Company F, Seventh Florida Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Army of Tennessee
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Miscellaneous, Trivia and Classified


For all of you who went to Gettysburg or wished they had, here is a link with some trivia about the batltle and the battlefield park.

Gettysburg Trivia

Gettysburg Trivia Quizzes

Here is an interesting link that takes you to a website called the Florida in the Civil War. This article would be of interest to living historians (reenactors) that want to be familiar with the role that Florida had in the war.

Florida in the Civil war

This is an article by Frank Howard about the landing of Federal troops at St. Marks and the subsequent Battle of Natural Bridge.

The federal Invasion of St. Marks and the Batlle of Natural Bridge

 Here is web site that has recipes from both sides of the conflict.

A list of various civil war recipes

Classified Ads and Sutler Links

Classified Ads

Sutler Links
Many of these sutlers attend the events that we particpate in.

Regimental Quartermaster

Coon River

Fall Creek

Blockade Runner

Dirty Billy's Hats

Clearwater Hats

James Country

Fugawee Brogans

Music Hall Marty

Heritage Leather (This is the place where we have ordered our white buff leather)