The All American Vocal Group ©JCMarion 1998

This is my attempt at emulating the All-American teams in different sports categories formulated to be a part of the glorious age of the R & B vocal groups of the 40s and 50s. What I have done is rendered my own opinion as to each position in the typical quintet and selected the person who I feel is the best at that position. As always these are my opinions only, not subject to any poll of listeners and fans, scientific or otherwise. So - here we go !

The First Team -

Lead - Willie Winfield (Harptones)

Bass - Bill Pinckney (Drifters)

Baritone - Paul Robi (Platters)

Frst tenor - Albert Crump (Heartbeats)

Second tenor - Johnny Carter (Flamingos)

The Second Team -

Lead - Clyde McPhatter (Drifters)

Bass - Prentiss Barnes (Moonglows)

Baritone - Bruce Tate (Penguins)

First tenor - Bobby Williams (Solitaires)

Second tenor - Bill Carlisle (Dubs)

and finally, the Third Team !

Lead - Tony Williams (Platters)

Bass - LeRoy McNeil (Nutmegs)

Baritone - Harold Lucas (Clovers)

First tenor - Herman Santiago (Teenagers)

Second tenor - Ripley Ingram (Five Keys)

Now then, why do I feel that there may be some disagreement on my choices ? Actually because that is the reason for the opinionated list in the first place. The expected reaction of "oh yeah ? what about . . . . .?" keeps interest in this musical style alive and makes it a focal point for this very kind of subjective judgement. We will never let the sounds of these vocal groups die ! ! !

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