Ralph Beaver Strassburger, Pennsylvania German Pioneers: a publication of the original lists of arrivals in the port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808; edited by William John Hinke (reprint Baltimore, 1966)

p. 142 ff.: A list of the Passengers on Board the Ship Hope Galley, Daniel Riedt, Commandr [Qualified Sepr 23d 1734.]

Other similar names in Strassburger:

Ship Britannia, Rotterdam to Philadelphia via Cowes, 21 Sep 1731, Capt Michael Francklin:

Ship Pennsylvania Merchant, John Stedman, Commander, from Rotterdam in Holland via Plymouth, 18 Sep 1733: Ship Princess Augusta, Samuel Marchant, Master, from Rotterdam via Cowes, 16 Sep 1736: Ship Townsend, Thomas Thompson, Master, from Amsterdam via Cowes, 5 Oct 1737: Ship Marlborough, Thomas Bell , Master, 23 Sep 1741: Ship Albany, Capt Oxman, 4 Sep 1728, from Rotterdam via Portsmouth: Ship St. Andrew, Capt. Robt Brown, 7 Oct 1743, from Rotterdam via Cowes: Ship Edinburgh, James Russel, Master, from Rotterdam via Portsmouth, 5 Sep 1748: Ship Jacob, Capt Adolph De Grove, from Amsterdam via Shields (Eng.) 2 Oct 1749. From Swabia, Wirtemberg & Darmstadt: Ship Duke of Wirtenburg, Daniel Montpelier, Commander, from Rotterdam via Cowes, 20 Oct 1752: Ship Rawley, Capt. John Grove, from Rotterdam via Plymouth, 23 Oct 1752: Ship Queen of Denmark, George Parish, Commander, from Hamburgh via Cowes, 3 Nov 1752: Ship Betsey, John Osman, Commander, from Rotterdam via Cowes, 31 Oct 1765: Ship Minerva, Thomas Arnott, Master, from Rotterdam via Cowes, 1 Oct 1770: