Queries May-August 1998 -- Prior six months' queries lost in a disk crash! If you e-mailed a query and it is NOT here, please send it again!

Queries May-August 1998 -- Prior six months' queries lost in a disk crash! If you e-mailed a query and it is NOT here, please send it again!

Date sent:        Fri, 14 Aug 1998 04:27:38 -0400
From:             Clarence Batts 
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To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          J. B. BATTS

My Great Grand Father  was J. B. Batts Co. B. 1st Battn. La. Inf. En.
March 5th. 1863.
Mansfield.  Roll for May and June 1863, Deserted Since March 1863.
Appears later on Register of C.S.A. Gen. Hospl. Shreveport La. Admitted
Jan. 16th, 1864. Can you find what he was in the Hospital for.  Did he
Desert or was he wounded and left and found his way to the Hospital. I
thought back in those days that if you realy was a deserter they would
shoot you.. I will for ever be greatful if you can find something and
help me with this. I was always told that he died during the civil war
but he did not die untill 1871 Feb.


From:             Schwartzsd@aol.com
Date sent:        Thu, 13 Aug 1998 22:30:22 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          ann of the caddo indian tribe

please advise if you know if jean baptiste married ann of the caddo indian
tribe.  thank you.


From:             MikeSt@aol.com
Date sent:        Sat, 8 Aug 1998 13:34:55 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Caddo Parrish marriage

I am in Florida but I am trying to find a record of a marriage that I believe
took place in Shreveport in 1981 or '82. Unfortunately, I only have the
groom's name, Larry K. Stephenson, and he has died. I believe they divorced
within a short time. I assume the local courthouse has the records. Can you
tell me what the best address is and what they charge?

Thanks for your help,

Mike Stephenson


From:             CWashin436@aol.com
Date sent:        Fri, 7 Aug 1998 13:38:53 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Query: Washingtons in Benton

I would be interesting in contacting Washington  folks and others  who had
ancestors that came from Grove, Louisiana to Benton willing to exchange
c washington


From:             WAnt956038@aol.com
Date sent:        Thu, 6 Aug 1998 16:48:32 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Search

I am searching for notice of adoption or citation of adoption announcements.
There also might be termination of parental rights or abondonement citation
announcements.  Date of birth was 11-1-66.  Date of adoption 9-5-67.  Adoptive
parents names were Roy N. Wiley and Barbara A. Robertson Wiley.  Any
information found would be extremely helpful.  
Thank you,
Sheila Wiley Anthony

Date sent:        Wed, 05 Aug 1998 01:02:41 -0500
From:             Bob Baldwin 
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Shelton in Caddo Census

Hi John,
	I would very much appreciate it if you could look for my G-Grandmother
in the Caddo Parish census. Her name is Mary Elizabeth Shelton, and went
by Mollie. Her headstone here in Houston has her middle name as Ann and
nobody seems to know if her middle name was Ann or Elizabeth. Anyway,
she was born 1-21-1892 in Smith co, Tx. My grandmother said she was
orphaned at an early age and raised by grandparents, she believes the
Shelton side of the family. Nobody seems to know her parents names or
her grandparents names. Granny remembers that Mollie's grandmother was
part Indian, probably Choctaw, and had long black hair. I don't know if
she had any siblings. I have looked through the Tx. and La. Census for
1900 and have not had any luck. Granny also said that Mollie grew up in
Vivian, La. and married Robert 'Bob' Edward Kyle in the same town. That
is why I am looking in Caddo Parish. If this is too much trouble don't
worry about it. I just was hoping that a fresh pair of eyes may see
something I missed.
	My grandfather's mother was a Walker and was born in Shreveport. I am
told they had alot of family in that area and were merchants. Any help
on my Shelton problem would be greatly appreciated. 
Bob Baldwin
Robert (Bob) Walker Baldwin
3847 Tartan Lane
Houston, Texas 77025-2411
713-664-2312 tel & fax


From:             DAA1155@aol.com
Date sent:        Mon, 3 Aug 1998 00:10:51 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Perry Family

I am serching for information on Malachi Perry married to Suzanne Hoffpauir.
I have their original succession which shows the JUDGMENT OF POSSESSION to
have been filed in Bossier Parish in 1960.

Previous research shows Malachi was born in 1845 and Suzanne in 1846.  I am
descended through his son Ahaz or "Hazzie" who was married to Marinda
Dickerson.  Judging by the time at which this succession was filed, I believe
it is obvious that the surviving children of Malachi and heirs of the deceased
brothers and sisters forced the judgement for a certain parcel of property.

