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The Cybrary blends the concepts of a cyberspace library and shareware into a new paradigm of fiction. At this site, check out original works of fiction. If you like a work and wish to support the author, then a $2 contribution to the writer whose address appears at the end of the story is gently requested. The gratuity is voluntary, however, and you are, of course, under no obligation to send one.

Writing is, of course, solitary work, and all writers appreciate feedback. Tell us what works for you, and what doesn't work; what you like and don't like. With the stories is a link to a feedback page; expess your opinions about the work you've read and help make us all better writers.

Submit your stories

If you read short stories, then you probably write short stories. So why not publish your work on the Internet? It's easy, and free, and gives you the right to look your friends in the eye and say with pride: "I am a published writer." E-mail your fiction in ASCII or HTML format, or snail mail them on diskette to the address below for review and inclusion in The Cybrary. Web space is limited, but there's still plenty of room!
Current selections
The Square
By T.J. Shanter.
Love Thy Neighbor
By R. C. Smith
By Jim Roberts.
The Missing Girl
By Florian Lim.
The Pen
By John G. Mc Gerr.
By John G. Mc Gerr.
Jet Streams
By Jim Roberts.
The Boys' Story
By Jim Roberts.
The Monkey
By Jim Roberts.
The Other One
By Jim Roberts.
The Rope
By Larry Lynch
By Jim Roberts
The Delusion of the Vampire
By Joe Slade

Visit our friends

I've made some friends during the course of this interesting venture, which started in November, 1996. Please, take a moment or two to visit their sites. Plus, as I find (and am told of) locations for other sites that host web-published fiction, support the writing craft, or lend support to web publishers and editors, I'll post them here.

Submit your stories

If you have a short story you would like to submit, e-mail it to Jim Roberts, known around the Internet as the kindest, gentlest editor alive. I've never met a writer I didn't like with the exception of one overly officious, self-important, under-informed, superficial and arrogant editorial page editor at The Kansas City Star who I promise will turn up in one of my future short stories as a short-lived villian.

You can also snail-mail your submissions on diskette to Jim Roberts, 501 Melrose Lane, Liberty, Missouri 64068-2833; 3.5-inch diskettes in ASCII, Word Pad, MS Word for Windows or WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows format please! (Diskettes cannot be returned and often suffer ignoble abuse in the mails so please send a duplicate of your work in a sturdy carrier. Do not send your one and only copy. Remember, the two most important words in data processing are back up)

Copyright © 1996, 1997, by James L. Roberts. Unless otherwise noted, all works of fiction are the reserved and copyrighted property of the author and are used here with permission.

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