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    Current issue: S&T 227 CBI/Vinegar Joe's War: Southeast Asia in WW2 (Joseph Miranda designer; Ty Bomba developer). Articles: Flying Tigers (Kelly Nell); CBI (Joseph Miranda); Armies of the Great East Asian War (Joseph Miranda); SNLF (John Whitman); FYI.

    S&T Upcoming
    Everything is subject to change!

    S&T 228 Old Contemptibles: BEF versus Germans, 1914 (Ray Bell design); also, Back to Iraq 3 variant counters (Joseph Miranda).
    S&T 229 Khan: Mongols versus Eurasia (Joseph Miranda design).
    S&T 230 Downfall: US invasion of Japan, 1945 (Ty Bomba design).
    S&T 231 French and Indian War: British versus French colonials in North America (Joseph Miranda design).
    S&T 232 Catherine the Great: Build an 18th century empire, solitaire (Joseph Miranda design).
    S&T 233 Dagger Thrust: Market-Garden is canceled and Patton drives to the Rhine (Ty Bomba design).
    S&T 234 Lest Darkness Fall: Roman Empire in the 3rd century AD vs everyone (Ty Bomba design).

    190 Gauntlet:
    Gauntlet is the epic battle of Chongchon, Korea 1950, where the Chinese Communists nearly overran the UN Eighth Army. The game includes plenty of armor, infiltration tactics, and a complete air system. It's a tense race of Chinese mobility versus UN firepower. There are also options for reinforcing the UN and marching on the Yalu!

    Magazine articles include an extensive analysis of the campaign, including the possibilities for a UN total military victory (hint--very limited), the Soviet campaign in Manchuria 1945 (one of the biggest mobile campaigns in history), and the Battle of Fontenoy, 1745.

    191 Sea Devils:
    Sea Devils is the American Civil War at Sea, a game of commerce raiding. Also articles on the French war in Indochina, 1946-54 (by Brian Train), Cardinal Mazarin as grand strategist (by Derek Croxton), and the Anglo-French war with China, 1860 (by the humble editor).

    192 Great War in the East, reprints of SPI classic games.

    Also in 192 are articles on the Leyte Gulf Campaign, 1944 (by John Burtt), the Dutch Revolt (by Derek Croxton), and the employment of aircraft in the Mexican Revolution (by Phil Eklund).

    193 Crimean War, Raglan and company plunge on, 1854-56. Issue game covers the war in the Crimea at the brigade-division level. Historical leaders, elite and regular infantry, marines, militia, cavalry, siege trains, etc., all mix it up for control of the key to the Black Sea. The game uses a new system to account for the command mix-ups and occasional heroism which marked the war.

    Also in 193 are articles on the Congo Revolt (Tim Kutta), the Battle of the Nile (Coley Cowan), and Napoleon (Athony Howarth).

    194 The Murmansk Campaign, 1941, Mike Bennighof design on the German offensive at the end of the world. The issue includes a complete corrected version of Sea Devils.

    Also in 194 are articles on the Pentomic Division, when the US Army went nuclear (Brian Train), the First Battle of Britain, 1914-18 (Dr. Thomas Scheben), the Civil War in the East, 1862 (Tim Kutta), and an update on the South African military.

    195 Friedland (1807) and Borodino (1812), Napoleon's Last Battles system for a new look at two battles. Bill gray pens the lead on command and control in Napoleonic warfare.

    195 also includes my article on Korean "Forgotten War" battles (goes with the DG game of the same title) and Brian Train on the Commonwealth Division in Korea.

    196 Vietnam Battles, Hue and Khe Sanh (Operation Pegasus).

    196's articles include an extensive analysis of Tet Offensive operations, John Burtt on the all but forgotten battle of Kham Duc, Carl Schuster on the rise and fall of the Luftwaffe, and Jim Yates' reevaluation of Hannibal as general.

    197 Great Medieval Battles

    Update of two classic SPI games, warfare in year 2000 and beyond (Gary Valenza on Colombia, Michael Weiser on Indo-Pakistani nukes, Joe Miranda on the Revolution in Military Affairs), and Jack Radey with the Korsun Pocket order of battle.