The oldest surviving child of Lloyd Perry, son of Ahaz, told me in an
interview that his grandfather owned a gravel pit "way up north somewhere, way
past Shreveport."  The succession shows that one of Malachi's daughter's
Elvina Perry Rheems, was still a resident of Bossier Parish at the time the
succession was filed, as was grandsons, Elliot Hoffpauir and Sammie Hoffpauir,
children of Lucinda Perry married to Archibald "Archie" Hoffpauir.  Nathan
Perry, son of Malachi, and a resident of Bossier Parish, deceased at the time
the succession was filed, is shown as having sold his 1/8th interest to his
sister, Lucinda.

The tract of land shown in the succession is shown as:

"That certain tract or parcel of land situated in Bossier Parish, La. being
the NW Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (NW 1/4 of NE 1/4) and the North Half
(N 1/2) of a tract of land beginning at a stake 10 Chains West of the East
Line of the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (SE 1/4 of SW 1/4) of
Section 4 and 10 Chains North of the South Line of said Section, thence
running South 3 degrees 45 minutes West through the Northeast Quarter of the
Northwest Quarter (NE 1/4 of NW 1/4) and the Southeast Quarter of the
Northwest (SE 1/4 of NW 1/4) and the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest
Quarter (NE 1/4 of SW 1/4), Section 9, until it intersects Harrington Branch,
thence down said branch intil it intersects the East Line of said Sixteenth
Section, thence North 72 Chains 50 Links until you are 10 Chains North of the
South Line of said Section 4, thence West to the point of beginning.  (Whew!
That's a mouth full!)  The said property also being known as Tract 3 of Page
44 of the Ward 5 Tax Assessor's Block Book System, and Tract 11 of page 39 of
WArd 5 Tax Asssessor's Block Book System; and the Southeast Quarter of the
Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (SE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of SW 1/4,
Section 4, Township Twenty-One North, Range 12, West, Louisiana Meridian, and
containing 80 acres, more or less, with any and all improvements situated

Now, since I have never been north of I-10 by auto, I haven't the vaguest idea
where this is!!  
And since I don't do directions very well, I don't know, maybe my internal
compass is out whack, I would never be able to track this down.

What can you do to help me find additional information concerning this family
or the property described?  If you at least point me in the right direction, I
would be so thankful!

Thank you, John, in advance for anything you can lead me to.

Debra Perry Abshire


Date sent:        Sun, 02 Aug 1998 08:51:44 -0500
From:             Christopher A Browne 
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To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Copies to:        lindachris@yahoo.com
Subject:          genealogy

I'm looking for imformation On Pomphry Preston, All I know is rhat he
bought land in Louisiana (Caddo Parish)1906 .This iinformation was found
on the internet: General Land Office Records, Louisiana.
Thank You.


From:             Mburnom@aol.com
Date sent:        Sun, 2 Aug 1998 04:09:43 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Surname Lookup - TAYLOR

Please lookup the surname TAYLOR.  I am trying to locate A/A Alexander Taylor
b. abt. 1835, m. Lizzie(?).


From:             Okiegirl24@aol.com
Date sent:        Thu, 30 Jul 1998 20:26:06 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Bossier CO, LA Query

Hi John,

I am researching the SPRUEILL surname, and I found you on the Bossier web page
as having many sources of information.....

In the 1870 Bossier Co, Census I found a Carter SPRUILL or SPRUEL
age 35 M W Keeping House  500  Born GA
living with him:

Monroe   18 W M AL
Jackson  16 W M AL
Mary       13 W F  AL

Do you have anything on them in the 1880 census ??

I am trying to find the parents of my GGrandfather Andrew Jackson SPRUEILL b.
ca 1864 LA and I am trying to eliminate those that may not be his father
......Andrew was illeterate and may not have know his birthdate....

Any help would be appreciated when and if you have the time,


Elaine K. Sprueill
6153 Meadow Run Dr
Trussville, Alabama  35173
Email:  okiegirl24@aol.com


From:             XKELLOGGX@aol.com
Date sent:        Wed, 29 Jul 1998 01:30:03 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Inquiry - "Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northwest Louisiana," 1890

John Jackson (J. J. ) Roberson

I am seeking additional reference information from "Biographical and
Historical Memoirs of Northwest Louisiana," 1890, regarding my maternal great
grandfather John Jackson  (J. J.) Roberson, b.  August 19, 1852 in AR, m. (1)
Francis Eugenia Spurlin December 20, 1877 in Bossier Parish, LA, m. (2) Helen
May November 18, 1890 in Bossier Parish, LA, d. March 14, 1934 in Bossier
Parish, LA.
>From "Bossier Parish Headstones" I know that J. J. Roberson and Helen May
Roberson, my maternal great grandparents, are interred in Salem Cemetery.
>From "The History of Bossier Parish" I understand J. J. Roberson served as
Postmaster for Carterville, LA for a number of years.  I have been able to
obtain marriage licenses for both marriages. I have also been able to obtain
death certificates and obituaries for both J. J. Roberson and Helen May
Roberson as printed in the "Bossier Banner".
I would appreciate any additional information or reference to J. J. Roberson
which could be supplied from the subject reference material.  If information
is available, please advise where same might be obtained.  Please respond to
XKELLOGGX@aol.com. Thank you very much for your assistance.

