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I'll post reviews, letters and comments, but you have to agree to the following:
  • You realize everything published on this website is at my discretion, i.e., I can reject anything sent in.
  • You affirm that all materials you submit are not copyrighted.
  • You agree I have the right to edit any submissions for content and style. I'll probably bounce it back to you before publishing for your review, but there's no obligation on my part to accept anything.
  • You hold me immune from any damages you may incur by your stuff being published.
  • You realize there is no compensation for stuff published here.
  • If you want a writer's by-line, please so state. Otherwise, everything is published anonymously.
  • Anything submitted here becomes my property, IAW the above.
  • Terms for submitting stuff.

    If you have any movies or reviews you think belong here, then please contact me. But you have to agree to the terms on the Input page.

    So what am I looking for?

    • Something that puts men in good light.
    • Something that shows how male struggles lead to the advancement of humanity.
    • Something that shows men in a unique or insightful way.
    • Something that shows positive relations between men and women.
    • Something that shows stuff from which men can learn.

    What am I NOT look for?

    • Women bashing or films which put women in their "place." For example, the original Stepford Wives -- yeah, I suppose some people may find satisfaction in seeing women brainwashed by men into becoming windup dolls, but that really does not solve any problems, does it?
    • Mindless action films. I don't think that Rambo sequels, for example, has anything good to say about men. Portraying men as mindless killing machines is just plain idiotic--no one could get away with what Stallone gets away with in real combat for two minutes. See by comparison my review of Uncommon Valor for what I'm looking for.
    • Films which show men fulfilling themselves via a woman. This is why I placed The Matrix on my critical list. The hero only triumphs by falling in love with a female at the end. Uh huh.

    OK? Any questions, contact me. Yeah, my e-mail address is not on this site (to avoid spammers).  But you should know me if you are active in the men's movement.