The story of Pop Music's "golden decade" from the fall of the Big bands to the rise of Rock and Roll (1946 - 1955). The male and female singers, the ensemble vocal groups and the orchestras and arrangers who made these years a sound track to the returning veterans of the most destructive war ever waged, live again in these words and memories from the time of American music's Golden Era of pop songs, The Interlude Era.

Issue #1 - A Statement of Purpose; The Way We Were : Jan-June 1946; Perry Como - the biggest voice of all; The Big Records of 1946.

Issue #2 - Patti Page (The Singing Rage); The Way We Were : July-Dec 1946; The Top Ten Performers; Remember These Top Records Of 1946?

Issue #3 - Gordon Jenkins; The Way We Were : Jan-June 1947; Bing Crosby Charts The InterludeEra; One Hit Wonders.

Issue #4 - Eddy Howard; 1955's One Hit Wonders; The Way We Were : July 1947; The Way We Were : August 1947.

Issue #5 - Dinah Shore (The Dixie Darling); The Perfect Ensemble : Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters; One Hit Wonders (part three); The Way We Were : September 1947

Issue #6 - Sammy Kaye : Mr. Swing & Sway; The Way We Were : October, 1947; One Hit Wonders : part four; This & That : Random Memories.

Issue #7 - The Post War Dance Bands : RCA Victor (Tex Beneke, Ralph Flanagan, Buddy Morrow, Richard Maltby); Columbia (Harry James, Les Brown, Tony Pastor, Les & Larry Elgart); Capitol & Mercury (Ray Anthony and Ralph Marterie); One Hit Wonders : part five; The Way We Were : November, 1947.

Issue #8 - The Hilltoppers; Russ Morgan : 1949; Forgotten Names, Forgotten Faces; The Way We Were : December 1947

Issue #9 - The Sound of an Era : Percy Faith; Hugo Winterhalter; Paul Weston; and Henri Rene; The Way We Were : January 1948

Issue #10 - Pianissimo : Frankie Carle and Carmen Cavallaro; Vic Damone; The Three Suns; The Way We Were : February, 1948

Issue #11 - Johnny Mercer; Rosemary Clooney; Les Brown; Dick Haymes; The Way We Were : March, 1948.

Issue # 12 - Vaughn Monroe; Georgia Gibbs; Betty Jane Rhodes; The Way We Were : April 1948; The Top 50 Best Sellers of the Interlude Era.

Issue# 13 - Remembering Peggy Lee; The Ames Brothers; Tony Martin; The way We Were : May 1948; Musical Movies of 1946.

Issue #14 - Leave It To The Girls : Eileen Barton; Mindy Carson; Karen Chandler; Kitty Kallen; Evelyn Knight; and Fran Warren.

Issue #15 - The 3 D's : Don Cornell, Alan Dale, and Johnny Desmond; Buddy Clark; The Way We Were : June, 1948.

Issue #16 - Guy Mitchell; Richard Hayes; Richard Hayman; Sunny Gale; The Way We Were : July 1948.

Issue #17 - Kay Kyser; The Chordettes; Sam Donohue; The Way We Were - Aug 1948; El Rancho Vegas.

Issue #18 - Eddie Fisher; Margaret Whiting; Don Rondo; Carmen Miranda; The Way We Were : Sept 1948.

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