    198 Verdun/Lemberg

    Battles of Lemberg and Verdun (Over the Top System); lead article on the World War One Revolution in Military Affairs (Joe Miranda); the Air War in North Africa, 1940-43 (a very extensive study by Michael Cunningham); the Allied Intervention at Archangel in the Russian Civil War (by noted game designer Perry Moore); and Swedish Volunteers in the Russo-Finnish War, 1939-40 (by Anders Frankson--now you know what that Swedish unit is doing in your Winter War game!).

    Photo of Lemberg map setup

    199 Fight to the Finnish: Two More Battles in the Far North, 1941

    Battles of Allakurtti and Loukhi; lead article on Finland, 1941-44 (Brian Train); Moscow front 1941 (Joseph Miranda); World War One naval aviation (Carl Schuster); the "Double Signal" (Donald Mack).

    200: French Foreign Legion

    200th issue of S&T! Lead on French Foreign Legion, with three wargames on Algeria, North Vietnam and Africa. Articles include air war in Vietnam (Chuck Kamps), Cyberwar (Joseph Miranda), Arcane Secrets of Game Design (Jim Dunnigan), and the History of Wargaming (Bill Gray). Plus article and errata indexes.

    201: Crimean War Battles

    Battles of the Alma and Tchernaya (SPI classic reprints). Articles include Crimean War Battles (D.J. Pollin and Steve Ross), Napoleon's 1813 Campaign in Germany (Coley Cowan), Ukranian Anarchist Insurgency (Brian Train), and Mauryan Empire (James Yates).

    202: Taipei

    Analysis and simulation of mainland Chinese versus Taiwan, including land, air and cyberwar. Articles on the Korsun Pocket (Jack Radey), the British versus Arabi Pasha in 1882 (Donald Mack), and Montrose, master tactician of the English Civil War (William McPeak).

    203: Xenophon

    Persian Civil War in the classical world with Xenophon leading Greek mercenaries. Articles on Persian Empire and Indo-Bactrian Greeks (James Yates), conflict in the Horn of Africa (Gary Valenza), and a new analysis of Custer's Last Stand (Alan Zimm).

    204: Twilight of the Habsburgs

    Caporetto, Piave and Vittorio Veneto campaigns, 1917-18 (Mike Bennighof), the Iran-Iraq War (Gary Romano), Maximilian's Empire of Mexico, (Sherilyn Stanfield), and wargaming the development of US aircraft carriers (Greg Wilmoth).

    205: Boer War

    Second Boer War, 1899-1902 (Joe Miranda); Battle of Crecy 1346, Opening of the 100 Years War (Gary Romano); 1941-42 Philippines Campaign (Greg Whitman); and Force XXI, the US Army plan for the future (Ed Mott).

    Issue game is operational-strategic level; map covers south Afria, Rhodesia, and adjoining territories; units are brigade-division level with Boer commandoes; two CRTs, one for Raids and another for Assaults; leaders, armored trains, random events, Cecil Rhodes special diamond mine defense, etc.

    206: Forgotten Axis: Romania

    Romania on the Russian Front (Mike Bennighof); Napoleon's 1814 campaign in France (Coley Cowan); the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-5 (Brad Martin); and conflict in modern South Asia (Joseph Miranda).

    207: War of 1812: Struggle for North America, 1812-15 (Joe Miranda design).

    Articles: Rise of the American Army (Joe Miranda); Battle of the Philippine Sea (James C. Gordon); the Strange Career of Charles X (Anders Frankson); and the Secret Plans behind 1914 (Al Nofi).

    208: Back to Iraq Third Edition: US-Coalition versus Iran and Iraq (Ty Bomba with Joe Miranda design).

    Articles: Next War in the Middle East (Ty Bomba); Afghan Update (Gary Romano); Afghan Wars (Andrew Preziosi); Pearl Harbor (Gary Romano); and the Soviet War in Afghanistan (Joe Miranda--yes this last article is a revision of the one that appeared in the S&T Holy War Afghanistan issue).

    209: Indochina: French Empire versus Communists (Joe Miranda design).

    Articles: Vo Nugyen Giap (Dr Gary Valenza); Indochina armies (Joseph Miranda); World War One strategic bombing (Carl Schuster); Greene's southern campaign (John Burtt).

    210: Belisarius: Byzantines versus everyone, 6th century AD (Joe Miranda design).

