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  • CBI/Vinegar Joe's War (S&T 227)

    CBI/Vinegar Joe's War

    British 1/CD special operations brigade is a light unit.
    Japanese 15 armored brigade should be designated "B/3".
    Japanese 56 infantry division should have a reinforcement code of "2" (not "4").

    Terrain Effects Chart
    Unfinished railroads are treated as roads for movement.

    General: Siam and Thailand are the same country.


    2.37 Nationalities (correction)
    British = tan; Chinese = blue; United States = green; Japanese = yellow.


    2.33 Unit types explanation (omission): Guerilla units are those with the red stripe and the star in the unit type box.

    9.7 Airbase Movement (clarification): If an airbase unit is moved during a Movement Phase it can not receive (i.e., be a base for landing) a ground unit air transported by a MAC in the corresponding air operations phase?

    13.8 Choice of CRTs (clarification): The explanation adjacent to the on-map CRTs is correct. The Allies can use the Infiltration CRT if in command and there is one or more special operations units, while the Japanese can use the Mobile CRT if in command and there is one or more armor units.

    18.4 Amphibious Reinforcements (clarification): reinforcements landing via amphibious movement do not have to begin or end their move in a port. They may be landed on any coastal or port hex.

    18.72 Amphibious Operations (clarification): the parenthesized section should read: "÷and may be used again in subsequent phases." An Amphibious unit may always be used in both friendly phases.

    26.4 Victory Points Chart (clarification): Units which are permanently eliminated via the replacement die roll [16.1(3)] also count for victory points.

    Scenario 1 Allied initial deployment:
    1.3(1): Allied units may set up on or adjacent to Singapore.
    1.3(3): Allied›units set up in Burma must be set up on cities or towns.

    Japanese Shock Effect (clarification): Although Siam is considered a Japanese client, on the first turn, Japanese reinforcements cannot appear in Bangkok until turn 2.