Yours very truly,

G. T. Kellogg, Jr. 


Date sent:        Tue, 28 Jul 1998 14:09:09 -0500
From:             Wanda Gilbert 
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          RE:  Look-ups

Hi John,
Do you have access to Caddo Parish marrige records? If so,will you 
please check them for:  Mary Louisa TAYLOR & ? FRUNK..
Thanks alot,Wanda Gilbert

Date sent:        Tue, 28 Jul 1998 14:12:26 -0500
From:             Wanda Gilbert 
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          RE: Look-ups

Hi John,
I goofed I didn't tell you the time frame for the marriage record on:
Mary Louisa TAYLOR & ? FRUNK....It would be ca 1865-1868..
Thanks again,Wanda


Send reply to:    
From:             "WB&Emma Hill" 
Subject:          Query - please post
Date sent:        Sun, 26 Jul 1998 15:16:47 -0500

Please post the following query:

Seaking parents of Mattie Elizabeth LILES or LYLES (b. ca 1876 LA?) who
married James Andrew  CORNELIUS 13 Aug 1902 in Caddo Ph.  She married next
Benjamin Franklin HILL 9 Aug 1906 in Caddo Ph.  She died about 1910-11. 
Her father is believed to have lived much longer.   Thanks, 

William B. Hill, 
49 Elkins Lake, Huntsville, TX 77340-7301


From:             BEADSTOYOU@aol.com
Date sent:        Sun, 26 Jul 1998 17:48:47 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          bossier pirisher censusen microfilm

john henry  wife millie henry  one child 1893  to 1901  thank you 


Date sent:        Sat, 25 Jul 1998 11:44:23 -0700
From:             Kim Bailey 
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Obituaries

Would you be willing to look up an obituary in the Shreveport newspaper?

I am looking for Joseph HUDSON who d. in Shreveport in March 1978.
I will be glad to pay for your time and cost of the obituary.
Kim Bailey


From:             PHK968@aol.com
Date sent:        Sat, 25 Jul 1998 17:23:09 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          research in caddo and area

PETERS-LOCKWOOD-LAPLACE-SALTER-OXLEY-LEWING in this area. thanks  red  peters


From:             PHK968@aol.com
Date sent:        Sat, 25 Jul 1998 17:16:33 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Bonneau Peters

i am trying to get the newspaper notic of BONNEAU PETERS. His son died in 1945
and i have that, so i know it was some time after that. he worked for standard
oil and was i think president of the ball club at one time their in
shreveport. this for genealogy only.he was a cousin.    thank you  ken peters


Date sent:        Fri, 24 Jul 1998 20:19:10 -0700
From:             deborah mancillas 
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          MILLER Family

I'm looking for info on my gr-gr-gr-grandparents. Their names were JACOB
They lived in Bossier Parrish, Bellevue and Fillmore from at least the
1850's to the 1870's.
Their children were Julia b 1839 George William b 1845
William J b 1847
Olivia b 1853
M Eliza b 1855
Florence b 1856
Cordelia Inez b 1858 (my gr-gr-grandmother, her married name WHELESS)
Austin b 1863
Either Jacob or Cintilla were supposed to be native american?
Can you please look up nay info you might have on them?


From:             Paul Tiemann 
Send reply to:    "tiemann@nh.ultranet.com" 
To:               "'japrime@earthlink.net'" 
Subject:          Delhi newspapers
Date sent:        Fri, 24 Jul 1998 22:18:21 -0400

Hello John Andrew,
I was wondering if you could answer a question for me? Does the Shreveport 
Library have Delhi LA newspapers in it's holdings, specifically 1926 - 
1930's? I am trying to locate an obituary for my great-grandfather James 
Kenion Taylor who died sometime during that time near Delhi. I have been 
unsuccessful in obtaining a death certificate for him due to the 
commonality of the name. I am coming to Shreveport in October and hope to 
spend a FULL day at the library researching Taylor, Weldon, Owen, Lockwood, 
Poirier and  all the rest of my ancestors! Thanks a bunch for the help.


