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    Current S&T: 227, CBI/Vinegar Joe's War.

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    Just released by Decision Games:

    U.S.N. Deluxe . Update of the S&T classic. War in the Pacific, 1941-45 with naval-air-land units, interactive sequence of play, and numerous missions. New rules add Chinese, Soviet and Indian fronts, limited intelligence, strategic bombing. Updated order of battle with armored formations, special forces, Japanese base defenses and B-29s. Naval units are individual carriers, with squadrons for other ships; air units are squadrons/groups/wings; land units are regiments/divisions/corps/army, with build-up and breakdown. Base building and engineers are critical. Scenarios cover 1941-43, 1943-45, 1941-45, numerous mini-games (Coral Sea, CBI, etc.). Also, a 1930s War Plan Orange scenario, plus Washington Naval Treaty "what if" naval forces. --Joseph Miranda, Michael Myers, redesign.

    br>Contact Decision Games (e-mail)


    Decision Games
    PO Box 21598
    Bakersfield CA 93390

    The Continuing Crisis:

    CRISIS XXI Wargaming modern terrorism

    The Terror War Brian Train's S&T article online

    Battle of Seattle Downloadable version of wargame on anti-WTO demonstrators versus police, 1999

    If you liked or loathed Chicago, Chicago and LA Lawless, this is your game, designed by that S&T guerrilla writer, Brian Train.

  • Oh No! Another Stalingrad Variant A new take on the classic wargame

    Coming soon (hopefully) from Decision Games, two books--

    ALTERNATE HISTORIES, a collection of short stories of wars that might have been, edited by Joseph Miranda

    WAR IN EUROPE: STRATEGIC OPPORTUNITIES, a new analysis of World War Two in Europe, by Strategy & Tactics editor Joseph Miranda

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    Gaming Connections

    Alan Emrich
    Ancient Wargaming Rules
    Australian Design Group
    Avalanche Press
    Board Warfare
    Avalon Hill Game Company
    Columbia Games
    COMSIM/John Kranz
    Decision Games
    Gamers Net
    Grognard errata
    Hexagon Interactive
    HMGS East
    Line of Departure
    Lou Coatney
    Microgame Co-op out of service, see below
    Microgame Design Group formerly the Microgame Co-op
    Military Gamer
    One Small Step/Competitive Edge
    Open Simulation Forum
    Perry Moore
    Perry Moore (new)
    Richard Berg
    Schutze Games and Microgame Design Group
    Society of 20th Century Wargaming
    Steve Jackson Games
    Strategy Page--Jim Dunnigan
    Strategy & Tactics (Decision Games site)
    Strategy & Tactics Archives
    Strategy Gaming Society
    more Strategy Gaming Society
    Wargame utilities (lots of fun stuff)
    Wargamer. com
    Wargamers' Homepages
    Computer Gaming Companies

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    Revolution in Military Affairs/CyberWar/InfoWar

    Cybernetics and the Revolution in Modern War
    My Cybernauts article
    Air University
    The Air University folks are very interested in wargaming
    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Struggle for the internet
    Encryption Resources
    Your lock, your key
    Information Warfare
    The new battleground--lots of links on this site
    Information Warfare Bibliography
    Lots of sources
    Information Warfare Research Center
    Lots of good links
    Information Warfare Resources
    A very comprehensive list of links
    Information Warfare Tutorial
    From the U.S. Army War College (this site seems to be out of service)
    International PGP Page
    Where to get crypto programs
    The New Guerrilla Warfare
    Another front in information warfare
    Seize the means of information
    Society of the Spectacle
    Surveillance Camera Players
    You Are Watching Big Brother
    Crisis 2000
    The first wargame on information warfare (it's under Issue 2 of GameFix)
    The second wargame on information warfare (it's under Issue 11 of Competitive Edge)

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    "You know that you are viewing me. Are you absolutely sure? Can it be instead, that I am the viewer and you the viewee?"

    Gaming Articles and Sites

    Lemberg, S&T 198
    Wargame variants

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    Military Articles and Sites

    Armed Forces of the World

    Battle of Kursk

    Cold War history

    Janes All the World's Military

    Orders of battle

    Photos of battle sites, etc..

    Russian Army Archives

    Soviet Army in World War Two

    Worldwide Military Links This link seems to be down.

    World War Two Army Lists This link seems to be down.

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    Interesting Stuff

    In space, no one can hear you scream
    Cutting edge stuff
    Blade Runner
    More human than human
    Burning man
    Another place to be
    Church of the Subgenius
    Bob Wants You!
    Citizen X
    For off the wall types...
    Just in case you were not paranoid enough
    Douglas Rushkoff
    Author of Cyberia, life in the trenches of hyperspace
    Remember, the spice is the worm...
    Dune again
    New Dune movie and novels
    The other side of the hill in Colombia
    A compendium
    Flashman and the Tragic Sensibility
    Essay on the perfect Victorian anti-hero
    Luftwaffe '46
    Some really interesting aircraft here
    Enter The Matrix
    H.L. Mencken
    Gadflies and commentary
    Robert Anton Wilson
    Our favorite Illuminoid
    Simpsons Archives
    Starship Troopers 2
    Possibilities for a sequel

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    US Air Force Connections 1999 Report

    Wargaming luminaries address Air Force simulations conference

    US Air Force Connections 1998 Report

    Information Warfare, S&T Wargame Designs headline simulations conference!

    Hasbro Buys Avalon Hill--End of an Era

    Dead e-Letter Office

    These sites have URLS that are no longer valid--if you can find a current URL for them, contact me.

    Starship Troopers
    The movie, not the book. A good unofficial site


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