Lest Darkness Fall. Roman crisis of the 3rd century AD. Assorted barbarians and usurpers against the Empire--Ty Bomba.

1066 . Four player struggle for control of England in the decisive year of 1066: Anglo-Saxons, Normans, Vikings, Scots/Welsh. Fast and furious action using stratagem play and a quasi-tactical combat resolution system. The game's artwork is based on the Bayeux Tapestry.

Kahn. Khan, of course, is a wargame of the Mongolian conquests of the 13th century, the era of Ghengis and Kublai Kahn. It uses the Charlemagne-Xenophon-Belisarius game system, modified to deal with the vastly greater scope of the Monopglian campaigns, stretching as they do across all of Eurasia.

Campaigns of Marlborough. War of Spanish Succession, 1701-14. Master strategy in the Age of Enlightenment. Map covers all of west and central Europe. Three types of armies, tactical resolution matrix, diplomacy, major leaders.

French & Indian War. British versus French in North America, using the Asia Crossroads system. Map covers North America east of the Mississippi. Both sides can mobilize line and light infantry, provincial forces, Indians, rangers, etc.

Catherine the Great. Russian Empire versus assorted enemies, 1762-96. Army level, map covers Prussia to Urals. Solitaire system with the player controlling the Russian Empire versus a shifting coalition of foes. Unique activation system to bring in Powers and provide them with objecti