Date sent:        Fri, 24 Jul 1998 07:24:34 -0600
From:             Buz & Carol Smith 
Send reply to:    buzzard@bouldernews.infi.net
Organization:     InfiNet
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          caddo county query

Andrew and Eliza ICE left Marshall Co. AL, bound for Rusk Co. TX between
1845-1850, with all 10 or 12 of their children. When they reached
Shreveport, Caddo County, LA, Eliza was stricken with cholera, and died
there. Was there an epidemic at the time? Is there anything you can tell
me about Shreveport, LA during those years which might give me a picture
of how the family might have been travelling? Was Shreveport a major
town on the river where they might have stopped travelling by flatboat,
or would they have been in a wagon with all of their belongings? 

Is there the possibility of existing death records for that time period,
which might list Eliza ICE? Any help would be appreciated. I will list
the children's names: Sarah P.ICE, Eliza Jane (Jane)ICE, Matilda C. ICE,
Frederick B.ICE Martha C. ICE, Josanna (Josie) C. ICE, Isaac N. ICE,
Betsey Ann (Elizabeth) ICE, Isabella (Belle) ICE, unnamed son ICE (died
before the trip), Annie ICE,& Fannie ICE. The family settled in Rusk Co.
TX, and appears without Eliza in the 1850 census there.

Thanks so much, Carol Smith


From:             Lisabrat@aol.com
Date sent:        Fri, 24 Jul 1998 08:09:52 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          BOYKIN/COLEMAN

Hi, you gave me the info about the date that my greatgrandmother was married,
but you never told me if her date of birth was listed.
Sylvia Coleman married Hillard Wilson 12/25/1909.  
I would be greatful for the info, I dont have any idea when, or where she was
Thanks in advance


From:             HZAE37B@prodigy.com (MRS BETTY V PHILLIPS)
Date sent:        Wed, 22 Jul 1998 22:50:13, -0500
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Caddo Parish Reference Lookups

Dear Mr. Prime:   My gggrandfather, Andrew Venable, b 2 Aug 1805, SC, 
d 11 Dec 1853 Shreveport, LA.  He & his family lived in Tyler, TX, 
and I do not know why he was in LA.  The administrator of his estate 
was reimbursed for his "funeral expenses & expenses of last sickness 
in Shreveport."  There was a handwritten document in the settlement 
of the estate for "damage to bedroom & bedding", "coffin", "carrying 
casket to grave", "nurse" & "physicians bill", but no mention of 
funeral home or cemetery.  Would there have been a newspaper that may 
have carried an obit?  I do not know the circumstances of the "last 
sickness", but if it were under criminal circumstances, would there 
be any court records?  Was there a cemetery that someone would have 
been buried under these conditions?   I have been to Tyler, but there 
was no obit in their records.  His wife, Mary Ann was living in Tyler,
 as were his sons, James William, Oliver H.P., Hugh, John Brison and 
daughter, Jane.   I am trying to learn of the cemetery where he is 
buried, but I doubt that there was a marker, although his wife and 
sons, Oliver and John Brison returned to Alabama about 1858.  Maybe 
they placed one when they went through LA.  I called the Shreve 
Memorial Library, but the genealogist was not able to help me.  I 
believe she stated that there was not a newspaper in 1853. Any 
consideration toward this request will be greatly appreciated.  Or 
any suggestions.  Thank you.
Betty Venable Phillips
Birmingham, Al.


From:             DAMcKelroy@aol.com
Date sent:        Wed, 22 Jul 1998 22:12:26 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Caddo Parrish Query: Samuel Richard Whitehurst

I am looking for information on Samuel Richard Whitehurst.  He was born on
August 8, 1847, probably in Henry Co., Alabama.  He married Sarah Ellen
Stewart on March 20, 1870 in Caddo Parrish.  We have his Civil War record, and
the marriage license.  That, however, is all of the information we have on
either of these.  They later moved to Texas and had a number of children.
(Johnnie, James Thomas, Lucy, Richard, Suzie, Fannie, Willie Mae, Annie Laura,
Harry Boyd, Katie, and John Calhoun).  I would be thrilled to hear from anyone
who might have information that would link with this family.



