• The Terror War A rather comprehensive article on past campaigns

  • Political prisoners in America

  • Ongoing protests

  • How to organize a protest

  • Photos from the front lines: October 22nd National Day of Protest

  • October 22nd National Day of Protest--Get Involved!

  • Photos of protests at the Democratic Convention 2000

  • 2000 protests at the Republican and Democratic Conventions and beyond

  • Anarchist Calendar World wide protests

  • Eek Eek It's E! Once again the government lies about drugs

  • Did you come here from the CSUN conference on Profiling?

  • Zenzibar--alternative links to end all links!

  • Battle for Seattle

  • October 22 march against state repression, L.A.

  • Law Enforcement Qualification Test exposed...are you qualified to be an agent of the system?

  • Late breaking news on the Waco front

  • Seize the Means of Information!

  • Sign the online petition to defend privacy rights

  • Future struggle over privacy rights

  • Good Guys win against Feds spying on citizens

  • Urgent action to defend privacy rights

  • Congressman Ron Paul strikes for privacy rights!

  • Hot films

  • Hackers strike against Indian nukes

  • The Global Cybernetic Front and the General Strike of Cybernetics Operators


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    If seizing the means of production was the goal of the 19th Century's industrial revolutionaries, then seizing the means of information is the key to the 21st Century and the Information Age. The Global Cybernetic Front is a mentality, a state of mind in which cybernetics operators of all types get organized (chaotically, of course!) to promote a free future. This future is open to everyone with a computer and a modem, regardless of politics.

  • Global Cybernetic Front

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    Cybernetic Strategies

    The pursuit of cybernetics in the interests of internet insurgency
    Chaos and Revolution
    Chaos theory applied to modern politics and insurgency
    Neat Ideas
    Ideas for the internet insurgent

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    Reprint/retransmission rights

    Analysis and Commentary

    Pseudo-War Follies page
    The manipulation of media and politics in the interests of the "war on drugs"
    Is It 1984 Yet?
    George Orwell on the current crisis
    The Military and the War on Drugs
    This is on the Drug Reform Coordination Network site
    CIA Cocaine Conspiracy?
    In which I demonstrate the left is as paranoid as the right.
    Commodification of Alienation
    The real preoduct is you
    Assorted rants, raves and rabble rousing
    John Taylor Gatto on Education
    The 1991 New York Teacher of the Year's famous underground attack on modern indoctrination

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    Reprint/retransmission rights

    Information Warfare and...

    CyberWar/NetWar/Neo-Cortical Warfare

    Information Warfare is the new term for the employment of cybernetics in modern conflict. It encompasses a wide range of operations, from warfare over the Internet through electronic warfare.

    A quick and dirty guide to InfoWar by a well known internet insurgent
    The NSA is watching you!
    Information Warfare
    The new battleground--lots of links on this site
    Information Warfare Bibliography
    Lots of sources
    Information Warfare Research Center
    Lots of good links
    Information Warfare Resources
    A very comprehensive list of links
    Information Warfare Tutorial
    From the U.S. Army War College (this site seems to be out of commission)
    Leary Cyber Archives
    Generally known for other things, Timothy Leary was also a pioneer in the cybernetic revolution
    Culture jamming, another front in information warfare
    Seize the means of information
    Society of the Spectacle
    Crisis 2000
    The first wargame on information warfare (it's under Issue 2 of GameFix)
    The second wargame on information warfare (it's under Issue 11 of Competitive Edge)
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    Activism on the Internet & Encryption

    Banned books on-line
    Death to censors!
    Cypherpunk links
    A guide to cybernetic cryptography and electronic privacy
    Domain Zero
    Anonymous remailers, encryption and other privacy resources
    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Fight for internet rights
    Electronic Privacy Information Center
    The epic fight for liberty
    Encryption Resources
    Your lock, your key
    FBI file list
    How to get what the government has got on you
    Former Secrets
    Once classified documents now on line, courtesy of EPIC
    International PGP Page
    Where to get the crypto programs the government doesn't want you to have
    Get the spam out of your life
    Shaffer Library of Drug Policy/Major Studies of Drug Policies
    This is what the internet is about: the full text of numerous studies suppressed/ignored by the government
    Tools of the Trade
    Assorted instruments of the internet insurgent
    Neat Ideas
    Post ideas on how YOU can use the internet in the fight for freedom

    Virus Busters
    The fire still burns...

