The Great DooWop Quizzz ©JCMarion

1.) Say what ?

Q : Who describes the (female) object of affection this way

" She has stove pipe legs,

ice cream hips,

when she starts to walk,

my honey just tips."

2.) The Frankie Lymon clones.

Q : What are the names of the Frankie-like vocalists that sang lead on the following


a) Cora Lee

b) On Your Radio

c) Lydia

d) Row Your Boat

e) Lindy Lou

3.) Hey, two for the price of one !

Q : Who was " the group within a group " and what two hits did they record ?

4.) Definitely not a Hungry Man special !

Q : What are the items in the 5 course "meal" de the Chips Josie recording

of Rubber Biscuit ?

5.) Say what ? - part 2

Q : Just who was it that wore a pair of shoes "of the strangest kind?". And of course,

what was so strange about them ? (hint - it was sung by The Turbans )

6.) Please be my girlfriend -

Q : Who sang the praises of the following lovely ladies ?

Their names are - Shirley, Aurelia, Darla (my darling), Edna, Valerie, Vida Lee,

Lydia, Rosie Lee, Leona, MaryAnne, Florence, Zindy Lou (with a Z), Sindy (with

an S), Barbara Lee, Cinderella, Miss Fannie, Carolyn, Nona, Lucy Brown, Sally

Green, (Tonight) Kathleen, Lorraine, Dorothy, BettyJean, The Jones Girl, Jerri

Lee, Betty Lou, Florabelle, Marcella, Lorie, Nadine, (My) Juanita,Audrey, Marie,

and finally - Rose of Tangier ! !

7.) VOSA - The Voice Of Sound Advice (courtesy of Jocko)

Q : Who gave the following pearls of wisdom - "Love Will Make You Fail In

School" and conversely "School Will Make You Fail In Love" ?

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