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Welcome to my website! I write science fiction, fantasy, and silly horror. Thanks for stopping by.


Nexus Point: The Fall of the Altairan Empire Book One

Nexus Point ebook - Smashwords

Nexus Point ebook - Diesel ebooks

Nexus Point Nook version


"Charity Never Faileth", Monsters & Mormons, Peculiar Pages

"Anyone?", (with Frances Pauli), The ePocalyse, Emails at the End, Pill Hill Press

"Trapped in Amber", Villainy Anthology, HallBrothers Entertainment (Amazon link)

"Minor Details", BestsellerBound Anthology Vol. 1, FREE

"Soul Windows", Bestseller Bound Anthology Vol. 2, FREE

"Omega Museum", The Last Man Anthology, Sword & Saga Press

"Always a Bridesmaid", Rotting Tales: A Zombie Anthology, Pill Hill Press (Amazon link)

"Mary had a Possessed Li'l Lambkin", Wretched Moments, Pill Hill Press (Amazon link)

Autumn Visions - 3 melancholy short stories - Kindle only

"The Effect of Degraded Food Supplies on Indigenous Populations", Dreamspell Fangs Vol. 1, L&L Dreamspell (ebook only)

"Alderwood and Old Lace", Leather, Denim, & Silver, Legends of the Monster Hunter; Pill Hill Press

"Sweet Sally and a Ghost Named Jim", How the West Was Wicked, Pill Hill Press

Print Magazines:

"The Eyes of Ashteroth", Tales of the Talisman, Vol. 7 Issue 2

"Minor Details" Darwin's Evolutions Volume 2 Issue 1, PURCHASE LINK

"Spirits", Abandoned Towers Print Issue #3, PURCHASE LINK

Online Magazines - Free!

Soul Windows - Abandoned Towers Magazine

"Red Light, Green Light", Abandoned Towers Magazine

"Just Like the Movies" - Bewildering Stories Magazine

Have You Seen Tarum?

Vicar's Revenge

Letting Go


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