    Articles: Justinian's Empire (Gary Romano); US warplans for Vietnam (Bruce Costello); Wars of Religion (Ben Hull); Desert warfare WW2 (Michael Cunningham).

    211 Operation Elope: Allied Intervention in the Russian Civil War. Articles: Russian Civil War (Dr. Gary Valenza); Red Army, 1917-41 (Joseph Miranda); Boyne Campaign (Lt. Col. Alistair Pope); Military History of Brazil (Paulo Vencente).

    212 Rough & Ready: Opening Battles of the US-Mexican War (Richard Berg). Articles: Zach Taylor (Richard Berg); Bonnie Prince Charlie (Alistair Pope); Samurai Warfare (Lew Ritter); Technology and Strategy Games (Greg Wilmoth); Ibn Battuta (David Tchanz).

    213 Spanish Civil War Battles: Jarama and Brunete (Perry Moore). Articles: Spanish Civil War Blitzkrieg? (Perry Moore); Third Army in France (John Burtt); Patton (Kevin Carson); Last British Cavalry Charge (John Barrat).


    214 Ancient Battles: Marathon and Granicus. Articles: Ancient Greek Warfare (Tim Kutta); Tupac Amaru (Javier Romero); Air War East Front (Joseph Miranda); Straghan Diary (Donald Mack).

    215 Ignorant Armies: the Iran-Iraq War(Phil Sharpe). Articles: Iran-Iraq War (Gary Romano); Russo-Swedish War 1808-09 (Sami Mannisto); Pacific War 1941-42 (Tim Kutta); Brief History of Computer Wargaming (Dr. Ezra Sidran).

    216 Asia Crossroads: the Great Game (British versus Russian Empires) (Joseph Miranda). Articles: The Great Game (John Brown, Michael Cunningham); Red River Campaign (Jonas Goldstein); Biowar(David Tschanz).

    217 Lost Battalion (Meuse-Argonne Offensive 1918) (John Desch). Articles: The AEF in the Great War (Tim Kutta); Linebacker, 1972 Vietnam Air War (Lee Brimmicombe-Wood); New York Campaign, 1776 (Tom Boeche).

    218 Plevna/Chancellorsville (two battles of the 19th century) (Joseph Miranda). Articles: US Army in the American Civil War (Joseph Miranda); Japanese Army in WW2 (John Whitman); Hungary 1956 (Lew Ritter).

    219 Spanish Civil War vol. 2 (Guadalajara, Penarroya) (Perry Moore). Articles: Spanish Civil War (Javier Romero); Datafile (Perry Moore); Stalingrad (Jonas Goldstein); First Sikh War (Andrew Preziosi).

    220 Group of Soviet Forces Germany (Soviets versus NATO, 1970s) (Ty Bomba, Joseph Miranda). Articles: World War 3 (LtC Bill Gray); War Plan Orange (Bruce Costello); Plan 1919 (Jay Steiger).

    221 Seven Years World War (1756-63, global scale) (Joseph Miranda). Articles: Seven Years War (Alistair Pope); Frederick the Great and C2 (LtC Bill Gray); Counterinsurgency Philippines 1899 (John Burtt); Mobile Group 100 (Gary Romano).

    222 Ottomans (run amok in the 15th - 16th centuries) (Joseph Miranda). Articles: Ottomans (Robert Furney); Pre-WWI Intelligence (Thomas Kane); War Plan Dropshot and WW3 (Bruce Costello); USAF in the 1950s (Bruce Costello).

    223: 1918 (Imperial Germany's last chance) (Joseph Miranda). Articles: 1918 (Ted Raicer); French in Egypt 1799-1801 (Coley Cowan); Shogun's March on Peking (Joseph Miranda).

    S&T 224 Sedan: Opening campaign of Franco-Prussian War (Ty Bomba design); plus S&T variant counters (Joseph Miranda).. Articles: Sedan 1870 (Ty Bomba); Second Afghan War (Roger Deal); 6th SS Panzer Army (Perry Moore). <

    S&T 226: Middle East Battles: Suez '56 and El Arish '67(Joseph Miranda designer; Ty Bomba developer). Articles: Mideast Warfare (Joseph Miranda); Cromwell (Alistair Pope); German WW2 Naval Warfare (Carl Schuster); FYI.