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"We are the middle children of history. We have no unifying cause. We have no Great War, no Great Depression. Our Great War is a spiritual war." --Tyler Durden, Fight Club




Latest update: 25 June 2013


So what’s the point of this website? It’s to give some quick and dirty reviews of movies which reinforce a positive view of men. This can be a rare enough commodity given today's anti-culture.


I had a couple of criteria for selecting these movies. One was to get at something deeper which defines both manhood and humanity. I avoided films which promoted mindless violence and self-destructive heroics, or descend into female bashing. Insofar as many of these films do involve violence, it is as a means to a higher end.


Another thing was to look at how men have acted historically, and then use that as an insporation for today's struggles. Make of all this what you will.


Thanks to DVDs, digital downloads and videotape, most of these movies are available. They may even be worth watching multiple times.


I’ll be updating this site now and then. As usual, a website is always under construction.


For no particular reason, I arranged these reviews in chronological order, i.e., when the movies’ events supposedly take place. I also have a couple of sections with shorter reviews. So without further ado…


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