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Magic of Ignorance

Butte Magic of Ignorance

A Carfree Home Page

A Carfree Home Page

Web of Murnau

Web of Murnau

10 Sliced Dreams

The Movies' Greatest Freakout Scenes

Sloppy Films

Uncle Sammy Pome (It rhymes!)

Adelbert Humphrey's Wealth of Nations (It doesn't rhyme!)

Shrine O' Buster (as in Keaton)

Who, Me?

I garden.

I live in the Sheridan neighborhood of Minneapolis.

I work at the Minneapolis Telecommunications Network, teaching video production. I am also a video and film maker, and I call the work that I do for myself Sloppy productions. My friend Rob Price and I recently completed a digital feature film called Butte Magic of Ignorance. I also recently shot, and am now in post-production on another long project co-produced with a group of friends. That film is called 8500. I do these things because I love movies, particularly the films of F.W. Murnau and Buster Keaton, as well as nonnarrative segments from narrative films.

I write fiction and poetry that has not been widely disseminated.

I live my life, striving to avoid and, with some luck, subvert the car culture. I am also active in my neighborhood association, and maintain its web site.

These pages are frequently updated, especially during the generous Minnesota "non-gardening season," so check back often!

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