Let's get to the point. If you are in law enforcement or the armed forces, you may drink alcohol, you may smoke tobacco, you may occasionally use illegal drugs. You may enjoy pornography or surfing the internet. You may even engage in sex outside of marriage. Or you might own an assault rifle. Guess what? The people running this country want to put you in jail for these things.

But you don't have to take it. Stand up and say "NO!" to repressive policies like prohibition and censorship and gun control. If you stand up, you'll find that there are plenty of people out here in cyberspace and the realworld who will stand up with you. You might start by checking out some of the organizations linked via the CYBERCADRE web site.

And even if you do not smoke, drink, etc., you may have fellow officers, friends or family member who do and you do not want to see them go to jail or lose their jobs. Or you may just think that this is supposed to be a free country and the state has no right to tell you or anybody else how to live their lives. And you may even think that it is a purpose of government to protect people's liberties.

And yes, this message is subversive. For more information on the legality of this message, click here.

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