Company F, Seventh Florida Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Army of Tennessee
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Fun Stuff

Minstrel Boy midi sequnced by Barry Taylor

Farbie Songs You Should Never Hear Around the Campfire But Frequently Do

Oh, Port-o-Let

(Sung to the tune: Oh, Tannenbaum-Words by Russ Crawford)


Oh, Port-o-let, Oh Port-o-let,

You seem to be a favorite.

The many come to use your seat,

Your paper roll is really neat,

That big white mint looks good to eat.

Port-o-let, Oh, Port-o-let.


Oh, Port-o-let, Oh, Port-o-let,

You’ve let so many have a set.

They have peed upon the seat,

There’s something brown about my feet,

And now your air is not so sweet.

Port-o-let, Oh, Port-o-let.


Oh, Port-o-let, Oh, Port-o-let,

Your atmosphere is reeking.

The air in there it makes me tear,

Touching you is my great fear,

It looks like someone’s hit a deer.

Port-o-let, Oh, Port-o-let

The Mo’ Drillin’ Blues

(Sung to the tune: Rawhide-Words by Russ Crawford)


Drilling, drilling, drilling,

Get those blisters fillin'.

Tho’ the spirit’s willin’,

We sigh!


Never mind the Cap’n,

He’s still up there yappin’,

That sadist sergeant’s yellin’

Makes me cry.


Shoulder Arms,

Order Arms,

Shoulder Arms,

Order Arms,

Right Shoulder Shift,

Oh My!


Right Flank,

Left Flank,

Right Wheel,


Forward, Double Quick,

We Die!

Farbfest Riot

(Sung to the tune of Zoot Suit Riot)


Say there pard, look in this tent,

Come see how much this farb has spent.

Cooler, bed and that ain’t all,

He’s gotta TV to watch football.



Farbfest riot, throw back a bottle of beer.

Farbfest riot, look at all the farby gear.


He’s gotta stove to cook his grub,

He’s gotta ‘nuff beer to stock a pub.

Gotta Coleman lantern, too.

Damn! His carpet’s a lovely blue.




Cell phone ringing all night long,

Don’t he know it’s really wrong?

One event he’ll find it gone,

He’ll hear it ringin’ in the john.




Pink flamingoes ‘round his tent,

Don’t you know he’s really bent.

Bein’ farby is his quest,

It’s white trash livin’ at its best.


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