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    Links to Freedom Fighters

    Agorist Institute
    Don't forget to smash the state!
    Amnesty International
    Human rights for all
    Anarchist Archive
    Smash hierarchy!
    Anarchist Black Cross
    Free political prisoners
    Anarchist Resources
    Get out your black flags
    Ayn Rand Institute
    A is A!
    Advocates for the Legalization of Consenual Crimes
    Free America!
    Fight Big Brother
    Bureau of Public Secrets
    Just when you thought it was safe to be paranoid...lots of fun stuff
    Colombia Support Network
    Human rights down south
    Alexander Cockburn Wants You!
    David Emory
    The Conspiracy--this time from the left--fascinating stuff
    Democracy Now
    Radio Pacifica speals
    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Cybernetic freedom activists
    Electronic Privacy Information Center
    Online activism resources, formerly classified documents, lots of links
    Forfeiture Endangers American Rights
    Fighting government warcrimes--this time looting
    Fully Informed Jury Association
    Juries versus oppression
    Independence Institute
    A pro-freedom public policy think tank
    Independent Media Center
    The revolution will be televised
    International Society for Individual Liberty
    More of those anti-government activists
    L. Neil Smith
    Bill of Rights Enforcement
    Libertarian Party
    A third political party in the United States?
    Liberty magazine
    The name says it all
    Michael Moore
    Shake a fist or two at the system
    Moscow Libertarium
    Liberty on the Russian front
    Movement of the Libertarian Left
    Agora! Anarchy! Action!
    National Coalition Against Censorship
    First Amendment Folks
    National Rifle Association
    Charlton Heston wants you!
    Very extensive online activism site
    Noam Chomsky Archive
    Anarchy in the U.S.A. (the Archive is on the "Z-Net" page, under "Major Sections")
    Peter McWilliams
    Author of "Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do"
    Light of liberty
    Secret to Reclaim Your Power
    "How the government fooled you into a statutory status with hints on regaining Common Law status"
    Refuse and Resist
    Free Mumia!
    Ruckus Society
    Battle for Seattle
    Situationist International Anthology
    The people behind the 1968 Paris revolution
    Surveillance Camera Players
    You Are Watching Big Brother
    Waco '93
    The fire still burns...

    Z Magazine
    They live!!

    ...ok, I thought it worthwhile to put a picture of Noam Chomsky here...

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    Resistance Types

    Colombian Resistance
    Colombian Resistance home site
    International Solidarity
    An index for subversive and revolutionary types
    Militia types and other rightwing folks
    Militia Information
    Militia folk
    Republic of Texas
    These folks were in the news a while back; you might find their viewpoint interesting
    Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Front
    Peruvian rebels online
    Mexican rebels online

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    Links to Official Sites

    Who else?
    There is actually a lot of useful information on the FBI site
    RAND Corporation
    Premier government think tank, some interesting stuff
    Index of U.S. Government sites
    All that's fit to print

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    Other Areas

    Center for Defense Information
    Alternative military sources
    Criminal Justice Myths
    What you've been told is not true
    Another challenge to the one party system
    Ludwig von Mises Institute
    The Austrian School
    Public Citizen
    Nader is still raiding
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    Drug Legalization
    Drug News
    Breaking news about specific drugs
    Reasons why YOU as a law enforcement officer want to end the war on drugs
    California NORML
    Legalize it
    Drug Information
    More drug facts and links online
    Drug Reform Coordination Network
    Smash the "War on Drugs"
    Drug Text
    International links for drug reformers
    The MDMA story--the government really does not want you to see this
    Marijuana Policy Project
    More legalizers
    The Military and the War on Drugs
    This is on the Drug Reform Coordination Network site
    November Coalition
    Free Political Prisoners!
    Online debate about the military and the war on drugs
    Partnership for a Truth Free America
    This is your freedom on corporate America
    Shaffer Library of Drug Policy
    All the stuff the government does not want you to know
    Stanton Peele Addiction Web Site
    The scientific approach much reviled by the forces of hysteria
    Terence McKenna
    More stuff you are not supposed to see
    Twentieth Annual Report of the Research Advisory Panel 1989
    An official report commissioned by the state of California which recommended decriminalization of drugs; this report was suppressed by the state but is now public thanks to the internet
    War on Drugs, War on Progress
    The future is what you perceive
    War on Drugs=War on Morality
    A piece that I did for the UCLA Daily Bruin, now on their web site