Date sent:        Wed, 22 Jul 1998 08:14:44 -0500
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
From:             "R.N. Tex" 
Subject:          Research Request

Hello John,
	I'm hoping that you can help me out. I am looking for an obituary for HOPE
HARVEY NEWMAN. I have a copy of the "Sexton's report" that I assume lists
deaths in Shreveport. It was sent to me a couple of years ago. According to
the report, Hope was buried on Dec 19, 1938. You list both the "Times" and
the "Journal" that you search. Of course I want whatever will give me the
best article. 
	If you can find it, I would like an abtract by email if you will, but I
would like a photocopy that i would be glad to pay you for.
	Also, you list that you will do a lookup in "Caddo: 1000" (History of
Shreveport and Caddo Parish 1814-1980s). I don't know anything of that
publication, but if you could check for Richard Lane Newman and/or Hope
Harvey Newman. Richard is my great-grandfather, Hope his second wife. He
often went by "R.L. Newman". Richard died March 26, 1938 in Shreveport and
I have an obituary for him from the "Journal". 
	Hope you can help me, Thanks.
							Don Watson
Don Watson   mailto:dwatson@texas.net
County Coordinator, TXGenWeb Page for Blanco County


Date sent:        Tue, 21 Jul 1998 09:05:02 -0500
From:             "Steven A. Sheppard" 
Send reply to:    sheptech@swbell.net
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To:               John Andrew Prime 
Subject:          Death Notice

Dear John,

You have helped me in the past with locating a death notice for my great
grandmother. I have just learned a possible year and location of death
of my great grandfather. His name was Albert Amos SHEPPARD. It is
believed he died in Louisiana in 1930. The other notice you found for me
was for his wife. It said she had lived in Louisiana for 60 years and
died in the Ivan Community.

I wish I had a more specific date for you. Anything you can find would
be great.

Steve Sheppard
Fort Worth, Texas


From:             "DAVE BLACK" 
Subject:          Black Family in Caddo
Date sent:        Mon, 20 Jul 1998 06:54:34 -0700

Dear Mr. Prime-- Is it possible to check records to see if there was a
James H. Black and family in Shreveport in 1860.  They seem to have
disappeared from Arkansas.  One of his sons Ben F. married a Francis Salter
and lived in Winn Co., but they had a son Ben H. born in Shreveport in
1860. James also had sons named Thomas, James, Silas, a daughter, Cyntha
and a wife, Clarinda.  Most of his sons served the Confederacy and Ben F
was in the 3rd La. Inf.
I know nothing else.  
Dave Black    arsen@jps.net


From:             RIKIH@aol.com
Date sent:        Mon, 20 Jul 1998 10:05:42 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Sabine Parish -Lookup

I am looking for ANDREW JACKSON CUTRIGHT. I need to know who his parents were.
I know he married Mary E. Holmes .The birthdate I have for him is 1834. I
would appreciate your help.


From:             JPofTX@aol.com
Date sent:        Sun, 19 Jul 1998 09:29:57 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net


Please look up in the 1870 or 1880 Caddo Parish, LA census:

John B. Hill

He died there in 1888, but I don't know when he arrived in Caddo Par.  He
could be listed in the 1870 or 1880 census or maybe both.

Any information you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,

Jim Porter


Date sent:        Sun, 12 Jul 1998 12:41:18 +0000
From:             Martin Jetton 
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Epsy Ola Miller

If you Have information on this my grandmother or any more of her family
please contact me. Her birth date was 12/??/1884.Her parents were Amos
and Mary Miller.

Louise Jetton...


From:             RICROSA@aol.com
Date sent:        Fri, 10 Jul 1998 10:31:23 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          death certificate  records

My great grandfather, John Smith ( possible Schmidt,Schmitt,etc.), did in
Shreveport in the early 1900's.  This is basically the only information we
know.  He went by the name of John Smith here in Avoyelles Parish.  He married
or we assume he did, our great grandmother Adele Guillot Marcelle in the late
1860's or early 1870's.  My grand father Curry Smith was born on April 10,
l875.  He had an older sister (Lena) and a younger one. 

Great grandfather left here and moved to Shreveport where we assume he went to
work in his chosen profession of shoe making.  When he died, a package of
clothes was forwarded to my grandfather thereby signifying that he maintained
some sort of record regarding his family.

This is about all we know, except the fact that he came directly from Germany.
He served in the U. S. military after leaving Germany to avoid doing so.  

Would you be able to help me possibly locate a death certificate which would
enable me to secure more information.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.  I am thinking that Shreveport may
have been large enough to require occupational licenses at that time for
businesses and that maybe the Verterans Administration Hospital may have some

Please let me hear form you.

Richard Rosa
P.O. Box 151
Cottonport, La. 71327
(e-mail - ricrosa@aol.com) 

From:             RICROSA@aol.com
Date sent:        Sat, 11 Jul 1998 15:53:14 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Re: death certificate  records

you may have misunderstood.  Grandfather was one born in 1875, his father is
the one we want to find out about.  i think he was still alive during the
period 1900 - 1910.  He was living in Shreveport or at least that area.
Almost positive it was Shreveport.

