JammUpp - issue #15

The major labels in the year 1950 -

There was always the "Big Three" - Decca, Columbia, and RCA Victor in recorded music. Small independents never made much headway in sales until the rise of the urban sound of R & B in the mid-forties. In 1942 the Big Three became four with the founding of Capitol Records by Dave Kapp and Johnny Mercer. In 1946 in Chicago, Mercury Records and their chief A & R man Mitch Miller made it the Big Five. By 1950 the new sound was in the air, and the majors got into the R & B field. They were not very successful that year, but it was a hint of things to come. Here are the five majors (and Decca's subsidiary label Coral) attempts to crack the R & B charts and take on the small independents on their own turf in 1950 :

Decca Records

Columbia Records

RCA Victor Records

Capitol Records

Mercury Records

Coral Records

in a later issue the R & B output of major wannabes MGM and London Records will be listed.

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