What is Bits? Bits generates code for accessing hardware registers based upon user specified register definitions. Bits is a simple application to take the tedious work out of writing device drivers.

Who is Bits for? Bits is for device driver programmers and for software projects involving significant hardware interactions.  Configurable code generation allow BITS to generate code for most environments. 

Why should anyone use this? Programming registers is easy. Easy on a small scale, and tedious in large doses. Errors can be made which may be easy to fix, but do take time to find and track down.  Consider Bits to be your power tool.  It reduces errors and provides a consistent look and feel to register access code across your project.  Click on Why use this? for more information.


Below is a sample of the register definition screen for an Altera 8237 DMA Device.



Registers can be defined, named, specified with a width, address, range, readable, and writeable attributes. Fields within the bit can be defined by clicking on the link in the last column.

Code generation is based upon the values entered.  Furthermore, code generation is based upon code templates which can be configured to suit individual projects.