Rarest Records - my own personal list from listening to collectors for 35 years.

1- Stormy Weather - Five Sharps (Jubilee) : What else did you expect ? The legendary rarest side of them all.

2 - Soldier Man Blues - Inez Washington & The Four Dukes of Rhythm (Cinncinati) : My favorite oddball record of all time.

3 - My Summer's Gone - Four Buddies (Savoy) : Great transtition group from the early fifties.

4 - Sweet Sixteen - The Sounds (Modern) : Tune written by Alan Freed (says so on the label anyway)

5 - Just Can't Tell No Lie - Moonglows (Champagne) : First outing by the Louisville legends on a small Cleveland label thanks to Moondog.

6 - C'est La Vie - Wrens (Rama) : Fine early fifties group rather overshadowed by George Goldner's other find, The Crows.

7 - Drip Drop - Dodgers (Alladin) : From when the baseball Dodgers were still in Brooklyn

8 - Darling I Know - El Rays (Checker) : Early outing by the group that would become the Dells

9 - Sitting By My Window - Five Tinos (Sun) : Sun actually recorded a group other than the Prisonaires.

10 - Every Beat Of My Heart - Royals (Federal) : Another early side, this time by the origins of the Midnighters.

11 - Each Time - Cabineers (Prestige) : Somebody at Prestige was listening to something other than jazz, with this side and the Mello-Moods.

12 - My Girl Awaits Me - Castelles (Grand) : Great early group from Philadelphia with George Grant on lead.

13 - Doll Face - Vibranaires (After Hours) : Legendary early fifties group that was popular before their time.

14 - Tormented - Heartbeats (Network) : A small label first outing by one of New York's finest groups ever.

15 - Walking The Streets Alone - Loveletters (Acme) : Long Island's own on the label with the off center 45 hole.

16 - Dear Ruth - Buccaneers (Southern) : Recorded in Philadelphia and featuring the mighty Wurlitzer !

17-A Girl To Love - Chordcats (Cat) : Renamed Chords after the success of Sh-Boom on their original label.

18 - Heaven Knows - Four Sensations (Rainbow) : Forgotten early fifties group on noted NY indie label.

19 - Love You Till My Dying Day - Muskateers - (Roxy/Swingtime) : Early rare effort by the origins of the Royal Jokers.

20 - Let's Give Love A Try - Squires (Combo) : First time out for the West Coast group who later had Me And My Deal, Dreamy Eyes, etc.

. . . . . . . . . and a few early White group sides -

- If You Love Me, Really Love Me - Kenny, Frank, & Ray (PL) : Great White harmony trio out of Philadelphia from 1957.

- Baby Baby You - Coney Island Kids (Josie) : a lame but rare record on a great NY label from 1954

- Please Don't Say No To Me - Millionaires / Bell Hops (Tin Pan Alley) : A very Neons sounding group from 1956.

-Evening Shadows Falling - Seniors (Tetra) : from the home label of the previously mentioned Neons.

- My Baby's In Love With Me - Cirino & The Bowties (Royal Roost) : An early quartet that tried to ride Alan Freed's coattails to popularity.

Now - obviously there are a great deal of sides on 45 and 78 that are rarer in dollar value from one source or another, but these are the ones that always seem to come up in rare wants list postings, info requests and the "did you ever hear the record by the......." questions

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