The Way We Were : April 1948

The Chesterfield Supper Club radio program now features the band of Sammy Kaye on its broadcasts. . . . . .A new and strange song is beginning to take the country by storm. The song is "Nature Boy" and is recorded by Nat Cole for Capitol. The flip side is "Lost April". Other new recordings that are labelled best bets for the first week in April are : "Long After Tonight" / "What Do I Have To Do ?" by Andy Russell with Paul Weston's Orch on Capitol . . . . ."Springtime In December" / "I Wanna Be Loved" by Beryl Davis (RCA Victor) . . . . . ."Ann" / "My Fair Lady" by Kay Kyser with vocals by Gloria Wood and Harry Babbitt (Columbia) . . . . ."Anything Goes" / "That 'Ol Black Magic" by Mel Powell (Capitol) . . . . ."Love Of My Life" / "You Can Do No Wrong" (from the motion picture "The Pirate") by Harry James Orch - vocal by Marion Morgan and Vinnie deCampo (Columbia) . . . . ."At A Sidewalk Cafe" / "Crying For Joy" by The Pied Pipers with Paul Weston's Orch (Capitol) . . .. . ."Hindustan" by The Three Suns (RCA Victor) . . . .and "Daddy Surprise Me" by The Four Musettes (Musicraft).

An old German song called "You Can't Be True Dear" was recorded by Ken Griffin on an organ solo that became a top seller for independent Rondo Records. English lyrics to the tune sung by Jerry Wayne were dubbed over the original, and the new version on Rondo has become a hit record all over again !

New to the best seller charts this week are : "Little White Lies" by Dick Haymes on Decca at number nine . . . . . "Nature Boy" by Nat "King" Cole on Capitol is number 15 . . . . . "Toolie Oolie Doolie" by Vaughn Horton for Continental Records and "Thousand Island Boogie" by Louis Prima on RCA Victor are tied for 16th . . . . . . and at number 17 are "King Size Poppa" by Julia Lee (Capitol) and "Baby Face" by Art Mooney on MGM . . . . . Two new albums are on the charts - "Memory Lane" by Vaughn Monroe for RCA Victor and "Frankie Carle : At The Piano" for Columbia.

BMI touts its new hit song copyrights - "Dream Peddler" recorded by FGrankie Carle (Columbia), Sammy Kaye (RCA Victor), Hal Derwin (Capitol), and Snooky Lanson (Mercury). "It's Easy When You Know How" with versions by John Paris (RCA Victor), Joan Edwards (Vitacoustics), Buddy Clark with Xavier Cugat (Columbia), Blue Barron (MGM), and Eddie Ballantine for Tower Records. "Passing Fancy" recorded by Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor), Frances Langford for Mercury, and Johnny Johnston (MGM), and finally "You've Changed" by Ann Shelton (London), Adele Clarke (Decca), Dick Haymes with Harry James (Columbia), Frankie Laine (Atlas), Mary Osborne (Aladdin), nat Cole (Capitol) and Joan Edwards (Vitacoustics).

By the middle of the month the following record releases were being touted as best bets for the hit parade - "Love Of My Life" / "You Can Do No Wrong" - Perry Como (RCA Victor), "You Can't Be True Dear" / "Once Upon A Winter Time" - Vera Lynn (London), "We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye" / "Bride And Groom Polka" - Andrews Sisters (Decca), "All Of Me" / "I Went Down To Virginia" - Frank Sinatra (Columbia), "My Guitar" / "It Was Written In The Stars" - Dinah Shore (Columbia), "Spring In December" / "Laroo Laroo Lily Bolero" - Eddy Howard (Majestic), "I Bring You Spring" / "Please Don't Kiss Me" - Les Brown Orch voc by Eileen Wilson (Columbia), and "Trust In Me" by Jack Carroll (Vitacoustics).

Freddy Martin and his Orchestra with vocalist Stuart Wade is box office dynamite at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco . . . . . .The Jimmy Dorsey band lineup features vocalists Dottie O'Brien and Bill Lawrence . . . . . . . Damon Records of Kansas City, Missouri is pushing their independent release of "My Happiness" by Jon and Sondra Steele and is resulting in good sales in the Midwest . . . . . . .The Blue Barron Orchestra and The Three Suns are at New York's Astor Roof . . . . . . .The Sam Donohue band appears at New York City's Apollo Theater in Harlem.

The top selling record albums of the week are : 1-Nellie Lutcher (Capitol) 2- Masterpieces by the Glenn Miller Orchestra (RCA Victor) 3- Frankie Laine Sings (Columbia) 4-Memory lane by Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor) 5-Good News by the original Broadway cast (MGM). On April 21, trpible with ratings and securing top name star performers has led to the cancellation of "Call For Music" with Dinah Shore and Harry James for CBS. The top rated radio shows for the month are : 1) Fibber McGee & Molly 2) Jack Benny 3) Amos & Andy 4) Lux Radio Theater 5) Walter Winchell 6) Fred Allen. . . . . . The new Hoagy Carmichael Radio Show is being ready for CBS . . . . .Guy Lombardo is a smash at Hollywood's Cocanut Grove . . . . . Singer Frankie Laine caused havoc with an appearance at the Bea and Andre Baruch radio show live from the Harem Night Club in New York City. More than seven thousand teenage fans of the singer mobbed the set.

