JammUpp issue #5

The Forgotten Sessions - The independent R & B labels that did not quite succeed and today are all but forgotten - until now ! Their story is now presented in 5 parts (in no particular order) :

Part One : Parkway; Wheeler; Fidelity; Hi-Lo; Acorn; Lloyds; Star Talent; and Note.

Part Two : Selective; Ivory; Skyscraper; Freedom; Spire; Rockin'; Supreme; Bayou; and Haven.

Part Three : Two magnificent failures - Abbey and Tuxedo.

Part Four : Torch; Theron; Big Wheel; Par; J-B; Ping; Spin; Asa; Melford; Treat; Ballad; and Original.

Part Five : Macy's; Showtime; Discovery; R and B; Timely; Cool; and Authentic.

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