinging Weekend


Dootone 473 Zion Travelers - I Got to Move/Lord I'll Go

Dootone 474 Cuff Links - Chancing My Love/I Don't Want Nobody

Dootone 475 Zion Travelers - I Don't Have to Cross Jordan Alone/Just A Little Talk With Jesus

Dootone 476 Claude McLin - Jambo/Jacquelyn

Dootone 477 Moon & Mars - Be By Your Side/Copper Penny

Dootone 479 Vernon Green - Can You Talk/You Don't Know

Dootone 480 Vernon Green - You're A Super Star/Riding On The Beach

Dootone 601 Lee Collins/Orbits - Tell Me Baby/Two Crazy Scientists

Dootone 602 Zion Travelers - I Want to Go to Heaven and Rest/The Blood

Dootone 701 Fats Gains - Katy Lee/You're With Me Baby

Dootone 702 Friendly Five - Stand Up For The Lord/Jesus Will Answer Prayer

Dootone 703 Willie Headen & Five Birds - Back Home Again/I Wanna Know

Dootone 1201 Whippoorwills - Kiss A Fool Goodbye/I Want My Love

Dootone 1202 Whippoorwills - Take Time To Pray/Flight Of The Whippoorwills

Dootone 1203 Willie Headen - I Love You Bobby Sox/Stop Drinking

Non singles on Dootone EPs and LPs

Calvanes - Flee Oo Wee LP858

Crescendos/A.L. Maye - Ding A Ling LP501

Crescendos/A.L. Maye - Baby Doll LP501, LP855

Penguins - You're an Angel EP456

Penguins - I Ain't Gonna Cry No More LP244

Souvenirs - Double Dealing Baby LP224

Dootone vocal group EPS

201 The Penguins

202 The Medallions

203 Don Julian & The Meadowlarks

205 Voices For Lovers, The Calvanes

456 The Penguins

Dootone vocal group LPS

204 Best Vocal Groups In R&B : Penguins, Medallions, Meadowlarks, Dootones

224 The Best Vocal Groups In Rock N Roll (Various)

225 Best Gospel Singers (Zion Travelers, K.C. Soul Revivers, Simm Bros., others)

242 The Cool Cool Penguins

501 Hit Vocal Groups (Various)

807 Down By The River : Zion Travelers

857 Vernon Green & The Medallions

Current Dootone vocal group CDs on Ace Records

CDCHD 242 The Dootone Story

CDCHD 249 The Penguins: Earth Angel

CDCHD 536 The Medallions featuring Vernon Green: Speedin'

CDCHD 552 Don Julian & The Meadowlarks: Heaven & Paradise

CDCHD 579 Dootone Doo-Wop Vol. 1

CDCHD 588 Dootone Doo-Wop Vol. 2

CDCHD 676 Dootone Doo-Wop Vol. 3

portions of this discography were supplied on the web site of The Doowop Society of Southern California

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