Please search, it could be under John Smith or any German name for Smith,(ie
Schmidt, Schmitte, etc.)  anything you could find would be appreciated.  we
have wanted to know about him for a long, long, time.


P.S.  Remember , he was a shoe maker. (Cobbler)    


From:             MSJMJ0218@aol.com
Date sent:        Thu, 9 Jul 1998 13:13:43 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          GENEALOGY




Priority:         Normal
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
From:             "PRESTON GRANT" 
Date sent:        Wed, 08 Jul 98 22:29:01 PDT



Send reply to:    "ARTHUR A FARRINGTON" 
From:             "ARTHUR A FARRINGTON" 
Subject:          Re: Farrington
Date sent:        Tue, 7 Jul 1998 07:52:43 -0500

Dear Sir:

    My family was from Bossier, My Grandfather, Thomas George, was born in
May 1870.  Is there any birth records as of this date?  Please refer me to
any Records on Farrington's.

    Thanking you in advance, I remain


Arthur A. Farrington
5640 Beechwood Drive
Lawton, Oklahoma 73505-2902



Send reply to:    <@softdisk.com>
From:             "mlaurent@softdisk.com" 
Subject:          Ellerbe School
Date sent:        Mon, 6 Jul 1998 23:29:51 -0500

I was wondering if u could tell me what year Ellerbe burnt down. I have to
do a report on it in summer school an di can't seem to find any imfo on it.


Send reply to:    
From:             "Charlotte" 
Subject:          Marion Rogers
Date sent:        Mon, 6 Jul 1998 14:56:36 -0700

Seeking Marion Rogers March 16, 1898- Nov.11, 1969
Bossier. Marion Rogers(Rodgers) interred in the Hillcerst cemetery.
Seeking the name of his wife and date of the marriage. I do know that
Marion was born in Nacodgoches co. Texas the oldest child of John and Etta
Thank you,


Send reply to:    
From:             "Sharon Bryant" 
Subject:          QUERY: WILLIAMS - GRISSOM
Date sent:        Fri, 3 Jul 1998 00:34:50 -0000

Looking for information on Hardin Williams who married Tommy Grissom. Hardin
was the daughter of Keziah WILSON and James WILLIAMS Jr. of Hawkins Co., TN.

Hardin said to have died in Bossier Parish, 03 Apr 1850

Any help appreciated.


Date sent:        Thu, 02 Jul 1998 20:02:50 -0400
From:             Addie Howell 
Send reply to:    aph@hom.net
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Re: marriages & Obituaries

Hi John,
Thank you so much for offering to help me, I really appreciate it.

Samantha (Flower)  Scarborough   B- Nov 19, 1819, d- Nov 28, 1905, Union

Sara h Ann (Scarborough)  Ward , b- Sep 3, 1838, d- Mar 25, 1914, Union

Susan  Malissa  Scarborough  b- Nov 6,1844, d- Dec 12, 1937  , Union

Frances R. (Scarborough) Flowers, b- May 4, 1853,  d- Oct 14, 1940,
Union Parrish.

Emma (Scarborough)  Miller, b- May 28,1857, d -  Oct 21, 1945, Union

I dont have any dates on their husbands.


John Andrew Prime wrote:

> Addie:
> I can look em up. Shoot me some names.
> John Andrew Prime
> Shreveport, Louisiana
> japrime@earthlink.net


Date sent:        Thu, 02 Jul 1998 16:40:51 -0500
From:             Jeanie 
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Bossier Parish Info

My father was born on the "Pandora Plantation" in 1906 in Bossier
Parish. Is it possible for someone to tell me the longitude and
latitude of where this place might have been in Bossier Parish, and if
possible the name of the closest community or nearby town?Thank You!  


From:             "Hurlburt" 
Subject:          Caddo Census
Date sent:        Thu, 2 Jul 1998 14:35:30 -0500

John, Could you look for a Hardy Alexander Bickham born 4- 1858, I think
his mothers name was Susie Bickham (Bailey) ( her second husbands name, )  
  Thanks a Bunch!  Sonja Bickham Hurlburt


From:             "William and Julie Carle" 
Subject:          BOSSIER Parish Query
Date sent:        Thu, 2 Jul 1998 10:54:32 -0400

Looking for any information regarding the family of James SULLIVAN or
Dorotha WEBBER.

James SULLIVAN was born Feb 11, 1917 and died in Jun of 1982.  No other
family information known.

Dorothy WEBBER Sullivan was born Aug 1, 1923 and died Feb 27, 1983.  Her
parents were Donald WEBBER and "Shirley" WEBBER.

