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I am currently looking for writers who want to do articles on the following subjects:

  • The following would be high priority to support DG boxed games
  • Gorlice/Brusilov -- World War One East Front
  • Pacific battles World War Two
  • Modern naval warfare

  • Guernica--Spanish Civil War air warfare
  • The development of electronic warfare and encryption technology, 1914-present
  • The rise and fall of the Swiss mercenaries and the German Landsknechts
  • The Dreyfus Affair
  • The rather odd career of Charles the Bold of Burgundy
  • The even strange career of Alcibiades
  • The Wars of the Roses
  • The early career of Sweden's Gustavus Adolfus
  • Anything unusual on the American Civil War
  • Wars in Central America and the Caribbean, 20th century
  • The US and the 1903 Panama Revolution
  • Eidelweiss and other German resistance movements to Hitler
  • The rise of the Manchu Empire
  • The Taiping Rebellion (yes, I know, S&T did this back in the 1980s but it's worth another loook)
  • Ancient and medieval China
  • Air operations in the Korean and Arab-Israeli Wars
  • Rise of the US Navy, 1775-1914
  • Italo-Turkish War, 1911-1912
  • Russian expansion, 17th-19th century
  • Wars of Louis XIV and Louis XV
  • The life and times of Wallenstein, Prince Eugene, Turrenne and/or Conde
  • Sydney Reilly, Ace of Spies, and John Reed, insurgent journalist
  • Obscure Napoleonic campaigns (Ottomans, whatever)
  • 19th century speculations on what a future war would be like
  • Advances in modern warfare
  • Anything on the modern Far East

    The following are in progress...

  • The development of aerospace weaponry during the Cold War, the X-15, et alia.
  • The destruction of Mobile Group 100 in Indochina, 1954
  • 19th century colonial campaigns
  • Assorted Ottoman wars with Austria culminating in the Siege of Vienna
  • Central African empires of the Middle Ages and early modern period
  • Mohammed Ali and the rise of 19th century Egypt
  • Suvorov
  • Late 18th century French military reforms which Napoleon later used
  • Arab Revolt in World War One and Lawrence of Arabia
  • World War One Sinai-Gaza-Jerusalem campaign
  • Tupac Amuru and the last Inca rebellion in South America
  • Amazonia and the resistance to Portuguese colonial rule in Brazil
  • The Assassins (the medieval insurgents)

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