Louisiana Genealogists E-Mail Directory Louisiana Genealogists E-Mail Directory

By Judy Riffel

E-mail has been one of many boons to genealogical research experienced since the advent of the personal computer. Although not as glamorous or exciting as other innovations like the World Wide Web, compact disks, or computerized bulletin boards, e-mail may be one of the most useful.

With a growing number of people having access to the Internet, genealogists around the world can now communicate with each other almost instantaneously via e-mail.

E-mail addresses are also becoming so prevalent that business people print them on their cards and advertisers include them in their ads. But, how do you find e-mail addresses of people to whom you want to send messages?

E-mail directories are one way of getting people in touch with each other on-line. The Louisiana Historical Association, for example, has recently published an e-mail directory of its members. The directory, which is made available upon request to all LHA members, contains the individual's name, institutional affiliation, area of historical interest, and e-mail address. If you want to know the name of someone's paper or dissertation, just drop them an e-mail and ask. If they check their e-mail regularly, you could have a reply in a matter of minutes.

There is, however, no known directory of Louisiana genealogists. To remedy this situation, Le Comite des Archives is compiling a directory of e-mail addresses of genealogists and historians with a connection to Louisiana. This directory will include not only genealogists living in Louisiana, but those outside the state who are researching Louisiana lines.

Copies of the directory will be provided to all those who submit their e-mail addresses. To be listed, a person MUST include not only their e-mail address, but also their complete (and real) name and address, as well as the areas of interest and expertise.

To include your address in the Louisiana Genealo-ists E-mail Directory, just e-mail your name and the other required information -- remember your e-mail address! -- to Judy Riffel. Once a number of addresses are collected, the first edition will be e-mailed to all those on the list.

You will be contacted periodically to verify that your address has not changed. So, if you change addresses, be sure and let us know so that we can keep the directory up to.date.

As those of you who have used e-mail to send messages know, once you start relying on it to communicate with others, you wonder how you ever lived without it.

(Reprinted, with permission and requested minor additions, from "Le Raconteur," triennial publication of Le Comite des Archives de la Louisiane, P.O. Box 44370, Baton Rouge, La. 70804-4370. Subscriptions are $15 per annum if paid before March 1, $18 thereafter. Judy Riffel is the group's treasurer.)

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