They had the following children:
Andrea Lee SULLIVAN Marinello		(b: abt 1939)
Scott Keith SULLIVAN			(b: abt 1942)
James Bruce SULLIVAN			(b: abt 1951)

This family resided in the following places:  Texas, Oklahoma and Louisina.

Please reply to DIXIERISEN@Prodigy.net



From:             Paul Tiemann 
Send reply to:    "tiemann@nh.ultranet.com" 
To:               "'japrime@earthlink.net'" 
Subject:          conveyance record search DeSoto parish - Poirier
Date sent:        Tue, 30 Jun 1998 21:48:39 -0400

Hello John Andrew!!
Happy July 4th, hope you have a nice holiday. Wish I could be in Shreveport 
celebrating with my family and eat some catfish. Yum! These Yankees up here 
don't know what they are missing. I did want to touch base and see if 
anything had turned up no the conveyance record search on the Poirier girls 
- Susan Uraine and Virginia. Karla and I are still corresponding and 
researching. I talked with the Desoto Parish Clerk of Court about 
guardianship records but she said if they had them they would be sealed. 
I'm not sure she understood what I was looking for. Well keep in touch. 


Date sent:        Tue, 30 Jun 1998 12:07:18 -0600
From:             Alta Schmer 
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Marriage Record

Hi John,
	I was wondering if Marriage records were available at the Caddo Parish
Courthouse.  I will be happy to pay you to obtain a copy (or the
original if they have it) and mail it to me.
	I have received a very appreciated "Look-up" from 'Coustaut' stating
that my great uncle A.D. Ivey married Nancy Mitchell 8/21/1854 in Caddo
Parish.  His full name is Adolphus Drew Ivey.
	If you would like to email me the cost for your doing this for me, I
will be happy to send the payment in advance.
	Also, if you have knowledge of other records in that area on my Ivey
family, and if it wouldn't be very expensive (old lady on fixed
income)  I would be happy to pay a reasonable fee for them.
	I do not know where they originated from, or parents name.  The only
info I have on my Ivey family is the name of my great grandfather,
Marcus L. Ivey and his brother A.D. Ivey.  M.L. Ivey moved to Cherokee
Co, TX and married Usley Hill, and that's where my grandfather Thomas L.
Ivey was born. I had found the Confederate Widow's Pension for the wife
of A.D. and that's what led me to Caddo Parrish, LA.
	 Thank you for any information, advice, or assistance you might give

Alta Schmer
3 Hillcrest Court
Ogallala, NE 69153
Phone:  308-284-3566
Email:  aschmer@lakemac.net


Date sent:        Mon, 29 Jun 1998 10:53:57 -0500
From:             Marti Miller 
Organization:     Texarkana College
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          heflin family

I'am looking for any information on the Heflin's family we have found a
LOuis Waston Heflin Born in 1901 His dad is Wiley J Heflin His wife was
Nettie a Moore They lived in vivain village most of there life , we can
find them on the 1910 but not the 1900's any information would be
extremly helpful. These are my dad's grandpaw and his great grandpaw.
                                        Robbin Heflin Henderson

Date sent:        Mon, 29 Jun 1998 10:56:21 -0500
From:             Marti Miller 
Organization:     Texarkana College
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          heflin

I forgot i'am on someone else's e mail my email address is

		Thanks again
		Robbin Heflin Henderson


Date sent:        Sat, 27 Jun 1998 13:07:54 -0500
From:             Bill Peavy 
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Query: CADDO Parish; Surnames: WILLIAMS, PEAVY

Looking for descendants of Cornelia Peavy WILLIAMS.  She was born 22 APR
1880 in Marion Co., TX to Gilbert L. PEAVY and Mary Mariah (ENRALLS)
PEAVY and married W. H. WILLIAMS in Marion Co, TX on 10 AUG 1911.  She
is reported to have resided in Bossier City, LA and is known to have had
a daughter named Willie Mae.  She had a twin sister named Ophelia PEAVY
who married J. T. WOODSON of Fannin Co. TX.  She is believed to have
died on or about 4 FEB 1987 but location is unknown.  She was sister to
my grandfather.  Any information gratefully received.

