Aloha and e komo mai to all.

Maybe it was my brush with becoming a permanent resident of Hawaii all those years ago when I was a very young boy and my father, a career U.S. Navy officer had been assigned to a medical supply depot in Kaneohe. We were all set to board a transcontinental train the next day when a telegram arrived saying that he had the opportunity to be reassigned to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. My mother and young brother were relieved that they did not have to travel half way around the world and start a new life. I was extremely disappointed because I was the only one really looking forward to this move. Even then, I knew.

Maybe it started when listening to the radio broadcasts of Hawaii Calls with Webley Edwards describing the scenes on the beach at Waikiki during the late forties.

Maybe it was the crush I developed on Haleloke all those years ago on the Arthur Godfrey show during the early days of television. She was the only reason I ever bothered to watch in the first place.

Maybe it was my journey into the sport of surfing which was in an embryonic stage in the coastal area of the Northeastern U.S. The center of the world for me in those days was Gilgo Beach on Long Island's Atlantic side, all of us with our long boards (mine was a vintage Dale Velzy 9'8" weatherbeaten relic) and dreamed about conquering the walls of Waimea after our two foot monsters (yeah, right).

Maybe it was the rising star on the national scene of Don Ho who immediately brought into view everything that was Hawaii both musically and culturally.

When I finally had the opportunity to make the trip to Hawaii in the early seventies, I knew it had been worth the wait and to this day I always wonder what if ? The February vacation in Hawaii became an annual affair for many years, and one time for contrast my wife and I tried Tahiti and some of the neighboring islands (Moorea, Raiatea, Huahine, and Bora Bora). It was nice BUT - for some reason I was a bit disappointed when making comparisons to Hawaii and its islands. So it was back "home" for the next few years until the arrival of children made it difficult to continue our yearly visits. So while recent years have seen an end to these annual visits I have been one who always carries the spirit of aloha in my heart.

This site began as a tribute to my favorite Hawaiian musical artist, Bill Alii'loa Lincoln, who was absent from sight on the net, and just naturally expanded into the whole musical experience of the islands with my personal opinions and thoughts for those familiar with, or perhaps unschooled in the wonder and beauty of the songs. Hopefully my spelling and word usage of Hawaiian is mostly correct (I have Hawaiian fonts but they proved too difficult for me to use readily), and I hope all visitors (malihinis) to this site find something of value.

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