Best bets of the week on record : "Love Somebody" / "Confess" by Doris Day & Buddy Clark (Columbia), "There's A Man At The Door" / "I Wanna Sleep" by Tony Pastor (Columbia), "Pecos Bill" / "Pretty Eyes" by Dick Jurgens (Columbia), "Blue Shadows On The Trail" / "Love Of My Life" by Andy Russell (Capitol), "Please Don't Kiss Me" / "April Showers" by Margaret Whiting (Capitol), "Blue Shadows On The Trail" / "Melody Time" by Buddy Clark (Columbia), "Bride And Grrom Polka" / "Evelyn" by Kay Kyser voc by Harry Babbitt and The Kaye Kids (Columbia), "Bim Bam Boogie" / "Spring In December" by Hal McIntyre Orch with voc by Betty Norton and Johnny Turnbull and Frankie Lester (Decca).

Artie Shaw and wife number four, actress Kathleen Windsor (of "Forever Amber"), have split up . . . . . . .Louis Prima has a new vocalist with the intriguing name of Florida Keyes . . . . . . .Long time big band venue The Totem Pole in Massachusettes, now will not present live bands during the week any more, limiting live music to Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons . . . . . . .Decca Records is promoting "Nature Boy" by Dick Haymes & The Songspinners, "Maybe You'll Be There" by Gordon Jenkins, and the album "Manhattan Tower" also by Gordon Jenkins. . . . . . . Hildegarde is a big draw in Baltimore at the Belvedere Hotel.

The big story in the entertainment field on the last week of April is the budding medium of television and its raiding of radio for talent for the future . . . . . . . . Jack Eigen and his radio show for station WINS in New York City called "Meet Me At The Copa" celebrates one year on the air . . . . . .In Minneapolis, an enterprising man is selling "holes" for phonograph records to replace the old misshapen ones . . . . . . .The entire music industry is stunned by the rise to number one of "Nature Boy" by Nat Cole in only three weeks. . . . . . The Perry Como Show will feature the entire score from the motion picture "Easter Parade" and feature composer Irving Berlin as a special guest.

Record best bets for the week are : "Nature Boy" by Sarah Vaughn on Musicraft, "Ssuspense" by Jo Stafford (Capitol), "It's Magic" / "Put 'Em In A Box, Tie 'Em With A Ribbon" (both from the motion picture "Romance On The High Seas") by Doris Day (Columbia), "Sunrise Boogie" / "Moonlight Rhapsody" by Frankie Carle (Columbia), "Tree In The Meadow" / "No Regret" by Monica Lewis & The Ames Brothers with the Mary Osborn Trio (Decca), "Dainty Brenda Lee" / "Put 'Em In A Box" by Eddy Howard (Majestic), "Down Where The River Meets The Sea" / "Going Through The Motions" by Una Mae Carlyle (National), :Louisiana Purchase" / "I See Your Face Before Me" by Kay Thompson & The Williams Brass (Columbia).

The sheet music best sellers of the month are : 1) Now Is The Hour 2) I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover 3) Manana 4)Beg Your Pardon 5) But Beautiful 6) Dickey Bird Song.

The best selling records during the last week of April are : 1) "Nature Boy" by Nat Cole (Capitol) 2) "You Can't Be True Dear" by Ken Griffin and Jerry Wayne (Rondo) 3) Manana by Peggy Lee (Capitol) 4) "Little White Lies" byDick Haymes (Decca) 5) "Sabre Dance Boogie" by Woody Herman (Columbia) 6) "Because" by Perry Como (RCA Victor) 7) "St. Louis Blues March" by Tex Beneke (RCA Victor) 8) "Now Is The Hour" by Bing Crosby (Decca) 9) "Toolie Oolie Doolie" by the Andrews Sisters (Decca) 10) "Beg Your Pardon" Francis Craig w/ voc by Bob Lamm (Bullet) 11) "Dickey Bird Song" by Freddy Martin (RCA Victor) 12) "Sabre Dance" by macklin Marrow (MGM) 13) "Peanut Vendor" by Stan Kenton (Capitol) and "Now Is The Hour" by Gracie Fields (London) 14) "Haunted Heart" by Jo Stafford (Capitol) 15) "Sabre Dance Boogie" by Freddy Martin (RCA Victor) and "Deck Of Stars" by T. Texas Tyler (4 Star) 16) "Ebony Rhapsody" by Rosetta Howard (Columbia), "That Ain't Right" by Frankie Laine (Mercury) and "Just Because" by Frankie Yankovic (Columbia) 17) "I Cover The Waterfront" by Mel Torme (Musicraft), "But Beautiful" by Bing Crosby (Decca), "Matinee" by Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor) and "Maybe You'll Be There" by Gordon Jenkins w/ voc by Charles Leverre (Decca).

The best selling record albums of the week are : 1) "Look Ma I'm Dancing" by the original cast (Decca) 2) "Song Hits Of Our Times" (Decca) 3) "Masterpieces" by Glenn Miller (RCA Victor) 4) "Captain From Castille" by Alfred E. Newman (Majestic) 5) "Rendezvous" by Peggy Lee (Capitol).

Nellie Lutcher is SRO at the box office in Toronto at Massey Hall . . . . . .The New York Paramount features Duke Ellington & his Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald, The 4 Step Brothers, and George Kirby . . . . . . . .ads are touting "The Hukilau Song" by the "cruisin' crooner" of the Breakfast Club radio show, Jack Owens.

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