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    If You Are in Law Enforcement or the Military...
    A special message for you
    Reasons why YOU as a law enforcement officer want to end the war on drugs
    Police against the Drug War
    Join the fight for freedom!
    A conversation with a police officer: some insights
    Neat Ideas
    Ideas for the internet insurgent

    Object to this site?...

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    "C" Files--Corporate Crime Runs Amok
    What the heck is the MAI?
    More Multilateral Agreement on Investments
    These deal with the new world economic order
    International Crime
    The big ones
    The Great Boycott
    Strike back!

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    Links to Interesting Stuff

    In space, no one can hear you scream
    Cyberpunk and cutting edge stuff
    American Newspeak
    Ayn Rand Stamp
    --I kid you not
    Baffler magazine
    Commodify your dissent
    Batman Forever
    Heroism for the age of McAudiences
    Blade Runner
    More human than human
    Burning man
    Another place to go
    Church of the Sub-Genius
    Bob Wants You!
    Chaos and Cyberculture
    Another new frontier
    British anarcho-punk band
    Computer Gaming Companies
    If you are into this sort of thing...
    Just in case you were not paranoid enough
    Douglas Rushkoff
    Author of Cyberia, life in the trenches of hyperspace
    Remember, the spice is the worm...
    Dune again
    New Dune movie and novels
    Into the future with transhumanism
    Film reviews
    Things worth a view
    Film reviews
    H.L. Mencken
    Gadflies and commentary
    How to be a Goth
    The darkness spreads
    More alternative culture, music and expression
    Kill Your Television
    Why not?
    Smart Drugs
    Oceania is at war with Eurasia...
    Robert Anton Wilson
    Our favorite Illuminoid
    Simpsons Archives
    The Spectacle
    Starship Troopers 2
    Possibilities for a sequel
    Steve Jackson Games
    The feds tried and failed to shut down Steve Jackson Games a few years back, so he gets free publicity here
    Better living through yoga
    Critique of the information revolution
    William Gibson/Tom Maddox
    Interview with leading cyberpunk writers
    Online version of the magazine
    The "no politics" revolution
    Anarchy to Zed!

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    Federal Law Enforcement Qualification Test
    Are you qualified?

    "You know that you are viewing me. Are you absolutely sure? Can it be instead, that I am the viewer and you the viewee?"

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    Dead e-Letter Office

    These sites have URLS that are no longer valid--if you can find a current URL for them, contact me.

    The Colombian Resistance
    EPR--more rebels
    More Colombian Resistance
    Digital Darkness
    Industrial/Gothic Music
    Starship Troopers
    The movie, not the book. A good unofficial site

    e-mail links

    I plan on posting interesting comments, suggestions, experiences, etc., about conflict on the cybernetic front.

    E-mail me

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    Incoming communiqués
    Read comments, suggestions, experiences, etc., from the cybernetic front.

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    The fundamental question of radical politics has always been, why do the people obey unjust authority? Sometimes the answer is as obvious as the threat of starvation or a bayonet held at the throat. But not always...There are far subtler, more effective forms of power. Those who reside in the mainstream of the technocratic society obey because they are trapped in a diminished reality which not only closes out their vision of 'realistic' alternatives, but persuades them that discontent about anything other than superficial inconvenience is inadmissible, a sign of unfortunate maladjustment or failure of reason.--Theodore Roszak

    You are internet insurgent number

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