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Company F, Seventh Florida Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Army of Tennessee


We are a confederate reenacting unit based out of central and northern Florida. Our impression is very authentic and we typically portray a campaign style company.
The name of our unit is Company F, Seventh Florida Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Army of Tennessee. Our purpose is to present an accurate as possible picture of the original historical company. Many of us participate for our own reasons but most of us do it for our love of history, interest in the era, to honor our ancestors, educate the public and to have a lot of fun. 
The historical (original) company F was started as a militia company in the central Florida area shortly after the outbreak of the war. The man who started the company was William W. Slone of Sumter County. He recruited men from Sumter, Hillsborough, Orange Polk and Volusia Counties. This company served the Confederacy from July, 1862 through April 26, 1865 and fought in the western theater campaigns during that time. 
Some of the events that we regularly particpate in in Florida include Brooksville Raid, Olustee, Fort Clinch Seccession Garrison (hosted by us), Horse Landing, October Confederate garrson at Ft. Clinch and a Christmas in the Fort. We regularly particpate in national events such as those held at Chicamagua, Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, The Battles for Atlanta, Shiloh and the Wilderness, etc.

If you have an interest in civil war history and would like to become a living historian and soldier of the south then please contact us for more information
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The Bonnie Blue Flag midi file was sequenced by Barry Taylor.