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Here is a step by step process with some pictures, of how I customized a Breyer Stablemate New Mold Clydesdale. I keep a log of all my customs, and what I do with them in Word. When I am done, I put his show name at the top. There is a description of who he started life as, then what kind of shape he was in when I acquired him. I then proceed to log what I have done, and I try to take a picture of every step. I do not currently have the file space to show every picture, so I have taken the same position, and taken pictures of certain steps. I do most of my detail work with a dremel. I also use a few clay tools, but prefer to only use them on the forelock, or in hard to reach areas of the mane and tail. So far, I prefer to use Apoxie Sculpt as my sculpting medium. It drys hard, and will stick to anything! I have to be especially careful of my sculpting tools, as it will stick to them, and is VERY hard to get off! I have ruined a glass bowl, using it as my finger dipper! Questions? Email me! Janice

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# 5651 “B” Shire New Mold acquired 4/24/04

Name: Andrei Akila (Brave Eagle in Russian)
He will be showing as a Vladimir Russian Draught horse…Bay, large blaze, 3 socks.
He is whole, but has scratches in his paint.

What I have done:

  1. Sanded seams (5/14/04)
  2. Cut (with a mini saw –can use the dremel) and bent with candle flame R front knee, moved leg up. Carved ears, hooves, and nostrils, ground down feathers on R leg on top of hoof and recarved them a bit to look more natural for that position. (5/15/05)
  3. Cut and bent L front leg up and forward at knee. Cut and broke L rear leg below elbow…then pinned and glued it in new position. Added apoxie sculpt in all the cut joints, and added a thin layer to bridge of nose and muzzle…his original muzzle was a little flat. (5/16/04)
  4. Ground his mane off, and carved out nostrils again after apoxie added to bridge of nose and muzzle. Ground off a touch of his legs where the move made plastic stand up in the wrong places…Sanded apoxie joints on legs smooth..(5/19/04)
  5. Added new apoxie mane, added apoxie to neck to smooth out old mane removal areas, and added more apoxie to joints to connect moved legs better. Added a new forelock, in addition to his existing one. (5/20/04)
  6. Carved out detail in mane, and sanded smooth the neck areas, legs, and all seams. (5/24/04)
  7. Added more apoxie to tail to get the flip. (6/4/04)
  8. Ground out tail. (6/5/04)
  9. Primered with white primer…4 light coats, and stopped because I could already see problem areas. Sanded those areas (groin, back, both flanks, sheath, nose). The swirls from the original mold process were showing up too pronounced, so I attacked the major ones. Also, noticed his forelock seemed to go down under his jaw, so took the dremel and ground that out, and under his cheekbones, and chin. (6/5/04)
  10. Primered a rust colored primer, 3 coats. (6/6/04)
  11. Painted on base coat. Then proceeded to paint him Bay, with Bay streaked Black mane & tail, 3 white feathered socks (not L rear), white blaze with slight pinking on muzzle, and 3 colored eyes, with eyewhites. Sprayed a bad layer of clear coat matte finish…one coat, that clogged and got a little rough in the finish. (6/10/04)
  12. Had to do 3 spots of touchup where I scratched his paint with my fingernails. Sprayed 2 coats of gloss finish. Repainted grey hooves cream. Sprayed 2 more coats of gloss finish. (6/11/04 no pics)
  13. Pasteled stripes and dots into hooves. Touched up a pinprick on inside R rear elbow, and added grey chestnuts. Sprayed with 2 more coats of Gloss finish. Finished. (6/14/04)

Breyer Stablemate Clydesdale Step 4 Step6

Step 10 Step 13 Show photo for Andrei Akila

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