William L. Peavy
Houston, TX


From:             Wadebdame@aol.com
Date sent:        Mon, 22 Jun 1998 23:32:01 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Caddo Parish Query

Seeking info on Robert WALKER, b. abt 1819 AL; married 1st Sina WALKER in 1854
in Caddo Parish; married 2nd Laura Emily CHRISTIAN in 1877 in Caddo Parish.
Robert WALKER d. Nov. 1902, buried Eppes Cemetery, Caddo Parish.  Laura Emily
CHRISTIAN WALKER d. 1895, also buried Eppes Cemetery.  Allied families
Submitted by:
Debra W. Dame


From:             BEADSTOYOU@aol.com
Date sent:        Mon, 22 Jun 1998 18:24:16 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          foregot to say thank you

this was on news paper look up 1901blunt and Henry  THANK YOU very MUCH  susan


From:             David and Claudia Coney 
To:               "'japrime@earthlink.net'" 
Subject:          Coney
Date sent:        Mon, 22 Jun 1998 09:39:19 -0700


I am currently researching my CONEY family and was wondering if you could do some look-ups for me.  My gr grandfather was Alexander Kaufman CONEY
born April 1, 1847 - His father was Kaufman CONEY - (no information found)
and his mother was Louisa Lee (Farnsworth) CONEY.

Louisa was found on the Sheveport (Caddo Parish) census for 1850 as head of household - Alexander was 3yrs of age.  Kaufman CONEY was not listed -and I have been unable to find out any information on him.

My gr grandfather has some history behind him, he was the purser for the steamer "City of Havana" in New Orleans.  He is considered a Hero in Mexican History books for Saving President Diaz from the Mexican government -
Wonderful article I found - if you are interested I will send a copy -

What I am looking for is anything on CONEY you might have in your records -
I am willing to pay a fee for your time -

Look forward to hearing from you

Claudia Coney


From:             BEADSTOYOU@aol.com
Date sent:        Mon, 22 Jun 1998 16:00:00 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          1901??????????? Look up

 nelson Blunt, was shot two time ,by john Henry ,then James b. blunt ,shot
john henry. Some where around redLands or webster .


From:             "Margie Lawson" 
Subject:          Pvt. Andrew Lawson
Date sent:        Sun, 21 Jun 1998 15:49:52 -0500

I would like to inquire if there is record of the death of my ancestor
Andrew Lawson who participated in the Battle of Mansfield. He died sometime
on that date or shortly after. He was a private in Terrell's Texas 34th
Cavalry regiment, Co. B. We do not know the exact date of death or place of
burial. Any information you could furnish would be greatly appreciated. A
relative said that he died of pneumonia but we do not know that to be true.

Lawrence Lawson
408 S. Main Street
La Grange, Tx 78945
email paparay@fais.net


From:             JkellyLV@aol.com
Date sent:        Sat, 20 Jun 1998 17:36:56 EDT
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          (no subject)

I would like some information on how to inquire about an adoption possibly in
Shreveport in the 1940's.  A relative would like to find out who her real
parents are.  Her adoptive father is Louis Koeberlein. Thanks. Judith Kelly.


From:             "Marilyn Fourcade" 
Subject:          OLIVERI, TUSA 1900-1920
Date sent:        Thu, 18 Jun 1998 21:55:03 -0500

I an looking for information about Giorgio Oliveri aka George Oliver married
to Laura Tusa 1903 Monroe, La.  His wife Laura was supposed to have a store
in Shreveport some time abt 1915
any information about that family would be appreciated also
Rose and Ida Lopesto (Lopresto)
Marilyn Fourcade fourcade@wild.net


From:             "Duane Ford" 
Subject:          Caddo Parish Query
Date sent:        Thu, 18 Jun 1998 22:27:52 -0400

I am looking for the children of my granduncle, Marvin Halbert "Hal" Ford,
b. MO July 30, 1894, d. Shreveport Jan 3, 1970.


Send reply to:    "Adrienne Allen" 
From:             "Adrienne Allen" 
Date sent:        Wed, 17 Jun 1998 21:43:45 -0500

I found that John M. Sandidge bought three parcels of land in Bossier 
Parish...2 in 1841 and 1 in 1860, I believe.  I know he was a Louisana 
State Representative but I would like to know if he was also the 
Director of the Mint in New Orleans around the t

I would be most appreciative of your reply.  Thank you so much for 
your time.

Adrienne Allen


Send reply to:    "Angie Smith" 
From:             "Angie Smith" 
Subject:          1870 Census Lookup
Date sent:        Tue, 16 Jun 1998 16:00:11 -0500

Trying to determine if Thomas B (T.B.) Williams lived in Caddo Parish, 
La at the time of the 1870 Census.  

Angie Smith


From:             kayn@webtv.net
Date sent:        Wed, 10 Jun 1998 10:12:40 -0500
To:               japrime@earthlink.net
Subject:          Bossier Banner Newspaper

I would appriciate a look up from the Bossier Banner newspaper of any
mention of the death of Charlotte H. DUDNEY MATLOCK who died  September
7, 1877 in Plain Dealing. Thank you, Kay




Send reply to:    
From:             "MICHAEL H BROOKS" 
Date sent:        Fri, 5 Jun 1998 23:45:06 -0500




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