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Jaleta Clegg was born some time ago. She’s filled the years since with many diverse activities, such as costuming, quilting, cooking, video games, reading, and writing. She’s been a fan of classic sci-fi books and campy movies since she can remember. Her collection of bad sci-fi movies is only rivaled by her collection of eclectic CD’s (polka, opera, or Irish folk songs, anyone?).

She feels privileged to join the ranks of science fiction authors.

Her day job involves an inflatable planetarium, numerous school children, and starship simulators. Her summer job involves cooking alien food for space camp. She writes a regular column in Abandoned Towers Magazine–fancy dinner menus for themed parties.

Previous fiction publications haven’t happened yet, but she has several stories coming out this year in various magazines, both online and print.

Jaleta lives in Utah with her husband, a horde of her own children, and two ancient, toothless cats. She wants to be either Han Solo or Ursula the Sea Witch when she grows up. If she ever does.

She also detests referring to herself in the third person, but sometimes she bows to necessity. (And that is my one and only hunting trophy. I bagged an Orc of the Black Hand one fine May day using only my trusty battleaxe.)